Wu Chun: “Life is Difficult, But Worth It”

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Now the father of two children, Taiwanese singer and actor, Wu Chun (吳尊), devotes much of his time towards family. His three-year-old daughter, Nei Nei, and younger son are the sweetest burdens in life after the saddening death of his mother years ago. Wu Chun admitted it is difficult to juggle back and forth between his family and career, but it is worth it doing what he loves.

The loving relationship Wu Chun enjoys with his current family is like a space for him to breathe in happiness. He expressed, “Seventy percent of the time in my life is given to my family. The leftover 30 percent is allocated to my career, fitness routine, and restaurant business. Many people ask me whether this is difficult, and of course it is! But my family and career interests are both the best things in my life, so it is worth it no matter how tired I am.”

After becoming a father, Wu Chun felt as if he can deal with any situation more calmly. Caring for his children, he does not mind living through hard times. He shared, “It doesn’t matter even if there is only $1000 left in my bank account, because I’m not afraid of hardship. Money can be earned.”

Wu Chun earlier brought Nei Nei along with him to witness the process of a magazine photo shoot. Knowing that her father is busy with work, Nei Nei was well-behaved and remained quiet the entire time. Occasionally, she acted like a little fan and snapped photos of her father with a cellphone.

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This article is written by Shirley for JayneStars.com.

3 comments to Wu Chun: “Life is Difficult, But Worth It”

  1. Maria says:

    Do you know what else is difficult, Wu Chun? Always telling the truth to your fans.

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    • bloom replied:

      To Maria,
      I don’t follow Wu Chun’s news. But we should try to learn to be more accepting. They’re after all human beings like us, the only thing difference is they’re celebrities. They’ve audience who likes them & dislike them. If I’m a celebrity I might also want to put my personal life as private as possible but not losing my fans. He’s considered good looking, I’m sure most of his fans idiolise him for sure of his looks for one. Some of them may not be happy to know that he’s already married let alone have children. We shouldn’t be too serious with celebrities, always remember all of us make mistakes, all of us have somehow tell lies (whether white lies or not) etc etc, none of us are perfect otherwise, we’re not called “human beings”

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    • jujubean replied:

      Wah, you sound like a scorned lover.

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