“Vincenzo” Praised for Its Impressive CGI Effects

Vincenzo opened with panoramic shots of Italy’s beautiful vineyards, transporting viewers far away as the story of Song Joong Ki‘s mafia lawyer unfolds. Because of the utterly realistic effects, many viewers thought that the cast flew to Italy before travel restrictions were in place for the pandemic.

In a just released behind-the-scene clip, it was disclosed that the background scenes in Italy were actually rendered through CGI effects. Joong Ki was seen filming in front of a green screen while using some basic props in all of the Italy scenes.

Many viewers commented that despite the green screen and not having the actual scenery as an anchor, Joong Ki’s acting skills were very natural. It was obvious that he devoted his concentration to let his character’s emotions come through.

Although Vincenzo heavily depended on CGI for the backdrops in Italy, the effects looked so realistic that it rivaled high-budgeted movies.

Source: HK01

This article is written by Sammi for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Wow. I didnt even know while watching it. I thought it was actually in Italy…shot before the pandemic lol

    1. @aktf The CGI effects were definitely very realistic, especially the lighting. While watching it, I did notice the absence of large groups of people in the background and the silence of the surroundings…which prompted me to wonder if the scenes were CGI. Overall the technical qualities are excellent, but the outdoor scenes in Italy looked slightly more natural, while the interior scenes did look a bit gray.

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