Virginia Lok Reveals Bosco Wong’s Flirtatious Behavior in Past

Amidst tears, Myolie Wu (胡杏兒) and Bosco Wong (黃宗澤) announced ending their 8-year relationship on July 24th. Although the ex-couple did not disclose the reason for their breakup, speculations quickly rose that it was Bosco’s flirtatious behavior that led to the breakup. TVB executive manager, Virginia Lok (樂易玲), stepped in to control the hysteria  and said that Bosco may have been flirtatious and unreliable years ago, but certainly not now!

Bosco Wong: “There is No Third Party!”

Catching a flight to Taiwan to film for his new drama, Bosco once again reiterated that a third party did not lead to the breakup. Bosco’s mainland costar, Liu Yan (柳岩), was accused of having a fling with Bosco during the filming of The Woman Above the Bread Tree <麵包樹上的女人>, in which she issued an emotional press statement indicating that she was never romantically involved with Bosco, and will never do so.

Emotionally distressed over the breakup, Bosco said that he did not see Liu Yan’s press statement. He felt helpless that his breakup with Myolie has implicated other people in negative rumors.

Since he had once considered Myolie as a marriage partner, did he feel it was a pity for the relationship to end? Unable to hold back tears, Bosco said, “I do not want to talk about it anymore.”

Asked whether he hoped to reconcile with Myolie, Bosco said, “I hope to do so. I will talk about it at a later time.”

Virginia Lok Exerts Damage Control

Appearing at Stephen Chan’s (陳志雲) Commercial Radio event yesterday, TVB executive, Virginia Lok, empathsized with Myolie Wu’s current heartbroken state. Ms. Lok said, “A formal judgement has been issued. I understand Myolie’s feelings. If I were her mother, I will approve also. Putting in so many years into a relationship, yet there is still a lack of security. Since there is unhappiness, you have to let go no matter how much you love [him]!”

Ms. Lok continued to exert damage control over Bosco’s infidelity rumors, implying that Bosco had already cheated on Myolie in the past. Regarding Bosco’s rumors that he was involved with 3 women in 6 months, Ms. Lok said, “It was many years ago, definitely not within the last 4 years. In youth, of course there is flirtation and unreliability (沙沙滾). At that time, Myolie forgave him. ”

Ms. Lok added, “It takes a lot for two artists to carry on a relationship. I feel that they are very compatible!”

Bosco Wong and Toby Leung’s Rumors Rediscovered

Among the list of female costars that have been romantically linked with Bosco, 3 Weekly published a report today stating that Toby Leung ( 梁靖琪) behaved intimately with Bosco while filming 2010 TVB drama, To Grow With Life <摘星之旅>. Allegedly, Myolie was shattered when she had discovered Bosco and Toby’s affair and was extremely upset at the time, adding to her sense of insecurity in the relationship.

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Jayne: This article has been amended regarding the Cantonese phrase, “沙沙滾” which can be translated variously as “skirt chaser” and “flirtatious” and “unreliable.” In an earlier version of the article, I translated it as “infidelity,” which may imply a more severe term than initially intended.

However, the word “滾” referred to a married man having an affair, which is why I initially interpreted it as infidelity. 

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  1. ms lok knew she could only save 1 … and it was myolie.

    i say it’s smart pr.

    1. Pandamao,
      But the negative rumors were never slandered against Myolie post-breakup.

      If Bosco did not accept Eileen Cha’s radio interview, then these infidelity rumors would not have started. Ms. Cha kept bringing up third party rumors and prodded him into admitting more than he had initially planned.

      In the radio interview, Ms. Cha said, “What have you done this time Bosco?” “You regard Myolie as a life partner…have you asked her to forgive you?” Such statements implied a lot, in pointing out that Myolie was the one who called off the relationship and Bosco asking forgiveness.

      After that radio interview, of course 3rd party speculations would rise.

      1. If Ms. Lok wished to preserve Bosco’s image, he should have accepted an interview with Ming Pao Weekly instead. The publication is quite neutral and usually publishes artists’ statements as is, without too many flavorings.

