Vicki Zhao and Chen Kun’s Friendship Fell Apart Due to Zhou Xun?

Above: Vicki Zhao and Chen Kun’s friendship nosedived after “Painted Skin 2”?

Vicki Zhao (趙薇) and Chen Kun (陳坤) have shared a friendship spanning more than a decade. However, Chen Kun strangely remained silent over Vicki’s recent directorial success in So Young <致青春> while many friends gave her encouragements on Weibo. Chen Kun’s congratulations was noticeably missing, leading to speculations that the two had a fallen out, with Zhou Xun (周迅) being the catalyst.

Vicki and Chen Kun’s Once Close Friendship

Vicki became friends with Chen Kun shortly after she joined the Beijing Film Academy in 1996. When Vicki was plagued with rumors about her personal life in 2007, Chen Kun stepped forward to be her personal spokesperson.  Vicki had spoken highly of Chen Kun, “In the most desperate times, [Chen Kun] will be there.”

There were also physical gestures of their close friendship, such as a playful kiss on the lips at a press conference. They also do not hesitate in sharing the same bottle of water. Vicki frequently draped her arms over Chen Kun at public events.

However, it seems that their friendship suddenly came to an end. When Vicki’s So Young was released, almost every fellow classmate from the 1996 class of the Beijing Film Academy posted words of encouragement on Weibo. And Vicki’s other good friend, Huang Xiaoming (黃曉明) also went above and beyond when, despite his leg injuries, attended So Young’s promotional events. However, Chen Kun did not post anything, leading observant netizens to speculate that Vicki and Chen Kun had a fallout.

Chen Kun’s New BFF is Zhou Xun

Chen Kun Zhou Xun 2Since filming Painted Skin <画皮>, Chen Kun and Zhou Xun became fast friends. Their chemistry was so strong both onscreen and off-screen, that at one time, Zhou Xun was even rumored to be the mother of Chen Kun’s son.

Although both denied being in a love relationship, they admitted to spending a lot of time together, and were “friends who are close like relatives.” In one of his written essays, I Walked to Tibet Suddenly <突然就走到了西藏> Chen Kun admitted that he got heavily drunk one night and called Zhou Xun in the middle of the night to ask her to come out. Zhou Xun agreed without any hesitation and accompanied Chen Kun until the wee hours of the morning. Recently, both were also spotted walking on the streets of Hong Kong while visiting the local sights.

Friendship Fell Apart

While filming Painted Skin 2 <画皮2>, there were reports that Zhou Xun and Vicki’s friendship deteriorated due to payment issues for the film. Zhou Xun and Vicki were reported to have a major fall out on the set of Painted Skin 2, where they kicked each other’s chairs in fury. This surprised the production crew who had to separate the two to calm them down for fear of the women getting into a fight. Zhou Xun allegedly turned down director Doze Niu’s (鈕承澤) Love <愛> because Vicki was also cast in it.

With his increasingly close friendship with Zhou Xun, did Chen Kun abandon his decade-long friendship with Vicki Zhao?


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  1. Oh no another rumor. Why do they keep wanting Zhou Xun and Vicki to fight. Last time when they filmed Painted Skin 1, they said they also fought and argued. But if they did, why do they come back and film Painted Skin 2. Aiyo!

  2. Think its silly to bring up Painted Skin 2 since Zhou Xun and Chen Kun were in Balzac and the Little Seamstress together way back in 2001.

    1. Agree. The journalist who write this article is a lazy ass who doesn’t even bother checking the history first.

      p.s. I loved Chen Kun & Zhou Xun in ‘Love Story in Shanghai’.

  3. >Zhou Xun allegedly turned down director Doze Niu’s (鈕承澤) Love because Vicki was also cast in it.

    Just a rumour. Doze would not replace Shu Qi for Zhou Xun.

  4. Vicki still has best friend, Huang Xiaoming.

  5. oh gee.. just because he didn’t post any on weibo and that’s a sign that they don’t get along? That’s silly. He could have called instead which IMO more meaningful then weibo!

  6. this is absurd….he was the first to wish her a happy b-day on weibo this yr….

  7. Just another stupid article which reminds us that we should not believe everything that we read in the news.

  8. i thought all 3 of them look good together (CK, VC and ZX). and i love how huang xiao ming acknowledge VC as his silent love. i love all four of them.
    why want to dig news about them breaking up and sorts?

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