“War and Beauty 2” Costume Fitting

Sheren Tang (鄧萃雯), Ada Choi (蔡少芬), Moses Chan (陳豪), Christine Ng (伍詠薇), Alice Chan (陳煒), Kenny Wong (黃德斌), and Vin Choi (蔡淇俊) attended the costume fitting of TVB heavyweight drama, War and Beauty 2 <金枝慾孽2>. At an earlier TVB sales presentation, a video clip of War and Beauty 2 featured a kissing scene between Sheren Tang and Ada Choi. Shortly after, Sheren professed that due to her Christian faith, she was unable to accept a script focusing on same-sex relationships, a comment which sparked angry criticism that Sheren was a hypocrite from the online community! Asked by the press whether she will resist filming lesbian topics, Sheren impatiently told the reporters not to ask such questions. Also a Christian, Ada generously stated that if such scenes would add to the full-fleshed development of the character, she was able to accept the arrangement.

In War and Beauty 2, Sheren will resume her popular role of “Yu Fei” from the first installment. Asked whether the lesbian scenes have been removed from War and Beauty 2 due to Sheren’s rejection of such topics, Sheren responded impatiently, “Please do not ask such questions! It appears that such scenes have been removed from the script. Without such scenes, you still persist in asking! Actors are quite passive. These questions should be addressed to the producer and creative development staff!”

Ada Choi Unafraid of Ghost Topics

On the other hand, Ada responded calmly, “Actors are faithful to the script. Right now, I am uncertain about the details, as we only find out about the script details last minute.” (Will you resist [lesbian] scenes]?) “Actors are actors; the television broadcasting standards will be restrictive anyway. The most important thing is the topic. As long as it passes my personal standard and is moral, then it is okay.” Ada appreciated the Christian decision and admitted that she had responsibility as an actress. She will not act in ghost movies, while acknowledging that she has portrayed a lesbian character in the past.

In War and Beauty 2, Ada Choi and Tracy Ip (葉翠翠) will portray nannies in the palace. Ada laughed and said she will not need to do any milk feedings in the drama. Producer Jonathan Chik (戚其義) denied that Sheren had changed the script, stating, “It is not related, but the handling of the [lesbian] topic is very difficult.” (Is there an artist who is refusing to film such scenes?) “No.”

Cast to Film in Beijing in June 2012

In War and Beauty 2, Moses Chan will portray an opera singer. At the costume fitting yesterday, Moses sang a few lines of Chinese opera. Asked whether he sang opera to his girlfriend, Aimee Chan (陳茵媺), Moses said with a smile, “You are the first ones to hear me sing opera!”

Cast member, Vin Choi responded to the media’s concern regarding his father’s earlier head-bashing incident.  Vin indicated that the police investigation was ongoing. Since a portion of his father’s brain was injured, his father suffered memory loss. However, Mr. Choi’s recovery was better than expected.

It was rumored earlier that War and Beauty 2 will be Producer Chik and scriptwriter, Zhou Xuming’s (周旭明) last collaboration together at TVB. Allegedly, the pair planned to leave TVB after completing the drama. At the costume fitting, the pair denied the allegations that War and Beauty 2 will be their last collaboration together. Producer Chik indicated that the cast and crew will shoot on location in Beijing in June.


Source: Oriental Daily

Jayne: The cast is not as attractive as the original War and Beauty 2, especially the male cast, which will feature only Moses and Kenny Wong. 

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  1. can’t wait see this serie. however i don’t really like the costume outfit.

  2. this looks terrible. everyone looks washed out in their costumes. so unattractive. is that KENNY? o.o

  3. So Kenny will be an eunuch again? And Moses as an opera singer? Hmm… I’m not keen on Moses’s singing and basically, he can’t reach to high note, how can act opera singer (as ancient opera of China often use high note). And his look is not suitable for a Fa Dan (yeah, in fact this word is used for male opera singer – the main one)

      1. Are the fa dans supposed to be big and tall? Where is WCL when u need him?

      2. Eddie is also not suitable for a Fa dan. Fa dan, aren’t they suppossed to look small, skinny and young as their voice dun turn low yet)?

    1. In a opera show, there are many roles. Fa Dan is the opera singer who played the main female role. Opera singers who play male roles are not called Fa Dan.

      1. Siu Sang is one type of male role, the young man role.

        Actually, in chinese opera, there are many type of roles. So, there are several type of ‘sang’ and several type of ‘dan’. There is also ‘jing’ and ‘chou’.

        Also, different type of chinese opera has different role names. I read in wiki that Eddie Kwan will play a Kun Opera singer. Wiki said Kun opera has 7 types of role.


      2. Fa Dan are often the main attention and be main person in the opera team, I read so.

  4. Gosh! The make up makes Sheren looks like KINGDOM YUEN!!! and makes Christine Ng looks old. Ada looks so pretty despite the ugly costumes.

