“Three Kingdoms RPG” Ending Spoilers Revealed!

Since its broadcast, TVB series Three Kingdoms RPG <回到三國> has generated vigorous discussions among viewers. The series draws many controversies on its casting, poor visual effects and script. Despite this, Three Kingdoms RPG received overwhelming ratings. After airing for one week, ending spoilers for Three Kingdoms RPG have leaked online, fulfilling eager fans’ desire to race ahead to the characters’ ultimate destinies! What will be the fate of time traveler, Kenneth Ma (馬國明) as his life becomes more absorbed in the Three Kingdoms era?

The premier broadcast of Three Kingdoms RPG peaked at 34 points, drawing an average of 2.2 million Hong Kong viewers. Subsequent episode ratings in the first week of broadcast also averaged at 32 points, peaking at 35 points.

The story of Three Kingdoms RPG revolves around Sima Shun, played by Kenneth Ma, who is transported back to the Three Kingdoms era. He finds himself meeting the video game characters and increasingly intertwined with their fates. He later assists Zhuge Liang, played by Raymond Lam (林峯) in strategizing war battles. Shun is a frivolous and impetuous slacker, who is a stark contrast to the chivalrous and dignified Zhuge Liang. Hence, conflicts arise due to their differences in personalities and values.

Showdown Between Zhuge Liang and Sima Shun

Shun proposes a political marriage between Zhuge Liang and Liu Bei’s (Joseph Lee 李國麟) relative, played by Lily Ho (何傲兒). Zhuge Liang’s wife, played by Kaki Leung (梁嘉淇), is uneasy when she learns about it.  Despite reluctance from Zhuge Liang, Shun insists on the political marriage and seeks Liu Bei’s consent. This brings about strong objection from Zhuge Liang, who thinks of leaving Liu Bei and returning to his homeland with his wife.

The conflict also escalates due to Shun’s impetuous character. He refuses to follow Zhuge Liang’s instructions and insists on doing things his way, which put the kingdom in jeopardy. Zhuge Liang is discontent with Shun and subsequently imprisons him. Shun escapes from prison and turns to Cao Cao (Law Lok Lam 羅樂林), joining hands to plot  revenge against Zhuge Liang.

It is not long before Shun realizes that Cao Cao is not trustworthy. He returns to help Zhuge Liang, providing him military insight in the decisive Battle of Cliffs, as Liu Bei and Sun Quan (Pierro Ngo 敖嘉年) join forces against Cao Cao.

Kenneth and Tavia’s Love Tragedy

Shun has a love affair with maid, Tavia Yeung (楊怡), but does not want to be committed in the relationship. He longs to return to his modern world and abandons Tavia. As a result, Tavia is heart-broken and in turn marries someone else.

When Shun finally realizes that he has truly fallen in love with her,  it is too late. He waits for 30 years in the modern world before successfully returning to the Three Kingdoms era. When he sees Tavia again, he is already an old man at age 60. Kenneth’s character finally dies of heart attack in the arms of Tavia.

The plot for Three Kingdoms RPG will thicken, moving towards the showdown of Shun and Zhuge Liang and how a smart aleck slacker tries to outwit the brilliant strategist. The love story between Tavia and Kenneth will also grow more intense, as it culminates towards its tragic end.

Source: Sudden Weekly #885 via ihktv.com

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  1. If this true, I am going to be extremely upset.

    1. Disasterous ending will make this series famous

  2. The love story is very tragic. I would’ve liked it better if they kept it the same as the sales presentation with her time traveling too :/

  3. Shun finally realizes that he has truly fallen in love with her, it is too late. He waits for 30 years in the modern world before successfully returning to the Three Kingdoms era. When he sees Tavia again, he is already an old man at age 60. Kenneth’s charaacter finally dies of heart attack in the arms of Tavia.

    The story seems bitter love. Weather they can move audience feel touching with their tragic ending love depend how far Kenneth and Tavia perform. Waiting to see

  4. Bitter love story sounds sad but I’m distracted by TY’s thick maid makeup ROFL

  5. I don’t understand, how come all tvb’s dramas’s endings are all being leaked out way before the drama is scheduled to end. Is this one of tvb’s way of advertisement?

