Yang Mi Sweated Nervously and Acted as Fan Girl with Nicholas Tse

Mainland actress, Yang Mi (杨幂), openly declared that Nicholas Tse (谢霆锋) has been her long-time idol. Fresh from his divorce, Nicholas was quickly romantically linked with Yang Mi. Although earlier rumors claimed that Yang Mi had knocked on Nicholas’ hotel room door in the middle of the night, he denied the incident. Far from a bold seductress, it was revealed that Yang Mi acted like a trembling fan girl in the company of Nicholas Tse instead!

As a divorced father, successful CEO of a $100 million company, and HKFA Best Actor, Nicholas Tse’s magnetism was certainly understood. Last February, Yang Mi and Nicholas Tse both appeared at an awards ceremony together. It was rumored that Yang Mi had requested event organizers to allow her to hug Nicholas onstage.

On the film set of Ghost Bullet <消失的子弹>, Yang Mi behaved very nervously around handsome costar, Nicholas Tse. An insider revealed that Yang Mi was afraid to look directly at Nicholas, failing to initiate conversation with him. Each time she saw him, she would immediately shake in nervousness, making the clothes on her body quiver as well!

It was likely Yang Mi’s constant nervousness while in Nicholas’ company that fanned the more damaging rumors that she had attempted to seduce Nicholas in his hotel room.

Source: Ming Pao Weekly #2269 via ihktv.com

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Jayne: Yang Mi definitely acted as a nervous fan girl in the presence of Nicholas Tse. I wonder why their bed scenes were cut from Ghost Bullet. Certainly with all their recent rumors, this may have been an interesting scene, to see how nervous Yang Mi was around Nicholas!

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  1. So cute… she sounds like a star struck fan girl. Yeah, seeing the bed scenes would have been interesting

  2. It’s just a matter of time this “time boomb” explodes……….

    Yangmi is definitely a better romantic choice than cecelia now because of her youthful and seductive look with a bold heart to knock on Nicholas’ door…..Guys like that, you know!

    BTW, Yangmi’s appearance is very much feminine (+nicer chest) and her personality is more likeable and stable as compared to his ex-“erratic” or “mentally-fragile” wife………

    1. cecilia in her prime would totally beat the living hell out of Yangmi.

      1. I agree. Cecilia’s facial features are beautiful. When she was younger, she looked like a Final Fantasy character.

  3. Yang Mi, go for it.

    That scene probably cut because cecilia did it.

  4. awww who wouldnt act starstruck in frnt of nic

  5. Yang Mi is still dating Hawick, isn’t she?

    Idol is Idol,
    Boyfriend is Boyfriend !

    I love you Yang Mi, since 2005 😀

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