Victim in Gavin Gao’s Sexual Assault Case Fails to Show Up for Trial Hearing

Although rising to popularity after his performance as the loyal King of Yiqu in hit series, Legend of Mi Yue <羋月傳>, 37-year-old Chinese actor Gavin Gao (高雲翔) hit rock bottom when he was faced with sexual assault charges in Australia since last year. Currently entering the trial phase of the case, Gavin appeared in court yesterday in extremely low spirits.

After being arrested for sexual assault with his producer friend, Wang Jing (王晶) in March 2018, Gavin faced severe backlash from the public. Gavin’s financial assets have been frozen and he is sued by Zhejiang Talent for 60 million yuan, as the actor’s trial has impeded the broadcast of drama Legend of Ba Qing <赢天下>.

Victim Didn’t Appear in Court

The trial date has been pushed back twice, but the victim was nowhere to be seen despite being scheduled to appear in court. According to the lawyers, the victim’s appearance in court is expected to be a major factor in influencing the jury’s decision and if Gavin and Wang Jing will receive a guilty verdict. If she refuses to testify in court, the defendant can put in a request to have the case closed, or the prosecutors can request to have the trial delayed and officially summon the victim.

Evidently absent during the trial was actress Michelle Dong (董璇), who filed for divorce with Gavin after he was charged with sexual assault. Despite their separation, it’s speculated that she still cares for him. Michelle’s male assistant was present with Gavin at the courthouse during the trial.

Source: HK01

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    1. @jimmyszeto right…damn imagine if he’s walking away free. sigh…. and how come there’s no mugshot of the other guy? not at all famous or something?

      1. @wm2017
        Yeh just this guy. Money was always going to do the job. No value in putting him away when money is available. Still this Gav guy is done career wise….

      2. @megamiaow I wouldn’t be surprised since we do see these alot in dramas but it can very well reflect in real life as well just we don’t see it as often or celebs involved. Just surprised w/the younger guy as he’s got the looks and a lovely wife & child. A criminal profiler might find these interesting to look into unless he’s those that’s living a double life that also happens in real life where you neighbors could be psychos and they are normal as anything. Creepy!

      3. @wm2017 Wang Jing is another hum sup fella known for all the r-rated movies with po** elements. He tend to use actresses with big b**bs which he highlights in most of his movies. Really hum sup pervert. Pity. Coz his father was a prominent producer who produced The Bund those days.

  1. It’s unfortunate that this incident has happened & now has split up all those involved, husband, wife, victim, her husband, those involved in the film he was in when it happened, families, friends, close associates, etc; but namely Gao being irresponsible overseas to his wife, his family, his reputation as an actor that he’ll lose yet was it worth it? It’s created irreparable harm to his wife, family, his career, will he ever be hired again, how will he support himself, wife, family? Too many questions left unanswered on both the victim & sexual abusers, will they find any justice in or out of court in their testimonies, proof, evidence? Wow, you can’t sweep this under the carpet. What was so good about this victim/colleague that he and that director friend of his had to attack her sexually in that hotel room. Was he framed, entrapped into a money/blackmail trip since she did have it video tapped realizing no way she could get out of it. She not only him should’ve been more responsible, have some sense of self-respect, both parties being married, didn’t they think of their spouses at the time. Was he really leading a dark/shady lifestyle of sexual debauchery? So long as his wife didn’t find out. Did he forget what country he was in or it didn’t matter. Guess, mix with partying, alcohol, doesn’t matter. Women should always be careful when drinking, know your limit, then go home, call a taxi, be more responsible otherwise it’s just as much your fault at the end of the evening, you’re not a naive kid. Hate hearing about this type of scandals, can’t live it down, it will be a black cloud over your head wherever you go in life, you’re stained, tainted, marked for life, for the rest of your life & that’s the worse prison to be in. Good Luck

    1. @vbabe8 Did they ever let on who recorded the videos as if it was the woman/victim then there is no way she is the innocent party in this. Either it’s about money or hatred for either of them to have gone to that level of shame. It’s just odd how they planned this out in another country instead of China not that it would have been easier but at least there is no language barrier right. I doubt any of the 3 speak fluent Australian or English?

      1. @wm2017 Uhm, it’s a crime happen in Australia? So why are they doing it in china??? And the woman is an Australian born Chinese? Also, they arrested him before he manages to go back to China, so again, have to in an Australian court??? Just because they all can speak Chinese, doesn’t mean the court case should be in china?

      2. @littlefish
        Think China rape means death sentence but I doubt this Gav guy would be given such a punishment. He is intelligent to wait till he was abroad also…

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