    1. Maybe for promotion because later audience will rush to watch the ending to see if the spoilers are right.

    2. And maybe one of TVB workers leaked it out. It won’t be surprising since reporters can give heavy bribes to get them to say it. And since there’s so many workers they might not be able to find the culprit.

  6. This ending sort of reminds me of the ending for the series “Shen Hua”(The Myth). That had a sad ending as well…

    1. I suspect LKH wants his comedy to touch viewer’s heart not only creating laughs that’s why the sad ending.

      1. lmao i don’t think it’ll touch any viewer’s hearts, it’ll just piss off all the viewers who wanted a happy ending

      2. shocking ending is to make the ending ratings reach 50 points. WHo care if it’s a comedy 😛

  7. The ending is turning 3K into a tragic love story?

  8. Sorry but isn’t it supposed to be a comedy? How is that ending a comedy?

    “It is not long before Shun realizes that Cao Cao is not trustworthy.”

    Interesting with all his future foresight and he suddenly discovers Cao Cao is not trustworthy? I hate the ending spoilers if true. This series turns dumb. I hope none of these is true but from the looks of it, seems true enough.

    1. I guess LKH want to make a series that can make you laugh but also touch your heart with the tragic ending.

      1. What tragic ending? I goes against the very core of this story. It is just dumb! I will hate the ending. I suspect it is true simply because for example 5 spoilers ending for 5 series posted at Jaynestars, all 5 spoiler ending are accurate. So this looks to be accurate as well. Does it mean if we protest TVB will change the ending? Filming finished so what’s done is done. The touching of heart with tragic ending will not work with this one. I’d rather Song Yau dies, he goes back to future and live the rest of his life alone but with dignity and be someone useful. The whole spat with Zhuge Liang seems to diminish Zhuge Liang’s famous loyalty to Lau Bei and I don’t like that.

      2. Suddenly I don’t feel like wasting my time recapping this series.

  9. Poor Cao Cao people always view him as a villain due to the descriptions in the books.

    I suppose this show would have been so much funnier if the characters didn’t follow the tradition perception of them e.g Zhuge Liang was actually a girl in disguise 😀 and turns out to be a stupid potato, Liu Bei an evil psychopath etc…

    1. I always thought Cao Cao was a sentimental sort of guy. I mean that guy write poetry! True true funnier but more complaints, me being the first. Zhuge Liang is a girl? So she marries the wife in a sort of lesbian relationship?! Why not Cao Cao’s other name is Dong Fang Bu Bai? Liu Bei as a simpleton? Wait! Even in history I thought he was simpleton.

      But hey don’t touch Guan Yu ok? If not all the police and gangsters will storm TVB.

      1. LOL, I thought you would be more open to these ideas.

        Or she marries a guy 🙂 doesn’t matter just make it more interesting and unpredictable. Why must Zhuge Liang always have beard and wielding a fan? I don’t mind Cao Cao being gay, LOL.

        TVB doesn’t need ganster’s help they are already a sinking ship.

      2. “Why must Zhuge Liang always have beard and wielding a fan?”

        Because historically that is his image. Like why Guan Yu must have red face or Justice Bao a black face with a moonshape scar on his forehead. Some basic rules must be observed if not that series will lose credibility.

        I am rather old fashioned when it comes to classic stories.

      3. Well guess what im trying to say is that history as we know most likely isn’t the whole or entire truth.

        Doesn’t really matter since TVB followed the rules and I shouldn’t really complain since im not watching this 😀

    2. “Zhuge Liang was actually a girl in disguise and turns out to be a stupid potato”

      KO3ango (終極三國) did this. But, it’s not really a 3 Kingdoms adaptation. It’s an idol drama that is set in an alternate universe where the characters have the 3 kingdom people’s name and event happen parallel to the 3 kingdom novel but they were modern people. Bu,this is only at the beginning. The plot moves into other direction later.