        Eileen Cha was quite slick in prodding Bosco along, saying enough to plant those implications (which she as an insider in the industry has access to a lot of information).

      2. I thought Myolia and Bosco had to reveal their break-up because a tabloid had earlier on published a news article about their breakup due to his infidelity, the article that 620 sent to him, no? I did not read that said article so don’t know its content.

      3. Claimine,
        My understanding is that Bosco appeared on Eileen Cha radio interview to clarify East Weekly’s “3 women in 6 months” report.

        However, I think that Bosco and Ms. Lok chose the wrong platform to air their denials. Ms. Cha is known for ability to make her guests talk more than they are prepared to.

        They should have chosen the safer route of Ming Pao Weekly. They should have waited to see what further allegations come forth.

        IMO, if no actual woman comes forth to admit that she had a fling with Bosco, it will remain only speculations.

        However, Ms. Lok’s handling of the situation have only made things worse. Now, she said that Myolie made the right breakup situation because Bosco made her feel insecure.

      4. @Jayne: Oh ok! Yes, Ms. Lok has terrible PR skill. Instead of calming stormy waters, she added oil to it with her words and damage control strategy.

      5. Yeah I don’t know why Ms Lok did that…
        At first she was protecting Bosco and now she switched like 360 degrees….
        Maybe ‘cus Witness is over now… >.<

      6. ok – yes i didn’t really get the whole timeline thing until you detailed it.

        sigh – i feel so bad for myolie right now. i hope she realizes once a cheater, always a cheater …

      7. From what Jayne said maybe Eileen Cha never like Bosco in the first place and take advantage of the situation to attack him LOL.

  2. Time for Myolie to play the field. I don’t feel sorry for Bosco, a 1 of a kind woman for you and you play around with balloons. I just hope Bosco does the right thing and keep loving and supporting her, maybe she’ll forgive you. Bosco Wongs Myolie!!!

  3. omg, toby is lot ugly! myolie way better… tell me guys don’t care about look just eat what they can! real beauty or fake, doesn’t matter as long as they get!

    1. it’s not just toby i don’t like. i don’t like any of the super trio bunches. Eric Tsang, Timmy Hung, Michael Tse, Chin Ka Lok, Tong Ying Ying … they all lack character and morals it seems.

      From the shows they are in, they always focus on women’s boobs. It’s so ridic.

      1. Being crude is part of their schtick. It’s what makes the audience laugh. I don’t think they lack morals or character. They just look like a fun bunch.

  4. To Grow With Life was filmed February-June 2009 (Source: Wikipedia). Ms Lok said: “It was many years ago, definitely not within the last 4 years”, that means the last time that he went 沙沙滾, should be around 2008? Don’t know if the rumors of Bosco & Toby are true, but Ms. Lok definitely mouthed it like Bosco cheated on Myolie multiple times in the past (during the four year of their relationship, 2004-2008).

    1. With my first sentence, I meant to say that the time sequence of what Ms. Lok said and the Toby-Bosco rumor doesn’t match.

  5. Myolie deserves better imho. She’s forgiven him once in the past? Admirable. She must really love him. I’m sure I’d be out on the street if I ever cheated (and rightfully so!). 😛

  6. 620 should just shut up! They need to hire real publicist and do PR control! 620 does not know how to do damage control…she tends to make matters worst.

    1. Because she let the truth out that Bosco has cheated in the past? I guess fans don’t want to know about his infidelities?

      I guess they do say that ignorance is bliss….

      1. It is not her business to burr out of these information. She really has not respect. Let Bosco and the idiotic media seek through the truth.

    2. so agreed with this. she seems like a biotch anyways. some ppl just don’t know how to shut their mouths. you cheat one time will always be a cheater for life. Myolie is stupid. she’s got so much ahead of her that she don’t even need men to be rich and famous. she can do it herself. go find a decent man outside the entertainment circle.

