Wayne Lai Wins Best Actor; Sheren Tang Wins Best Actress

The 2009 TVB Anniversary Awards were held last night. “Rosy Business” swept the awards ceremony, winning a total of six awards. Wayne Lai Yiu Cheung won the Best Actor Award, Sheren Tang Shui Man the Best Actress Award, Susan Tse Shuet Shum the Best Supporting Actress Award, and Pierre Ngo the Most Improved Actor Award. Producer Lee Tim Sing won the Lifetime Achievement Award.

Wayne Lai won a total of 3 awards. Aside from Best Actor, he also won the Favorite Male Character and TVB.com’s Popularity Award. It was a surprise that the recent hit series “Beyond the Realm of Conscience” only had one award. Tavia Yeung Yi won the Favorite Female Character Award for her role in the series. Michael Tse Tin Wah won the Best Supporting Actor Award for “Emergency Unit.” Aimee Chan Yan Mei won the Most Improved Actress Award.

The Anniversary Awards program started its broadcast with a honorary tribute to recently deceased actor, Chan Hung Lit. The first award for the night, the TVB.com Popularity Award was given out to Wayne Lai. Wayne thanked his mentor, Lee Tim Sing, since it was Lee who made Wayne an actor more than 20 years ago. It was also due to Lee’s credit that Wayne won the Best Actor Award. Wayne also thanked the media for their support, TVB executive, Catherine Tsang for asking him to return to TVB after a brief hiatus. He also thanked the audience, as their support was his greatest life achievement. He shared the honors with his mother, wife and son, the three most important people in his life. Wayne ’s wife, Julia, attended the awards ceremony and cried when he received the multiple awards.

Initially, Wayne only wanted to win one award. To his surprise, he won 3 awards that night. It was a perfect closure for “Rosy Business.” Did the awards come too late in his career? He said, “No, I gained more by having acted for so many years. I am not in this industry to make quick money.” Did Wayne ’s awards break the rumor that only TVB’s contracted artists receive awards? “TVB will consider the public opinion. Perhaps it was just a coincidence that contracted artists won awards in the past.”

Sheren Tang Shui Man was the hot favorite in winning the Best Actress Award. In her acceptance speech, she thanked her colleagues. Although she did not have a long-term contract with TVB, Sheren was grateful that TVB will give her a good series to act in each year. She said that winning an award with her partner, Wayne Lai, for “Rosy Business” was the best ending.

When Producer Lee Tim Sing won the Lifetime Achievement Award, he said in his speech, “My mantra in life is very simple. You have to be less selfish and more fair, with respect for those below and above you.” He noted that there will be more pressure in working on 2010’s new series using the original cast of “Rosy Business.”

Charmaine Sheh Si Man was frankly disappointed that “Beyond the Realm of Conscience” only won one award. But it was fortunate to have Tavia Yeung win the award. Charmaine smiled and said that it was Tavia’s turn to treat for dinner.

Tavia Yeung Yi was surprised in receiving the Favorite Female Character Award and did not prepare her acceptance speech. She thanked a handful of TVB executives and teasingly said that Charmaine had promised to kiss her if Tavia won the award. Charmaine promptly walked on staged and kissed Tavia’s cheek. The award presenter, Felix Wong Yat Wah said that he also wanted to kiss Tavia, who encouraged him to do so.

Tavia promised that she will continue to work hard. While backstage, she continued to cry and said that she never considered she would win the Favorite Female Character award. This was the first time she played a villainess; fortunately the audience accepted her portrayal. Tavia said, “I thought Sheren would win this award, as I voted for her to win. But I am glad I won the award!” Later in the night, Tavia also won an award for Best Performance.

Source: Takungpao

Jayne: Congratulations to Wayne & Sheren. I thought Sheren’s closest competitor would be Susanna Kwan in winning the Best Actress Award. With all the hype surrounding Michael Tse’s Laughing Gor movie, I thought TVB would also give him the award this year. Michael Tse’s performance was good, but Wayne deserved the award more.

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