      In the series, 3 dimension travelers travel to that universe and one of them accidentally injured Liu Bei gravely during the 3 brothers swearing in. Another traveler happen to look exactly like Liu Bei, so, the other 2 forced him to remain in that dimension to stand in as Liu Bei while they took the real Liu Bei back to their own dimension to heal. The series follows the adventure of fake Liu Bei who used his knowledge of the 3 kingdoms to solve problem. At one point, he went to look for Zhuge Liang’s help and Zhuge Liang turns out to be someone stupid. Lol. But, he’s a damn lucky guy. Every time he said something stupid, others will misinterpret him and came up with a clever explanation and then they thought to themselves, this Zhuge Liang is really clever. 😛

      1. Thx Kidd, this is new info to me. Did a little search and it’s seems the setting is in the modern time period.

        Yeah exactly how I want Zhuge Liang to be 😀 and still better if “he” is a cute girl instead LOL.

        Btw while searching for this found a X-men rip-off named X-family ah the taiwanese are so good at this stuff, hehe.

      2. @ exoidus

        I’ve watched X-Family. It’s not an X-Men rip off. The story is nothing like X-Men. X-Family borrowed many elements from legends and even ripped off the costume of Final Fantasy 8, but, it did not rip off X-Mem. KO3anguo is actually the 3rd installment of a loose trilogy that consist of KO1, X-Family and KO3anguo. The dimension traveler who stand in for Liu Bei is also a major supporting character in X-Family. The other 3 time travelers are main characters in KO1 (sorry, I made a mistake in my earlier post. It’s not 3 dimension traveller, it’s 4).

      3. @Kidd

        Thx for correcting me I just assumed it was due to its name and the fact that the characters had super-powers.

    3. Maybe you will like this: there is a research of an university to say that Zhao Zun is a pretty woman, secret lover of Liu Bei. She acts.like a man to help her beloved boss and she is the Chinese Joan D’arc. The 2 wives of Liu Bei got mad with her so they left and caught by Cao Cao. Then Zhao Zu had to swear of a life with no sex to Liu Bei to comfort the wives.

      1. Wonder what evidence the research is based on e.g love letters, writings of them being intimate (could be gay) etc.

        Anyway thx for the info.

  10. ” He waits for 30 years in the modern world before successfully returning to the Three Kingdoms era. When he sees Tavia again, he is already an old man at age 60. Kenneth’s charaacter finally dies of heart attack in the arms of Tavia.”

    I hope this is not true. I don’t find this ending bitter sweet or romantic. It’s lame. I would rather Song Yau follow Shun back to the future.

    1. Like Gong which I hate. But since she is a fictional character of no historical importance, that I am ok. But I’d rather the past is the past and people move om and like Jess says, TV does corny with Song Tau lookalike.

      1. Song Yau is also a fictional character with no historical importance. So, it’s ok for her to travel to the future. ‘A Chip Off The Old Block’ did it and it works.

    2. Kidd,
      I have a feeling that Kenneth and Tavia’s characters will follow the same fate as per the revealed spoilers. The photos of Kenneth as an old man are in TVB’s gallery section of “Three Kingdoms RPG.”

      Stories about time travelers are difficult to resolve. Do they stay in the ancient world (assuming a new life) or do they go back to the modern world (part of their old self)? How can one person be part of two worlds. While “Avatar” was not about time traveling, this is the same theme explored. Where does ones greater emotional connections reside?

      Perhaps the romantic fate of Tavia and Kenneth’s characters were decided not for the impact, but to try to address the issue that time travelers cannot have the best of both worlds. Their choices will result in losses from both worlds. Perhaps Kenneth’s character’s fate finally realizes that 30 years later, he has made a wrong decision and thus he must pay for it. I don’t really have problems with such an ending as long as the chain of events lead up to such an ending.

      Do viewers wish for fairy tale endings of lead couples, even if it is illogical?

      1. “Do viewers wish for fairy tale endings of lead couples, even if it is illogical?”

        Shun time traveling and doesn’t get killed within 1 day of his nonsense is illogical enough. So why not a fairy tale ending of lead couples?

      2. Frankly my view of such an ending by TVB is merely for dramatic sake. Because if there is any emotional impact or some learned reasons, it wouldn’t have been that sort of way because it doesn’t mix well with the theme or nature of the series. What I hate is the idea from extreme silly comedy to extreme silly tearjerker but will anyone cry? That depends on if this pairing works and whether viewers feel any emotional attachment but for 3 kingdoms, having so many issues going on at one, I think the emotional impact will be from Zhuge Liang and his wife.

