Vivian Hsu to Marry Boyfriend Sean Lee in June

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Vivian Hsu (徐若瑄), one of Taiwan’s most eligible bachelorettes, is now officially engaged to boyfriend Sean Lee (李雲峰) and has plans to marry him in June of this year.

Despite her sexy image and superstar status, Vivian has been unlucky in love. She was previously linked with fellow actors Nicky Wu (吳奇隆)Vanness Wu (吳建豪), and Stephen Fung (馮德倫), but none of these relationships had a happy ending. Losing confidence in men, Vivian kept herself away from dating and directed her attention to her career instead. A reflective person, she once commented that more than marriage, she hopes to find someone she can love unconditionally and with whom she can develop a strong emotional connection.

In August of 2013, Vivian’s prayers were answered. During the production of her movie Sex Agogo <72小時莎到你>, she met one of the film’s investors, thirty-six-year-old Sean Lee, and immediately fell in love. The son of a wealthy Singaporean businessman, Sean possesses strong entrepreneurial aptitude and business sense. Besides his entertainment investments, he is also currently the CEO of marine logistics company Marco Polo Marine Group and is already a recognized player in the business world despite his young age.

Treasuring her new romance, Vivian kept a low profile this time and only stated that she is dating someone when interviewed in October. Her mystery man’s identity was however revealed the following month when the couple was spotted shopping for a wedding dress. Admitting to their relationship, Vivian radiated bliss as she revealed marriage plans and promised to keep the public informed. She later opened up about her new love, saying that Sean won her over with his attentiveness and filial piety.

Taiwanese media reported that Vivian and Sean became engaged at a small, traditional ceremony that took place in Taipei on January 25. The event was very low profile and attended only by close friends and immediate families. The happy couple shared their plans to hold more elaborate wedding celebrations in both Taiwan and Singapore during June. While Vivian will continue her career in the entertainment industry after marriage, she will reportedly relocate to Singapore to spend more time with her husband and his family.

Even though Vivian denied pregnancy speculations, she will soon take up parenting responsibilities. The media uncovered that Sean had been previously married and is father to two daughters. Calling her future step-children the best wedding present, Vivian has been getting along very well with the girls and says that she is not under any pressure to have more children.


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Vivian Hsu to Marry Boyfriend Sean Lee in June

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      Her, Ruby Lin and Jimmy Lin are my all time favorite taiwanese artist. Coincidentally all three of them age very very very well. Beautiful people!

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      Congrats!!! Vivian Hsu is absolutely stunning. Can’t believe that she’s 38-yo.

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