Yang Mi Shed Tears of Joy at Hawick Lau’s Love Declaration

Mainland actress, Yang Mi (楊冪), and boyfriend, Hawick Lau (劉愷威), appeared together at a promotional event on Valentine’s Day.  At the event, Yang Mi and Hawick witnessed the exchange of vows between a newlywed couple. At the end of the event, the organizer broadcast a short video clip prepared in advance, in which Hawick declared his love for Yang Mi openly! The lovers hugged and Yang Mi was moved to the verge of tears. The scene was very romantic!

At a separate event, Hawick revealed that his parents were very fond of Yang Mi. Hawick said with a a laugh, “Now even my mother’s Mandarin has improved!” As for his Valentine’s Day gift for Yang Mi, Hawick maintained that it must be kept confidential to retain an air of mystery!

Yang Mi and Hawick Lau’s period drama, Ru Yi <如意>was currently airing in China on Hunan TV. During filming of Ru Yi, the couple generated romantic sparks, while they officially started dating several months ago. A recent episode featuring Yang Mi and Hawick’s wedding scene in Ru Yi highly succesful ratings in China.


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  1. wow they look great together, perfect match. i never seen the series that they acted together but will love to.

  2. Why I have a feeling that Hawick will be heart broken pretty soon?

    Maybe Yang Mi is just too good for him.

    1. I would not say that Yang Mi is too good for him, but I sort of have the feeling that Hawick and her may not last too.. Strange… I hope that will be ok but lets see…

      1. What I mean by too good for Hawick is Yang Mi is younger, more famous than Hawick and she has got lot more of chances to expand her popularity since the hot demand for Big Boobies, Plastic etc in the market recently. (although many claim Yang Mi didn’t had any surgical but I still have doubt on that haha).

        As for Hawick, he’s just popular in the Mainland while his popularity in his hometown doesn’t seem to grow at all. It looks like another Bernice and Hawick relationship again to me.

      2. I guess so but I think if they love each other, then that shouldn’t matter. But yea, you made some good points.

      3. Well atleast Hawick gets some shagging before Yang Mi dumps him for better opportunities haha

      4. Veejay,

        I was thinking the same thing- he gets to enjoy her w/ nothing to lose. Lucky guy.

        But what happened to his lovely hair? For a role or does he need to buy some of KC’s hair treatment?

      5. I think he shaved them for some ancient role haha. Yah, Yang mi and hawick relationship just gives off a feeling like the bernice + hawick relationship..Good luck to Hawick for dating such a high demand young actress.

    2. I feel the same way too. Yang Mi’s heart is going to drift away soon. She has plenty of suitors, and she is quite a fierce lady–going after what she wants. Time will tell.

  3. They look really good together. One is pretty and the other one is handsome. Great match.

  4. I love Hawick and watch all his series. Nice to see him finding an official girlfriend. But what about Yang Mi and William Feng Shao Feng’s relationship? The former couple had always maintained that they were friends only.

    1. I had always thought Yang Mi and Feng Shao Feng have something going on. Quite disappointed. I thought they looked better than Yang Mi and Hawick.

  5. they do look good together but lets see if it will last. for me it seems she will be the ‘one in control’ kind of lady in the relationship even if shes way younger i dont know just a feeling. i dont think she is pure natural beauty her younger days pic nowhere this fakely beautiful hahahaa….

    1. Don’t know about that, however she was super cute in ROCH 06 as Guo Xiang 🙂

  6. Def she had plastic done. I used to be bugged by her nose when watching her in ROCH the tip was so long , now it’s more better! Well anyways I like Hawick and if he is happy, best for him and his new lady!

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