      3. LOL the Kenta pair actually have lots followers after THC. Maybe can work? :p

    3. So she follows KM back to the future, joins TVB and is later known to us as TY, LOL.

  11. Well if the ending is true I think it is not bad. Maybe some audiences will even shed some tears. Damn stop criticizing as if you can even write a better script. -.-

    1. a step into the past better series better script = adapting from a novel

    2. What tears? The ending don’t make you sad it make you curse expletives for wasting 2 hours watching the series or should it be the entire series LOL.

  12. I don’t mind the idea of Shun returning at age 60 to reunite with Tavia’s character but why does he have to die in her arms? Just to give the audience an ending to remember? Come on…. I would have preferred them to rekindle their love and grow old together. That would be a better ending in my opinion. Oh well……

    1. KM need to die in TY’s arm to make kenta fans weep a litre of tears and talk until KM death scene on TY’s arm become hot topic of the city LOL

  13. Omg! Whats up w/ the spoiler! The serie is not even near the end yet!

  14. Let them all die…. I had high hopes for this series and once again, I’m being let down

    1. Rambling Mind,
      “Let them all die…. I had high hopes for this series and once again, I’m being let down”

      If reading a novel, do we always skip ahead to peek at the ending and if we don’t like it, toss the book down and give up reading the intermediate chapters? This is the impression I get each time spoilers are posted on JayneStars. 🙂

      1. I usually do it. When I read a book, I usually skip most of the middle sections and read the ending. However, if the book is interesting, I will still read the whole book. If it is not interesting, I will read the first part, some middle sections and then the ending.

  15. Oh dear. Didn’t they market this as a comedy? Didn’t they strongly stress this point when they were countering all the criticisms? This is a case where they think they’re being too smart for their own good (like that terrible ending with TY, Steven and Michael in whatever that series is called).

    I’m not that familiar with the workings of TVB though? Is it all filmed before it airs or is it a live shoot system (like k-dramas)? Is there no room for revising the script…?

    Oh well, we’ll just have to see how the actors perform.

  16. I have seen the picture before the series aired so I’ve somewhat predicted this

  17. Oh great, why did I read the spoilers -__-
    Saw one ep so far, but since it has a tragic ending, i’m not gonna continue to watch it…

  18. what a disgusting ending, starting as a comedy theme to sad n tragic ending.

  19. series written by tv company script writers tend to fall through in the end. Louis Koo a step into the past was adapted from a book that is why it was such a bi hit.

  20. I wish that Kenneth will stay in 3 Kingdom Era in live together with Tavia >.<

    1. Tavia should go to the future with Kenneth, the modern world would be so much better for her as there is so much more freedom for women in the modern world (and not so boring either).

  21. the spoiler prediction came true…a sad ending….wish that tvb has a different ending episode to this….

    1. Not quite true. A very big difference from what I remember in the article.

  22. lucky for me i didnt saw the spoiler:). unlucky me i saw all of the episode:(. first it was great. after a couple of episode it becomes verry stupid. they have change the the whole story. i think if they use the first one (trailer with ron ng and stephen ma), the series will be much better. myself is writing that story forward. and i also thought tht KM will be Sima yee. i feel so sorry for all actors and actrice, who is playing in this serie

    1. Absolutely waste of time. Stayed up till 2am to watch the finale and I just couldn’t believe how cheap can the war scenes be. Seriously a well
      Known battle (red cliff) has been portrayed by tvb like that….. The ending was stupid aswell , I expected Kenneth to Atleast return back to the three kingdom or the very least go back to the three kingdoms storyline for another 5-10minutes. Very disappointed.

  23. OK. Yes, this series was a total waste of time. There was no chemistry from Lam Fung (I’m his fan but very dissappointed). Shun sometimes was a nausiance. Ending was dumb and the whole series just fell apart. The last hour was meaningless and most likely pissed off millions of viewers. I plan to spend the next weeks mentally erasing this series from my head and watch the mainland China one.

    I also plan to “fan bo” rewatch 寻秦记. That series was waaaaay beter and much more believable. Anyone remember this one by Louis Koo? And of course our Lam Fung was in there too.

