“The Defected” Will Be a Turning Point for Sisley Choi

Highly anticipated TVB drama The Defected <鐵探> starring Kara Hui (惠英紅) and Philip Keung (姜皓文) started airing this week. With the opportunity to work alongside experienced veterans, Sisley Choi (蔡思貝) had the chance to improve her acting abilities while showcasing her adaptability and potential.

Sisley entered the entertainment industry after winning runner up in the 2013 Miss Hong Kong Pageant and in a short five years has already climbed up to fadan status within TVB. She started to gain more recognition with Legal Mavericks <踩過界> and The Learning Curve of a Warlord <大帥哥>. She is also the second female lead for The Defected and will be the female lead in upcoming drama Airport Security <機場特警>.

Even though Sisley often portrays a police officer in dramas, she is not limited in her acting range. Her role in Legal Mavericks as a bucktoothed paralegal was well received by viewers. Her role as a passionate revolutionary in The Learning Curve of the Warlord is similar in personality, but Sisley was able to bring out subtle differences. This time in The Defected, she convincingly portrays an undercover cop who has overdosed on drugs.

Sisley recently turned 28 and has gained an added layer of maturity to her good looks. Her short hair also highlights her beautiful features and her athletic figure. Known for her active lifestyle, she recently ran half a marathon finishing with an impressive time of 1 hour, 37 minutes, and 40 seconds!

Even though Sisley may still have room for improvement in her acting, Sisley has the qualities to  achieve greater success, and The Defected may just be the drama to serve as her turning point.

Sisley Choi as Undercover Cop in “The Defected”

Source: HK01

This article is written by Kiki for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Sisley’s facial expression has improved a lot since her “Young Charioteers” days (still cringing when I remember it). And she can definitely control her tone and volume better. However, if she can only find a way to control the way her mouth moves. Like Vivien Yeo, they both have slightly protruded teeth and a big mouth so it’s quite distracting to see them move so exaggeratedly.

    Though I gotta admit that Sisley looks very beautiful in this series, the hair and make-up really suit her.

  2. I’ve only seen a couple episodes and only a few scenes of Sisley and she has been brilliant so far…

    1. @jimmyszeto What did you think of her performance in Learning Curve? I liked her in Legal Mavericks, but felt she took several steps back in TLCOAW. Felt like watching paint dry…

      1. @oystergirl
        Exactly the same feeling. Sisley got given a terrible boring character to play in ‘learning curve’ and couldn’t do much but from probably 4 of her past 5 series she has been good

  3. Not a fan but I can tell she’s really putting an effort. She has definitely come a long way from when her first debut. She still has a long way to go but she’s still young. Good for her for trying hard.

    On the opposing side. It seems like Grace just got upset from all the criticism, decided to get married and become a mum.

  4. let’s just put it that she’s been very lucky. i don’t know what she did behind the scenes to keep getting big roles in both movies and tvb, opportunities don’t come by just b/c you’re talented. as hard as i’d like to admit, she has steadily been improving. just watched the clip, i was quite convinced by her performance. she could be the next charmine although people don’t like her as much now….

    1. @m0m0 she worked her butt off? haha and she didn’t complain like grace. i feel like she improved more from debut to now than charmaine did from debut to 5 years post-debut.

      1. @kaykay
        working your butt off does not equate to promotion esp in the ET industry. so is probably some kind of connection that keeps those opportunities coming.

  5. Saw the first 10 episodes and gotta say I’m enjoying The Defected so far. There are definitely some issues with the pacing and editing though. Transitions don’t seem smooth and I feel like they are depending on the subtitles to jump back and forward in time a bit too much.

    The story itself is also nothing new and it’s been done about a zillion times but the acting is better than a lot of recent productions. Benz is fantastic in this and for the first time that I can actually recall, I actually HATE his character here!! I did not think he would actually be so good at being annoying, cheap, and hateful. Philip is obviously, also excellent here and I do hope that they focus it more on him instead of Benjamin soon. Kara is okay here but I don’t feel like she’s convincing as a super powerful/senior level cop? She comes across more like a horrible, evil mother in law.

    Sisley, I’ve slowly become a fan of! I feel like she has improved so much over the past few years. Her facial expressions, tone, and voice control are much better than some of her earlier dramas. I no longer find her annoying and think she’s super pretty! Still not sure why she still has so many haters but in the past 5 years, she’s improved more than some of the more “experienced” actresses ever have. Also very excited to see Gloria Tang’s performance in this. She’s another actress that I have grown to like a lot due to her hustle and consistent improvement in acting.

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – Benjamin excels in more comedic roles. His face is simply too wooden in general so if he’s not constantly joking around and smiling, it makes him extremely boring. His role here is very similar to his role in The Fixer, Run Over Run, A Fist Between Four Walls, etc. The relationship between him and Grace does feel realistic though.

    1. @kaykay I don’t like Benjamin either and he has zero chemistry with Grace. Neither is he believable as a father or a super cop or temperamental cop with issues with authorities. I do commend him for looking sickly, putting a lot of effort into that image. But again like Sisley what did he sell to get such a role? He is not tall, not handsome, not leading man material, neither is he a great actor or even a good one. He;s not bad but mediocrity is not the new high. Why him?

      1. @funnlim i was just wondering the same about Benjamin too. What did he do to get lead roles that he’s been getting in big productions? His acting is not much better than the average third line actor in TVB yet he gets all these meaty roles. Life is so unfair.

  6. I don;t like her. Never did, never will. Talent alone, I am wondering why her. Include looks wise, entire article is like one big PR for her. Is she pretty? She’s not ugly. Acting’s improving but to what end? What is improvement? I hate it when articles write she worked her butt off, she worked very hard, as if everybody else in her age group don’t? This is a role surrounded by veterans and would have loved to see someone else, some new face or some young up and coming that is not called Sisley Choi. What did she sell to get that sort of position? Definitely not her soul, everybody already sell their souls to TVB. Why her? WHY?!

  7. As my sister always say to my nephew, if you don’t have anything nice to say, just don’t say it. Not everyone is perfect in this world. Just show some respect please.

  8. For all the negative comments on her acting. I dont see the difference between her and almost every single girl who joined as actress from a pagent.

    Most these pagent girls never trained to be an actress, and all their debut dramas werent exactly excellent. They developed with time. That includes the likes of Ada, Charmaine, Myolie etc. They were all awful to begin with far as Im concerned.

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