TV Queen Level: Netizens Praise Kristal Tin’s Performance in “Destination Nowhere” Finale

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TV Queen Level: Netizens Praise Kristal Tin’s Performance in “Destination Nowhere” Finale

Kristal Tin (田蕊妮) got super crazy and the netizens loved it.

The final episode of TVB’s Destination Nowhere <迷> aired on March 12, ending with 30 episodes. It stars Kristal Tin, Kevin Cheng (鄭嘉穎), and King Kong Lee (金剛) as three unrelated individuals whose fates get eccentrically intertwined. The drama is produced by Amy Wong (王心慰).

In one of the final moments of the series, Kristal’s character Cal Jeh attempts to convince Kevin’s character, Man Sir, that she is actually faking her mental instability and should be discharged from the psychiatric hospital. She rationalizes that she should be integrated back to society, which can fix her mental state. When Kevin denies her request, Kristal goes crazy and bites his arm. Hospital employees pull her back into her prison, where she is to spend for the rest of her life.

Netizens gave Kristal two thumbs up for her performance as Cal Jeh, and that her descent to madness was convincing and well-layered. Some have compared Cal Jeh’s character to Roger Kwok’s (郭晉安) famous portrayal of Tong Lap-yin in the 2008 television drama Last One Standing <與敵同行>, which was also produced by Amy Wong and starred Kevin.

“Everyone cried like crazy on this show,” said Kristal, during a dinner gathering with the cast to watch the finale. “It wasn’t an easy drama to do, but seeing the results, I think it’s worth it!”

Viewership points for Destination Nowhere hovered between the low to mid-20’s range, indicating only average ratings performance. Its dark source material also did not seem to be attracting TVB’s main consumers—the housewives. Nonetheless, the drama did receive widespread praise among the online community, and Kristal is definitely aware of the support.

“We’ve received a lot of good responses, and that is definitely encouraging,” said Kristal. “It isn’t everyday that you get to come across a script like Destination Nowhere. I’m so happy that I got to be a part of it!”

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7 comments to TV Queen Level: Netizens Praise Kristal Tin’s Performance in “Destination Nowhere” Finale

  1. canadian says:

    I may be in the minority but I really didn’t like Kristal’s performance that much. Lately all TVB likes to do is make their main characters too over the top and unbelievable (Bosco and Priscilla in Two Steps From Heaven, Roger in Dead Wrong, Hugo and Joel in Burning Hands). It’s the same formula over and over again, and they often end up in the psychiatric ward too. I must give praise to the supporting cast though, King Kong, Mei and a great comeback from Lisa Lau as King Kong’s “love interest”. They were my favorite characters. Kevin’s character was well written too. But please, no more crazy characters who end up going crazy. It’s been done too many times before.

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  2. lucida says:

    I rather watched Kristal Tin than Nancy Wu. I feel more comfortable with Kristal’s performance she is more versatile and natural.

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    • loveruco replied:

      Neither of them is pretty. Kristin is natural playing uncouth roles because she is just being herself. She will have a big problem if given a dignified role coz she just cannot fit the bill.On the other hand, Nancy can fit any role with ease. She can be very classy as well as trashy.

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  3. xystus says:

    I definitely dig her performance at the scene where Wing confronted her about her doings at the office. Her panicking, anxious and desperate facial expressions at that particular scene were top notch, certainly living up the name of TV Queen.

    Definitely better than her performance in her previous drama about that silly alien cat.

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  4. hayden says:

    This really shows her great acting skills and if she were to win best actress again at least is deserving. Unlike Nancy won twice for best actress and the acting is not deserving to win at all.

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