    1. Agreed. The last hour was meaningless like heck. I’m not going to finish the remaining middle episodes anymore.

  24. Stupid ending. War look stupid and too much of TY and KM zero chemistry ‘love’.

  25. I knew it, its a terrible series. I regret watching it.

  26. is it tht bad.. i watch tll abt ep 19.. hve yet to c finale

  27. Oh yes. So bad that I’m still mad. But, you’ve made it to ep 19 you might as well finish the series off and join the mad club. LOL.

  28. Darn it. Is there a way we can push a fan vote for them to rewrite and re-do the ending?!?! :p

    1. Earlier a lot of netizens already complained to Lau Ka Ho about this dissatisfactions that Bosco(Hui sir) died in WI and they want him to back alive but Lau Ka Ho only said he’s happy that he got great reactions for his tragic ending and the ending has to be that way. I bet he will say the same if netizens complain about 3K’s ending too.

      1. Put link to news. Pay attention to italic parts of what LKH said

        After news broke out that Bosco Wong and Myolie Wu ended their 8-year relationship, rumors had it that it was due to a third party on Bosco’s side. However, it doesn’t seem to be affecting his career too much as he is continuing to film dramas in China and also achieved great ratings for “Witness Insecurity.” His role of cool and affectionate Hui Sir won the hearts of many audiences. In the finale aired last night Hui Sir unfortunately had a tragic death, causing netizens to explode in criticisms. They criticized that it was far-fetched and unreasonable when wounded Hui Sir was trying to find Kui Chi Lum (Linda Chung) on his motorbike. They complained that this was the worst finale ever and fans requested them to refilm the ending or film a sequel to bring Hui Sir back to life.

        Netizens vow not to watch Ghetto Justice 2

        Netizens pointed out that because TVB is in a hurry to broadcast Ghetto Justice 2, they cut Witness Insecurity from 28 episodes down to 20 episodes; thus leaving the drama to this choppy ending. Some netizens even went further and vented, “Let us protest by not watching Ghetto Justice 2!”

        Producer Lau Ka Ho expressed his satisfaction for the drama for causing such a big response and also for achieving over a 30-point average rating. He admitted that the ending may not be the favorite for some audience, but revealed that he also received alot of congratulatory messages on Weibo.

        Source: Chinapress.com.my
        Translated by: xbunnylicious @ AsianFanatics


      2. Viewers can try protest to LKH, but I think his reply for 3K will be the same. It will only make him arrogant that his ending got big responses one series after another 😛

      3. Same here Nicole! 3K is a comedy! There’s no reason for the ending to end with Kenneth pining for Tavia like that! It give me a bitter feel because throughout the series he spent more times with Fan Gan and Lam Fung but in the finale suddenly they spent so much on Tavia!

  29. Come on TVB! You can do better than this! Life is bitter enough, can’t you have some good ending???

  30. who ever wrote these frustrating endings need to be fired. it ruins the whole story. i’m so mad right now. both the WI and 3K drama needs to re-film a better ending.

    1. 3K ending is heaps worse than WI! I’m not sad but I feel regret ever watching this series!

      1. Can’t agree more with you. I was so excited and presuming the red cliff battle will drag out 2-3 chapters but instead it just bloody had them standing at the huts talking and telling us what is happening..and the ending is so freaking lame. They could of Atleast film back to the three kingdom for the last 10minutes to tell us what happens with everyone..

      2. Yeah what I want to see is how the war progressed and how the other characters Fan Gan and others are doing instead of some bloody draggy lame romance! The last scene should be him back at three kingdom reuniting with everyone instead of that lame dying scene with Tavia coming to HK. What the hell?

  31. Totally waste of my last few weeks staying up eveynight chasing this movie I hope tiger cubs is much better than this

  32. Why is TVB starting to kill the main males star at the end in their show. Just like Bosco in Witness Insecurity. Damn you TVB!!

  33. Such a lame ending! very bs dawg, It doesn’t make me cry, I just feel sad and bitter and mad… only if we can vote to fired whoever write this script mother fckaz!

  34. Even Koean dramas have endings that are less far fetched. Still tragic, but at least it makes sense. I’m switching to watch Korean and Taiwanese Dramas. ;p

  35. lol u all don know how to see hk dramas, dont see la n go to see ur korean and taiwanese dramas. It long and bore, the episodes is so long and waste time.

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