Video of William Feng and Zanilia Zhao at the Same Hotel Released

The dating rumor saga continues for William Feng Shaofeng (冯绍峰) and Zanilia Zhao Liying (赵丽颖). This week, the Chinese paparazzi released a video that followed Zanilia on her birthday in October. In the video, it was clearly seen that both Zanilia and William were staying at the same hotel, although they entered the building at different times.

The video, which was a series of clips, showed William and Zanilia meeting up with a group of friends at a restaurant. William was the first to arrive, followed by Zanilia in a separate mini-van. At the end of the dinner party, Zanilia was the first to step out with her group of friends. After Zanilia left, an intoxicated William walked out of the restaurant with the support of a male friend. Paparazzi followed William’s white mini-van, where it stopped at the back door of the same hotel Zanilia was staying in that night.

Dating rumors between William and Zanilia, costars in the upcoming fantasy film The Monkey King 3 <西遊記:女兒國>, first started in July this year, when the paparazzi photographed the two walking into a hotel together. In September, paparazzi reported that Zanilia had spend the night at William’s house, and Zanilia was filmed walking out of William’s home.

William and Zanilia have yet to respond to the rumors.

“Youku Entertainment News Clip” – From 1:08 to 2:40


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  1. I believe it is a stunt to boost ratings for their shows, unless they are dating but want people to catch them instead of having to announce it. With those overly obvious masks on, they made themselves 10 times more noticeable when people might not even notice them at all. So it’s likely a stunt.

  2. Well, if they are dating, they are not denying it by screaming from the rooftop that they aren’t. They are keeping silent about it, no admitting, no denying. It is not that fans and others want these celebs to go off like a parrot, like someone else we hear and read about, it is just that it simply makes more sense, and is not insulting to others to keep quiet about their love lives than lie through their teeth.

    Maybe they might be friends, platonic friends. It can happen in this world, where two members of the opposite gender are close platonic friends. It can also happen in the Ebiz world.Wang Lee Hom and Shu Qi are a prime example.

    It could be that they are friends and are building up the hype of a relationship for their drama. A lot of these oncreen couples do it. I remember when Joe Cheng and Ariel Lin did it for the Kiss Series, and finally denied they ever dated after the first and second Iswaks became critically acclaimed with William and Zanilia, who knows…..

  3. no matter how many times William FSF takes the male lead role, he always gives me a villain vibe. It’s unfortunate because his face is just very villain-y. I have a hard time trying to compensate his face with his role.

    but that’s not to say he’s not a good person. if they are together, I wish them the best of luck.

      1. @wm2017 Totally agree with you. For the longest time I just can’t figure out why I am never interested to catch his drama series. Not attracted to his looks but there are average looking actors whom I like for their acting and versatility and he is not ugly or good looking, like you mentioned.

      2. @bearbear
        I can say the exact same thing about Kenneth Ma from HK. He is always boring no matter what kind of role he plays. The face itself spells BORING. Sometimes just a vibe has nothing to do with physical appearance sometimes.

    1. @coralie Maybe because of his reputation ?! I remember hearing that he has “playboy and arrogance” image, being from rich family.

      Personally I also don’t like his face. Don’t know why. It just that he looks like narcisstic for me.

  4. I respect William Feng as an actor, but I don’t think that he is cut out to play a stoic, disciplined monk. My first choice for Tanzang would’ve been Wallace Huo. I think that Zhao Li Ying’s acting is going to be phenomenal as always.

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