Wayne Lai Changing to Per-series Contract with TVB

Fans of Wayne Lai (黎耀祥) may see less of the 53-year-old actor, as he announced today that he has changed his full-time contract with TVB to a per-series agreement instead. Wayne prefers the greater freedom with this arrangement, which allows him to film in Mainland China for more money while still having the flexibility to work with TVB.

Wayne thought about leaving TVB entirely, but he loves Hong Kong and his roots are there. He hopes to return for future projects. “I’m not sure if I can adjust [in China]. Hong Kong is a like a little family; it’s a great satisfaction to receive the audience’s acceptance.”

Viewers tuned in to see Wayne in the currently broadcast Daddy Cool <逆緣>, and pushed viewership ratings to 29 points for its premiere episode. Wayne said, “It’s everyone’s effort. This drama is very refreshing, and it’s rare for a series to talk about [feng shui].”

Wayne offered to treat the cast and crew to dinner to celebrate the good ratings since he will be heading to Hengdian to start filming a new Mainland Chinese drama. Today will be his last appearance to promote Daddy Cool, and told Rosina Lam (林夏薇) and the cast they will have to carry upcoming promotions.

When it was pointed out that viewers were surprised by Rosina’s fluent Japanese in the drama, she admitted to cramming for her studies two weeks prior to filming. “My husband was surprised I know Japanese.” Wayne joked, “Your husband may find it especially refreshing and special, that his wife is actually a Japanese person!”

Lai Lok Yi (黎諾懿) revealed that he recently celebrated his son’s first birthday. His friends were very generous and gave only “super-sized” gifts. He laughed, “One friend gave a basketball set, complete with musical lights. They are very generous, but Hong Kong properties are too expensive and there is no space for it. But rest assured, I promised my friend I will definitely give back a large swing or slide play set.”

Source: On.cc

This article is written by Jayne for JayneStars.com.

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  1. So far, I like the series. Rosina Lam and Carlos Chan pairing is refeshing. Hopefully, TVB won’t disappoint audience this time.

    1. @nori Me too….. I have always like Rosina Lam actually. I find her to be quite naturally pretty not sure if she’s ever done any plastic surgery but I do like her. So far, series is pretty lighthearted funny. Never seem anything of the guy who came from 1945 but he seems cute and acts pretty natural as well. Seems like a newbie which I like as we see the same old faces over and over again too often from TVB. This is refreshing to me.

      1. @wm2017 Carlos is a movie actor primarily but he’s definitely not a newbie, as he’s been acting for 12 years already (been in the industry for 15 years), albeit in mostly smaller roles. He hit it big in 2016 starring opposite Kara Hui in the award-winning movie Happiness (which was a really good movie by the way – highly recommend it!) – that’s what led TVB to approach him to participate in this series. Carlos has definitely been doing well in the series so far and hope he keeps the momentum going, as he has all the makings of becoming a future star – he’s good-looking and he can act as well as sing (he started in the industry after winning EEG’s singing contest)…he also has a good personality, gets along with his co-stars, and yes, he is definitely cute (lol)…definitely has a bright future if he plays his cards right….

        As for the series itself – so far so good….not stellar of course but definitely watchable. I actually think Rosina is the weakest link in the series so far, though her performance isn’t bad, just pales in comparisons to everyone else, especially the veterans. One thing I found refreshing with the series is them incorporating other languages – like Elvina Kong speaking in Shanghainese when she’s at her mom and dad’s house and Rosina speaking Japanese with her dad (all authentic, no dubbing!) – with the world we live in today, a lot of households are diverse like that and people speak multiple languages at home so it’s good to see this series attempting to be realistic in that sense.

      2. @llwy12 @funnlim Appreciate the info and feedback on Carlos Chan! It is good to see a new face at TVB who looks good and can act.

        From certain angles, Carlos looks like a mix of Ruco Chan and Eddie Peng. He sounds like a nice guy too.

        Our site will be posting an article about Carlos Chan later today. Stay tuned!

      3. @llwy12 Wow, and I thought he was a newbie as I have never seem him before. haha…Lol…I don’t really watch chinese movies just a series here and there so no clue who he is until now.

      4. @wm2017 LOL…no worries, since you actually weren’t the only one…many HK audiences think he is a newbie too because alot of them also don’t watch HK movies or follow HK entertainment and pretty much only watch TVB. I honestly didn’t really know who Carlos was either until 2016 (previously saw him in a few RTHK and HKTV series and a bunch of movies over the years but he was mostly in minor roles and his acting never really stood out) — that’s when I watched the movie Happiness and was impressed enough by his performance (and enjoyed the movie enough as a whole) to start looking him up…

  2. after Roger now Wayne ok this is not cool!!! Even though TVB drama are no longer as good but these veterans kept me into it. I just can’t stand a serie with so many new generation and new comers.

    1. @vodka Yea…the sad part is that many of the veteran “green leaf” (supporting) artists are gone too (alot of them have other outside projects that they are involved in, which gives them less time to film for TVB — for example, Ram Tseung has been focusing more on his music and also stage plays so doesn’t have as much time for series anymore while other veterans would rather film movies so they don’t have to deal with the grueling work hours at TVB anymore). Unless TVB’s scriptwriter’s start churning out quality scripts like asap, they are going to be in dire straits pretty soon with so little talent pool left (in both lead and supporting roles).

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