“The Exorcist’s 2nd Meter” Recap: The Demon Returns

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“The Exorcist’s 2nd Meter” Recap: The Demon Returns


The Exorcist’s 2nd Meter <降魔的2.0> premiered last Monday to much fanfare, and after a week of broadcasts, the TVB drama has proven that it still has a lot left to offer.

Monday’s episode brings back the now demonized Chin-ming (Hugo Wong 黃子恆), whose mortal body died in the last series. Meanwhile, the parents of Hau-yee (Nicole Wong 黃雪兒) are arrested for child abuse, and Felicity (Mandy Wong 黃智雯) gets the feeling that there is more to the case than just meets the eye. Siu Ma (Kenneth Ma 馬國明) suggests that Felicity and Hau-yee may be spiritually linked, allowing the two to connect to each other through dreams. Hau-yee’s parents are released on bail, and they resume their drug-addicting lives. The following day, the parents are discovered dead in their village home.

The public do not feel remorse about the death of Hau-yee’s parents. Siu Ma believes that it was Chin-ming who had actually returned to kill them. Fully maxed and leveled up, Chin-ming overpowers even Ho Jai (Hubert Wu 胡鴻鈞), which in turn makes Siu Ma to believe that Chin-ming may be someone else entirely. Chin-ming’s pregnant girlfriend Ling (Iris Lam 林凱恩) wants Siu Ma and Felicity dead for killing Chin-ming, and Siu Ma is afraid that Felicity would become the demon’s next target. Felicity doesn’t want Siu Ma to face the demon alone. Siu Ma finally confesses to Felicity of what he knows, and introduces her to his friends in the spirit world, kickstarting Felicity’s own journey of exorcising demons. Ho Jai and Siu Ma attempt to convince Ling to let go of her fixation on avenging Chin-ming’s death.

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8 comments to “The Exorcist’s 2nd Meter” Recap: The Demon Returns

  1. jjwong says:

    It’s still a boggle my mind that Kenneth Ma is a leading actor. Don’t get me wrong, I do like watching a few of his series as lead. But he has no look, no body. His acting is mediocre. He isn’t rich or 2G to anyone. He doesn’t know/related to anyone in management. So I’m surprise he “made it.”

    Was it just luck and he was there at the time in the right place? He didn’t get promoted to 1st line until all his other peers (Raymond, Ron, Samuel, Bosco, etc) are gone right? That seems like that was how he won the BA award too. His char in that BWD was boring af and took no ounce of acting. In his defense, the series was like that.

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    • wm2017 replied:

      @jjwong lol…You and me both!! I always wonder and thinking how lucky he is finally a leading actor and made it as you said. haha….I don’t know what else to say but ‘mediocre’ in everything that he does and I do believe lack of talent during whenever he made it was a big factor.

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      • abcd replied:

        @wm2017 I actually really enjoy his acting. I think lately he hasn’t been given better roles besides exorcist. But if you watch his older series he really is a good actor. I think he got sidelined after a while. But to name a few he stole the show in fist full of stances. Actually he AND Selena stole the show, they really shined. Another one I would say is the comedy with Roger kwok, and of course Hippocratic crush.

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      • snoopy replied:

        @abcd I also think Kenneth Ma shines in A Fistful of Stances. But I think it was him and Natalie that stole the limelight instead of him AND Selena.(Its funny I like Selena, but I forget that she was in Fistful of Stances..and it was this drama that made me feel Natalie got the leading actress material but I was wrong. Natalie became boring after she started to lead). Kenneth’s also good in Man in Charge, Scavengers’ Paradise and Tiger Cubs. At least one thing I can say, he is better than Ron Ng in terms of acting.

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    • luye replied:

      @jjwong Actually, Kenneth was lead along with Sammul in Survivors Law 2 & with Ron in Lost in the Chamber of Love. He was also lead in The Four with Raymond, Ron, and Sammul.

      I also like Kenneth in Ghost Dragon of Cold Mountain, Triumph in the Skies & Hippocratic Crush. And definitely cannot forget Grace Under Fire, where he played a nice character who turns evil.

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      • abcd replied:

        @luye I’ve never heard of Grace Under Fire. I’ll check that out. Thanks!

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    • luye replied:

      @jjwong After all, TVB is a company, and if your boss likes you then you’re going to have more opportunities. Are there better actors than Kenneth? Yes. Kenneth definitely has a nice personality and gives off the “good boy” vibe; you can tell by how he handled the Jacqueline & Andy situation. Kenneth comes off as easy-going and good.

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  2. anthony says:

    I am really impressed with The Exorcist Meter 2.0 – it far exceeded my expectations with a great continuity to the story. This series is really unapologetically weird but fascinating at the same time. Episode 8 was a highlight to me. Kenneth Ma is doing really well and I think he does justice to the character Siu Ma!

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