Teresa Mak’s Son Found Her Revealing Photos

By on May 15, 2020 in NEWS

Teresa Mak’s Son Found Her Revealing Photos

Known for her voluptuous figure, 44-year-old Teresa Mak (麥家琪) was a prolific actress in Category III films during the 1990s. But her start to fame was controversial—though she successfully auditioned for the Miss Hong Kong Pageant at only 17 years old, she was dropped from the competition when a magazine published nude photos of her, which were taken when she was only 15 years old. Because she was a minor at the time, the scandal ended up in court.

Now, over 20 years later, Teresa is a happy mother of three brilliant children, and her oldest son, Johan, is already 12 years old.

Over the years, Teresa has cut back on her onscreen work to focus on her family, but no matter how hard she tries to put the past behind her, sometimes it is very difficult to completely let go of past mistakes.

She shared that her eldest son, Johan, recently discovered her past revealing photoshoots, some which she took completely naked. Her son asked, “Why would you take these kind of photos?” Overcome with anger and emotion after hearing Johan’s disgenuine question, Teresa slapped him.

“I told him, no matter what, I am still your mother,” she said. “Why are you sounding like them?”

That scandal was so emotionally triggering that Teresa would still get nightmares about it. She has regrets, but she also acknowledges the value of making mistakes. “I explained to my son that I was being rebellious. I wouldn’t tell my parents anything. We didn’t communicate, and that’s why that happened. I don’t want this scenario to repeat. I don’t want my son to make the same mistakes that I made.”

Teresa emphasized the importance of finding balance in life—whether it’s in relationship with families, or relationships with oneself. “When you’re in a family, you are bound to hear some disgusting things, and that’s why you need to find balance. That just has to happen.

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  • 18 comments to Teresa Mak’s Son Found Her Revealing Photos

    1. pompidur says:

      Why slap her son? It was a perfectly reasonable question to ask. So weird.

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      • mi520 replied:

        @pompidur Yeah, but I guess the memory was too traumatic for her and the question triggered her to think back. I think her emotions took over and the slap was accidental.

        What’s disgenuine? That’s not even a word. Can people please proofread their articles before posting them? Are you looking for the word, “disingenuous”?

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      • rika replied:

        @pompidur “I explained to my son that I was being rebellious. I wouldn’t tell my parents anything. We didn’t communicate, and that’s why that happened. I don’t want this scenario to repeat. I don’t want my son to make the same mistakes that I made.” —– By slapping her son, she is making the same mistakes she did with her parents. Slapping someone who asked a question isn’t the right way to start off a conversation. Sounds like she didn’t grow up all these years.

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        • pompidur replied:

          @rika yep, I think that was a pretty immature move from a parent.

          She could just own up to her mistake, explain what happened to the son as a matter-of-fact and moved on.

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        • rika replied:

          @pompidur Indeed. If a 12 year old gotta be considerate of a 44 year old’s feelings………..that speaks volumes about the maturity of the latter. Does she really not expect her kids to find out about her past one fine day?

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      • pyrostar replied:

        @pompidur I disagree, I don’t think it’s a reasonable question to ask your mother about her taking explicit photos while underage. Better question is, how and why he came across illegal explicit photos? That’s more of a concern than her slapping her son in my opinion. He’s only 12.

        Also, from the way she responded when she said, “why are you sounding like them?” he probably asked her in a disrespectful way as if blaming her for doing that just like other people did in the past. I’m just saying he most likely didn’t just simply asked her that in a polite manner given how she reacted to it. I don’t agree with how she responded by physically harming him but we should consider all other reasons before judging someone.

        It seems like her son choose to prioritize his curiosity rather than his mother’s feelings which she probably felt was inconsiderate to her therefore she reacted the way she did. Not an excuse but understandable.

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        • pompidur replied:

          @pyrostar It’s 2020 and her son could get the pictures from anyone at all, an older friends, cousins, neighbours etc.

          I still think disregarding the way her son asked her (because we don’t know), it is such a immature way of dealing with her own past mistakes

          Knowing her own past, she should have prepared for this to happen from the day her son was born. Pictures float on internet forever.