    1. yeah with Ada’s oval face and sweet smile, she has always been pretty despite age is catching up on her.

      1. Alice Chan also looks very pretty!! Which is why I think TY looks like 40, as these actresses (and others) are 38+? and all look younger (and better) than her.

      2. Ada Choi does not look young and pretty in the photo posted here.

      3. @Nicole,

        I think the reasons why TY looks older are because of her “thin” like stick figure and her execessive thick eyes makeup which made her looks weary and older.

      4. Alice Chan costume looks a lot Christine’s from Wars of In-Laws. They probably recycled it I guess. Not a bad thing, however.

        I like Christine’s look.
        Ada’s costume is hideous and Vin Choi is cute, as always.

        Sheren does look a lot like Kingdom :O

      5. @sandcherry I mentioned looking younger compared to TY. Which isn’t very hard of course. But I do think Ada looks as pretty as usual in ancient dramas.

        @Magic I don’t like the hairstyle they gave Christine. It makes them look older with the puffy center parting, kinda like Maggie Siu and Michelle Yim’s hair style in The Great Eunuch? The side parting looks better.

      6. Sorry, after China production, I just find their costumes rather plain but suitable for outside palace. Colour is very pale and a bit not colour coordinated. However Moses looks like in character.

      7. If their outfit suitable for outside palace maybe they can make direct sequal ” Yee Shun On Sin and Kong Wu planning return to palace after 10 years ” Ada Choi as older version of Yee Sun and Christine Ng as older version of On Sin. Moses should add some wrinkle make up on his face.

      8. Then why not a fictionalised sequel; emperor dies with no direct issues, yee soon (Charmaine’s character right?) and her son returns to claim the throne.

      9. How can they convince people of the son’s royal legitimacy in ancient times? I think that Moses would’ve assumed the role of father to yee shun’s son all his life. Plus I’m sure the emiperor had other heirs. A continuation story wouldn’t work.

      10. I think they can, in Qing times record keeping was meticulous. She can prove when the emperor visited her, calculate her pregnancy and with some support from generals, even they can proclaim a dog as an emperor. Meaning, it can happen. Which is why so many stories saying Qianlung was Lui Sei Leong son but that was rubbished because records shows as such. Just drama.

        But I just mean if wanna a direct sequel, that is the best sequel story. Charmaine could have died, Ada brought him up, Yu Fei wants her own son to be emperor and the rest is fighting for the throne. And moses realises his real love is Kenny and we have the greatest love story of all. So we have WAR as in those 2 women and BEAUTY as in those 2 men!

        SURE FIRE HIT!

  5. Why am I not keen or interested for this series? since I’m always a fan of this ancient series?? Probably because the casts were either “too” “old” for those roles? some r already mommies and etc but acting as “kwai yan” or little maid? Can’t tvb produce more young female artists for these roles just for a change???

    1. Yeah, TVB have an issue with its aging artists. Its becoming a little stretching having 40s playing 20s even though asians do look younger than their age.

      I rather see fresh faces as it might create something special.

      1. I don’t think Ada, Sheren and Christine will be playing women in their 20s. According to wiki info, Ada’s character has a daughter played by Katy Kung.

      2. I believe they are playing their age in the ‘sequel’. Ada’s character was Yu Fei’s daughter nanny and have a grown daughter herself (presumably similar age with Yu Fei princess).

      3. I can understand Sheren but Ada is too young to have such a grown-up daughter. Poor her.

      4. Maybe katy will play her adopted daughter?? anything can happen with tvb hehe

      5. If Ada’s character gave birth to the girl at age 16 and the girl is now 16, Ada will only be 32 years old. Still very reasonable.

        People in the past married and gave birth young.

      6. Younger. Some give birth at 13 or 14 depending when they were married. So it is very possible to have a grown up or teenaged child.

        My problem is as nanny, and I assume the milk provider kind, errr… breasts too small…

      7. Funn,

        Have u seen Ada’s rack? Trust me, she’s qualified to be a milk nanny.

        Anyway, I guess Ada looks too young to me b/c I know Katy is in her 20’s.

      8. Isn’t Ada 40 already? No I haven’t really concentrated on her errr racks. Maybe I shall from now on.

      9. Actually, this is what I heard from some friends since I’ve not been through it, but I thought breasts may tend to deflate after breast feeding?

  6. The cast is not attractive at all. There are not even enough male lead actors at all. This is considered a grand production? I feel so bad for TVB. At least they are paying for new costumes, right?

    1. I don’t think these types of Palace series are supposed to have a lot of male lead actors… WAB, BTROC, CORTH, etc.

  7. tvb is really running out of “fa dan” jor.. so gotta stick back to old yet famous actor/actresses…. sad but for ADA CHOI… i will watch this series n can’t wait to c her acting again… missed her a lot!!