  7. I odn’t think it was smart to admit he cheated before. Ms. Lok was trying to prove that the breakup wasn’t because of cheating, but “once unloyal, hundred times untrusted”. it will even led to more speculation and tarnishes bosco’s image as good boyfriend.

  8. Nobody should speak on the behalf of the parties involved other than themselves so I don’t agree with 620’s recent comments as she shouldn’t even be speaking to the media about the pair in the first place. Why does she always have to stick her nose in people’s businesses and in this case comment on something that will just add more fuel to the fire? Just because she is in charge of managing TVB’s artists??? I feel sorry for all the contracted artists then for having her as their PR personnel, I would rather be without one then.

    1. Yeah, I agree, she shouldn’t stick her nose to any matter that is not related to her. Let’s the insiders say.

      I don’t feel anything after hearing the story cause I don’t like Bosco at all, but really, will his career be affected? Remember the Kevin’s story after dumping Niki for Sheh, none of their images have been impacted so far, or am I wrong? In that case, Bosco’s image shouldn’t be affected but for sure he can’t win Myolie back.

      1. But all the artists run to her for support do they not? Doesn’t that make her a part of it? I think if they don’t want her blurting stuff, then they need to stop involving her like some kind of mother figure…

      2. I don’t understand why some of the artists flock to her in times of trouble (i.e. LF during the Mavis scandal) and now Bosco. What can she possibly do or say to help the situation other than give her consoling speech which anyone can say. Does she have that much power where she can turn things around in the artists favour?

      3. Gar:

        Yes, sometimes she can turn things around. Look at Joe ma’s case. These male artists trust her to help.

  9. In youth of course there is infidelity? Seriously? Is she speaking for young people?

    1. Not everyone cheats! There are loyal honest good people out there. Just because you are some celebrity it doesn’t give you the right to fool around with people. These news do not just portray bosco in a bad light, they also make myolie look silly. She should really take it as a life lesson and not look back! Once bitten, twice shy!

      1. Agreed. Not everyone cheats. She is totally generalizing all youth in the world. There are people who cherish their partners, the trust and love shared and hence would never engage in such a despicable act.

  10. Myolie did a good job by dumping that stupid unfaithful boyfriend Bosco. She should have done that long time ago. She has wasted all her 8 years for nothing for this animal. I hope she will find someone way much better than Bosco. I’m not going to watch any movie or drama that has Bosco. Myolie cheer up and don’t need to cry over this stupid unfaithful animal. We fans will fully support you all the way. Fighting.

      1. Nothing wrong with her. I also won’t watch Bosco series anymore and Tang chi Wai has leave me a bad impression too.

      2. When I open my FB and Twitter this morning to see my own friends happily watching WI as if what happened to Myolie was nothing I was disappointed

      3. Haha… did u then scold your friends for not boycotting WI?

        But maybe u should watch the ending b/c I think u might enjoy seeing…


        Bosco get hit by a car and PK die.

    1. you know what, your a douche. this are just rumors and i believe all she wants is to ruin the reputation of bosco’s all paparazzi’s do, they think these infos can earn them tons of money from company to ruin an actor/atress image

  11. So now the scenario is like this:

    Bosco cheated in the past, Myolie forgave. However, Bosco cheated again, and Myolie can’t stand any more.

    Bosco still hoped after calming down, Myolie will forgive him again.

    1. I think 620 is trying to imply that Bosco did not cheat this time but did something that made Myolie lose her trust in him again? Bosco is working on regaining her trust to win her back?

  12. I don’t think it was Toby. Her western personality probably makes people think that she is a flirt, but if you watch her on any of the game shows, she’s just loud and friendly. Also, their rumors are outside that 4 year time period.

    I still think it’s probably Elva Ni since she fits the time period and there were pictures.
    I notice that the HK media likes to add a bunch of celebrity names to try and sell more copies while also adding the real (most likely lesser known) “culprit”.

  13. 620 has again proved my point; she is a failed PR manager.

