Wilfred Lau’s Fidelity in Love Blasted; Proposed to Denise Ho in April

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Wilfred Lau’s (劉浩龍) admission that he is currently dating Joey Yung (容祖兒) has unearthed a complicated love triangle involving Denise Ho (何韻詩).  The extent of the former intimacy between Joey and Denise was closely scrutinized. Denise also allegedly dated Wilfred in the late 1990s. The extent of the trio’s intertwined love feelings remained ambigous. In April, Wilfred had publicly “proposed” to Denise in Weibo. Wilfred’s flirtatious remark to Denise has been heavily criticized by fans, questioning his loyalty in love.

Wilfred alleged dated Denise when both were newcomers to the entertainment industry in the late 1990s. In 2007, Denise and Joey’s friendship grew closer. After Denise and Joey’s relationship allegedly ended earlier this year, Wilfred realized he loved Joey despite being friends for more than 10 years.

At an earlier press conference, Wilfred declared, “I like her (Joey Yung) very much!”

Although Wilfred was photographed sharing a barbecue meal with Joey in April, he flirted unabashedly with Denise Ho at the same time! In an April Weibo blog message, Wilfred teasingly said to Denise, “Are you willing to marry me yet?”

Although Wilfred professed to be deeply in love with Joey, his flirtatious remark to Denise angered fans. Wilfred’s behavior was blasted as “terrifying”!

Appearing at a promotional event yesterday, Wilfred appeared to be sour faced. Due to current public backlash in his high-profile dating of Joey, Wilfred refused to comment further on his love life. The initial enthusiam that Wilfred professed several days ago when declaring that he loved Joey appeared to be gone.

Source: Oriental Daily

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Jayne: I believe I understand the source of Denise’s anger and feelings of “betrayal” now. As recently as April, Wilfred was still flirting with her. Denise also joked back that she was willing to hand over Joey with both hands to Wilfred. It might seem as friendly banter.

In the span of 2 months, Joey and Wilfred have fallen in love. Denise must feel as if Joey and Wilfred withinheld information from her, misleading her into thinking they were friends when romance was brimming in the air. Perhaps Denise does not believe that Wilfred and Joey “suddenly” fell in love and just wished to be informed earlier on as to what was happening. To be included, no matter what the development was, rather than to be made a “fool.”

The extreme interpretation would be that Denise felt as if her trust in her friends was manipulated. As true friends would share such an important development with each other sooner, while friends such as Wyman Wong and Nicholas Tse already knew Joey and Wilfred were an item.

12 comments to Wilfred Lau’s Fidelity in Love Blasted; Proposed to Denise Ho in April

  1. aw says:

    There is line your should never cross in friendships, that is dating their ex. Second lying about and not being truthful, it was like Denise was slapped in the face. As the song goes “Don’t let me be the last to know”.

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    • Applelim replied:

      Totally agree. People forget about loyalty and respect. Not a fan of Joey or Denise or Wilfred

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  2. Hannahh says:

    Wilfred should be the one to be blame, playing around with girls who are best friend. I don’t like that guy.

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  3. Funn Lim says:

    I don’t get her source of anger because her so called bisexuality is actually .. well se is a lesbian. I think she is angry and hurt at Joey.

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  4. fiona says:

    is Wilfred somehow using this for publicity because I just realized he announced this during his new drama press conference.

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    • Hannahh replied:

      he just using Joey to get the fame

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      • Veejay replied:

        I have the same thought just like you..

        this guy seems like who enjoy the fame he’s currently having for dating Joey..

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      • Veejay replied:

        **this guy seems like someone who likes the fame he’s getting currently for dating Joey…**

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  5. Agnes says:

    Wilfred is terrible, I guess he use Denise to get close to Joey and playing around with the girls. He want publicity since he is not famous and not good looking neither. I dont even know who is he b4 ts. Denise must be very hurt especially by Joey. I am not a fan of Dennis but I pity her. How can Joey dated her best friend ex?? Terrible terrible

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  6. lol says:

    It’s fishy that he’s so quick to announce his relationship with Joey to the world

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  7. Cherry says:

    This guy is doing the same thing like kevin federline using fame of britney and he use of Joey

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    • Chloe replied:

      Except kevin federline is good looking but he’s not :p

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