William Chan and Liu Wen’s Dating Rumors

Due to intense backlash, William Chan‘s (陳偉霆) relationship with Brazilian model Bruna G. Marth ended shortly and they broke up last year. Single since then, William is speculated to be dating supermodel Liu Wen (劉雯) after getting to know each other better at a Chanel fashion show last year.

Known for her work with Victoria’s Secret, Liu Wen has been in the modelling industry for over 13 years and is one of China’s top supermodels. Liu Wen expanded her career portfolio and started appearing on variety shows in recent years, including Adventure Life 2 < 奇遇人生 2 >.  Liu Wen made a shocking reveal when asked about the worst date she has been on. The supermodel disclosed that she didn’t really have an answer to the question because she has never been in a relationship before.

Doing a photo shoot and interview with Vogue, Liu Wen and William were asked about their first encounter with each other. Although Liu Wen didn’t quite remember, William expressed that he personally requested a selfie together during their first meeting at a Chanel fashion event.

The pair were romantically linked together after a netizen claimed that a friend of a friend went over to William’s house for interior contracting work and saw Liu Wen present as well. Many netizens chimed in, eager to see if the rumors are true.

When the press reached out to Liu Wen for comment, her representative denied the dating rumors, “They’re definitely fake.” Meanwhile, William replied that his home was already renovated before moving in, and he had not done any contracting work recently.

Sources: HK01 [1,2]

This article is written by Su for JayneStars.com.

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