      1. 620 is such an idiot!!! I wonder why Tvb still values her??? I am sure many others will do better than her.

  14. in the earlier news article, i mentioned that i watched a game show that has Bosco and Toby. this is the clip. watch carefully. notice how Toby kept placing her hands on Bosco’s knees and they held hands quite a bit. he was already rumoured to be with Myolie as the 2nd or third quiz was regarding Myolie. just my thoughts :

  15. 620 should let Bosco himself talk. 620 is bad at talking.

  16. 620 needs to mind her own business. Just shut up and let the two involved parties deal with their own affairs. You’re making it worse, 620. Just shut up.

    1. I agree and 620 really needs to shut up before
      things get even worse then they already are.

  17. Starting to feel sorry for 620 as all the Bosco fans turn their anger towards her instead of their hero. The fact is, if he didn’t cheat there wouldn’t be any story and he am Myolie would be together still.

    1. Bosco should be held responsible for his own actions – there’s absolutely no excuses for that. However, 620 should’ve kept her trap shut and let the parties involved deal with the issue in private. How is it meant to make Bosco/Myolie feel any better, what with all the public scrutiny placed upon them? Sure, they’re celebrities and should be accustomed to having outsiders intrude upon their life, but let them work it out themselves first and then release a statement later, if necessary. 620’s either really that dense or she’s simply a manipulative woman, trying to generate as much attention/controversy as possible. Perhaps she no longer sees Bosco as a useful pawn.

      1. Has Bosco spoken to the media yet? How come they don’t chase after him?

      2. He spoke to the media at the hk airport when leaving for Taiwan. They asked him if he wanted to reconcile w/ myolie and if he was gonna self-reflect/change. He said he hoped to and people should always try to improve themselves.

      3. They should get married, why wait more years. if you love each other and care for each other. dont wait for addl years. since both of you are already more than th marriageable age. Both looked so matured already, its high time for them to settle down. Bosco in his pic above looked already like Chow Yun Fat. Very matured looking already..Advice: Get married soon…Dont waste time.

    2. At least 620 did the right thing by revealing the saucy news. Or else we will all be blindsided by bosco’s mischievous ways.

    3. Couldn’t agree more with you TVBFanatics! well said.

  18. All right, Virginia, keep fanning the flame!

  19. Bosco ran to her for advice, so she was dragged into it unwillingly. So you are wrong… the artist treat her like their momma, not the other way around.

  20. Well, for all of you out there who doesnt believe bosco is a cheater, here’s your evidence. And certainly there is no reason for 620 to lie about this.

    1. Ok that was before when we did not know yet. Like I have said,if he did then he got what he deserved.. There is no need to keep rubbing it in his face. Their relationship is gone and relationships and even marriages end all the time. Therefore, I do not see what the big deal is… They will all move on with time since life is short so there is no need to drag this on and on again and again…

      1. We all know that marriages and relationships all the time, but the big deal, is that everyone wants to have hope for love, regardless of how cruel or realistic the world is. Myolie and Bosco gave many hope that love can be long term, hope that they can get married and live happily ever after. Yet, now he’s revealed as a cheating, lying bastard.

      2. It was 4-5 years ago so it must be Toby or Elva Ni. Carisa Yan is suspicious too. She always praise Bosco and look like an ex who still like him.

      3. After reading 3 Weekly, I start to believe it’s Toby.

      4. Well, too bad tht you and i are still here talking bout it. So i really dont see the point of nt talking about it because everyone else is doing it. If u cn stop the others then come to me. Dumb.

      5. That is why I do not say much since there is not much more to say… Anyways, I guess Bosco and Myolie’s relationship shows us that things in life aren’t like fairytales and things are not always smooth sailing like we all want it to be. That’s life and we all need to move on since it is short…

      6. Nicole,
        “Myolie and Bosco gave many hope that love can be long term, hope that they can get married and live happily ever after. Yet, now he’s revealed as a cheating, lying bastard.”

        Ming Pao has a different theory that it is Myolie who fell for another man.