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        • pyrostar replied:

          @pompidur why would her neighbors and cousins keep in their possession of illegal explicit photos of her? Keep in mind it’s not just regular pornography those pictures represent but it’s child pornography given she was 15 years old at the time which I’m pretty sure it’s illegal to be in possession of. I’m just saying it’s more of a concern how he stumbled onto those illegal photos. 2020 or not it was illegal back then and it’s even more illegal now. You don’t just stumble upon child porn, people seek for it. So no, I don’t think she should of be prepared for her son to stumble upon illegal photos of her especially at that young of an age. And I don’t think she’s obligated to explain her past to anyone even her own children. Her past is her past, people should be respectful of that.

          Yes, it is wrong for her to hit her son like that but immaturity aside , no one is perfect. We al got a little growing up to do, I’m just saying it was a heat of the moment thing which is understandable.

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        • jimmyszeto replied:

          I agree with you! It does seem like Teresa’s son asked the question with the same attitude as the average shaming degrading citizen and that is too much for a mother to bare. Teresa must frequently heard or seen this type attitude towards her for the last 2 decades and it’s heartbreaking to hear the son do exactly the same. I never feel a child has the right to question a parents past anyway.

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        • megamiaow replied:

          @jimmyszeto I agree it probably wasn’t just an innocent question. It was a rhetorical question and it was to vent his own frustration. And she equally was acting in a frustrated way.

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    2. shimmerstars says:

      Wow! That selfie photo is Teresa Mak? She looks soo different now. It must be the angle or something but she resembles Kitty Lai 黎美嫻.

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    3. vodka says:

      She should have explained to all her kids before any future surprise…

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      • bizzybody replied:

        @vodka I also think this is the best approach she should have taken. Ever since she made her unwise decisions long ago, she should’ve known that it’s a time bomb and the past would soon come back to haunt her.
        However, the question is when is the right timing and at what age? His son may have questioned her in a degrading and disrespectful way in a fit of anger, maybe cos he has been teased or bullied over it. People can be very unkind and love throwing dirt at another person. Nothing can be covered now with availability of info on the internet. If one of the classmates’ parents who knew about her scandal during that time were to make some passing comments to their kids, it’s easy to go search up due to curiosity and pass on the juicy info they dig out to others.

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    4. nleung12345 says:

      I think, as a parent, its heartbreaking also to hear such a judgemental comment from own child. I had an gossipy aunt who called people *****, ****, loser, etc alot and I remember hating her when she used to come over. In my early twenties- I dated a guy. He wanted to get married and I wasn’t so sure but I can’t pinpoint why. Then the gillian Edison thing happened, and I remember saying ” poor gil”. He then said ” why do u feel bad for her, she’s a ****”. I felt so disgusted with what he said and knew I won’t wanna marry someone like him. I’m saying all this because Mak probably sad her son said something so scornful.

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    5. m0m0 says:

      she looks good.

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    6. potatochip says:

      She was a child when men took advantage of her and took those pictures. She was a victim. But conservative society shames her and makes her blame herself. Now she is reliving that trauma as her own child discovers them.

      She shouldn’t have hit him, but it is an understandable reaction to the shock of being dredge up again. So tragic.

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    7. coralie says:

      I commend her for revealing what happened – she knows she is up for criticism for how she treated her son, yet she still decided to confess to the public about her actions.

      That takes a lot of bravery and courage. I’m sure women with complicated pasts also had to deal with their kids finding out and probably had a lot of skirmishes with their children about them. At least her coming forward makes her relatable to those women.

      While she discussed how she treated her son after he discovered her past, she didn’t seem very remorseful over how she reacted. That didn’t sit with me very well. What she should’ve done was apologize for her actions (even if her son was disrespectful), and then explain that people make mistakes. I think that would’ve gone a lot better.

      I’ve read x-rated actresses interviews before where they discuss their kids finding out about their history. Some were very open and some were hiding their past and biding time until their kids find out. Most of them had their share of baggage about revealing what they did to their kids. But their past can permeate to different aspects of their kids’ lives, too. It’s not just applicable to adult actresses either. Drug addicts, criminals, etc. A very good article here discusses the ramifications someone with a complicated history might have to deal with: https://www.nytimes.com/2020/04/18/parenting/parent-with-past.html.

      Considering how conservative HK society is and the lack of mental health advocates out there, along with how triggering this is for her, I can see why she didn’t want to look up how to handle this with her son. Doesn’t make her actions right, but makes her forgivable and human.

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    8. cutie777 says:

      I thought Teresa and Chingmy Yau both never show their nude scene only half or back of it? I am imagine about the Kardashian’s kids they might asked them also about why they take so much of a naked pictures?

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