  8. The royal concubines should be dressed in colorful and elegant costume and not dull ones like this. Their look are more suitable as noble ladies! Can TVB just separate Moses Chan and Kenny Wong in different drama for goodness sake? I’m getting sick of them being cast to film in the same drama over and over again. TVB should realize by now that they no longer monopoly the market and should start injecting fresh ideas/scripts to attract the viewers.

    1. Maybe their costume designers left as well?
      Actually if we look at the costumes, the details are really nice, but overall, they look kinda weird, like if we look at the subtle patterns in Christine’s outfit, its really pretty, but overall it makes her look fat, and the hairstyle ages her.

  9. This looks complete crap.. should never be called War & Beuaty 2…

    Its devaluing the original series..

    The male casts is crap. only Moses as a stand out..

    The only thing which will save this is if they can reproduce the eloquent dialogue of the 1st series, as that was what made WAB 1 a standout series..

    1. Agreed about the crappy males. I’m tired of Moses too actually.

  10. The cast is not strong enough for the sequel of War & Beauty 2. There are only 2 good female lead actresses and 1 male lead actor. I doubt this drama series will be as good as the original one. Moreover, all the artistes are pretty old in age (all the good ones are over 40 years old) and it is pretty hard for them to act someone at the age of early 20s.

    1. TVB has its own way to what is called “sequel.” It is a totally different series with some old ideas.

      TVB often use old actresses for 20s and less than 20s years old roles, we get used to this.

  11. Other male cast beside Moses, Kenny and Wai Ka Hung, Vin Choi.

    Eddie Kwan
    Raymond Cho
    Stanley Cheung (aka Ka Ming)
    Dai Yiu Ming

  12. such a highly anticipated series, i hope it doesn’t flop

  13. How can we compare Christine Ng and Alice Chan with Charmaine Sheh and Gigi Lai? Ada Choi is not bad vs. Maggie Cheung. Moreover, all the artistes were so much younger (including Sheren Tang and Moses Chan)were so much younger in the original series. This sequel is filmed too late. It should have done at least 5 years ago.

    1. Alice Chan is a great actress. Even though she’s not as famous as Charmaine due to her being with the less viewed ATV, I think she’s comparable to Charmaine acting wise, if not better.

  14. When are they ever going to show the true love story; kenny and Moses??

    1. They can’t b/c bowie is their one true love.

      It’s such a pity he and charmaine aren’t going to be in WAB2. It’s like a johnnie To movie w/o Louis Koo or lau ching wun. Feels weird.

      1. Bowie? Bowie died! So Moses now with Kenny… is moses playing the same character or different character? I am confused.

      2. All different characters although personalities might be similar. Moses still has a subtle, unspoken love w/ Sheren. Kenny is no longer a eunuch but still gets used by the woman he loves.

        And whether bowie is there or not, he is always the object of their affection.

  15. Can someone redo Sheren & Christine’s costumes? It’s so unfitting, it’s like 2 grandma wearing their grandchildren’s clothes.

  16. There’s Sheren and Ada which are powerhouse actresses but I feel the cast is just not right…feels incomplete!

    Needs another male lead! Needs a younger female lead too!

  17. I don’t get why people are complaining about it having a weak cast. Frankly, I really don’t care. Minus Moses + Kenny, it’s a fresh collab for everyone. Maybe this drama will make new stars! I am ALL for new stars!

  18. I was hoping Elaine would be in this series. TVB really needs to cast their other 2nd line actresses into more grand productions as well.

  19. Ha ha ha very funny outfits, especially Kenny Wong’s.

    Two leading men and a few leading women – a very weak combination but original casts do not want to come back and TVB still has other series to execute.

  20. Who is the girl wearing red custome? she looks so much like Alice Chan Wai

    1. Never mind, I just reread the news. it is Alice Chan. Wow, this is her first TVB series, she only film for ATV and China in the past. I am looking forward to this.

  21. This is pretty pointless, because all the previous cast is gone and it’s been 7years since the last one so…

    1. It’s obvious that TVB is playing it safe i.e. betting on former “blockbusters” such as WAB, TITS etc. in the upcoming TV battle.

      Personally when I see the cast and the theme I feel bored already. Still im sure many hardcore WAB will love it and the most important for TVB is to capture the market share (HK housewives) and they are suckers for palace themes, LOL

  22. Is it me or is this cast looking a little lacklusting? Even the wardrobe is a little bland.

  23. I do think Chik and Chow dropped the lesbian angle for Sheren and maybe Ada. I’m not saying Sheren made them do it. They might have dropped the angle out of respect for Sheren and not want to make it difficult for her.

    Chik and Chow never shy away from same-sex love before. Kenny was gay in ‘Gem of Life’ and there are transsexual and gay characters in ‘4 in Love’.

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