        After listening to Eileen Cha’s radio interview with Bosco, I thought either Myolie or Bosco fell for a third party.

        So for now, it is a matter of what you choose to believe.

        For men, it is usually case of cheating for lust. For women, it is a change of heart, so more permanent. After a woman decides she no longer loves a man, it is harder to change her heart.

      7. Mingpao was making slandering towards Myolie. Myolie is not the type to flirt with men. I think the third party is Toby which Bosco cheated with 4 years ago and Myolie just found out about it.

      8. Jayne,
        I believe that neither Myolie nor Bosco fell for a 3rd party. There may be a third party involved due to Bosco’s fooling around, but I still believe the two of them love each other. Their sadness is very evident in their actions, speech and demeanor. Those who said Myolie looks perfectly fine, can look at these pictures taken at the 329 artistes photoshoot.
        Compare the way she look to the others. Nary a smile on her face. She did smile when a camera was pointing at her or when they are told to do the V-sign, but I think these photos when she’s caught off-guard, say a thousand words.

      9. Nicole,

        I see Bosco and Myolie very sad as well, which is why it makes this breakup so heartbreaking for all. Their emotions are still very fresh and strong.

        It’s not as if they announced breakup calmly, as if their feelings have truly died. They still cry before the press.

        What makes a woman be so decisive to end the relationship, while it hurts her so much as well?

    2. Not sure about the everyone part since most of the people I know are not into HK celebs and do not even know Bosco and Myolie…

    3. @lol how do u know myolie is not that type, just because u see her onscreen doesnt mean she’s the same in reality! YOU SLEPT WITH HER B4? IS THAT HOW U KNOW SHE ISNT A TYPE OF PERSON THAT FLIRTS? WE ALL KNOW THAT BOSCO CHEATED ON MYOLIE BUT WHAT DIFFERENCE IS IT GNNA MAKE? ARE YOU GOING TO KILL HIM FOR HURTING MYOLIE?

    1. Slow internet today so I can’t watch this 620 video. What does she said?

  21. I didn’t know 沙沙滾 is such a severe term. I always thought it’s akin to flirtation.

    1. Kidd: From the description below, seems like it more towards light flirtation than infidelity.


      沙沙滾: to swing, to be a swinger (date many people); careless, slapdash – Cantonese translation.

      1. Clamine, Kidd,

        I thought again about “沙沙滾” and have revised the article to refer to flirtatious behavior instead. I think the word I used before “infidelity” and “cheating” were too strong. Edits have been made.

      2. The title by Jayne say cheated but I also think the 沙沙滾 word is more like flirt, but I’m not that proficient.

  22. Virginia Lok needs to stop doing PR work asap, or what she calls “damage control”

  23. PPl on msn mentioned M had a one night stand with some tycoon in Jan for $$$

  24. 沙沙滾 to me means he cheated on her repeatedly. You don’t use this word for just flirtation, it means a very proactive man in seeking the company of another for the reason of a good time (as in affairs) and so skirt chaser is more appropriate. In English I believe a lothario is the right word.

    1. Likewise, 沙沙滾 means cheating to me. If they are just talking about flirting, Virginia will probably use something like 逢场作戏

  25. 沙沙滾 can also mean not taking something seriously. my mum always used to say i 沙沙滾 when i was going out to meet friends, and i was still a high school student back then. definitely no infidelity involved! the word 滾 on its own carries much more severe connotations.

    1. anoninhk: 沙沙滾 Is it like fooling around flirtatiously?

      1. I think it means always playing around or looking for a good time. But “good time” may mean flirting for some but sex for others.

      1. it doesn’t have to be sexual. it can mean not taking life seriously; don’t know what you’re doing; dossing around; aimless in life; only concerned with having fun, etc. so 620 could have meant anything from out partying all the time to meeting and flirting with girls. i highly doubt she was implying that he was screwing someone else behind myolie’s back.

  26. Isnt Toby Leung in Truimph in the sky 2 as well as Myolie. Could be awkward for both at work??

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