Yang Mi Will Not Lend Money to Friends

By on July 29, 2020 in China, NEWS

Yang Mi Will Not Lend Money to Friends

As one of China’s most popular and prolific actresses, Yang Mi‘s (杨幂) wealth is staggering. The 33-year-old star’s business acumen is widely known, and her production studio Jay Walk Studio has released blockbuster dramas such as Eternal Love <三生三世十里桃花> since its establishment in 2014. Despite her financial success, Yang Mi is fierce in her belief to not lend any money to friends.

Recently invited on talk show My Dear, Please Relax <亲爱的,请放松> hosted by Wayne Zhang (张大大), Yang Mi shared her views on lending money. Wayne had asked if she would help her friends financially, and Yang Mi firmly said no.

It seems like a surprisingly selfish response from someone who is worth 4.5 billion Hong Kong dollars, but Yang Mi has her own reasoning. “I usually will not lend people money. For example, if I lend a friend HK$20,000, they may think, ‘You’re such a big star and you have so much money anyway–you don’t need the money back, right?’ I don’t want to be guilt-tripped and feel morally obligated to lend everyone money. Luckily, no one has asked to borrow money yet!”

Rather than having to deal with the awkwardness of asking a friend to return a loan, Yang Mi would rather prevent this from happening and not let money ruin friendships. Netizens were in full agreement with Yang Mi’s stance, commenting, “If the situation is not handled well, it can lead to a lost friendship” and “Money causes the most problems in a relationship.”

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  • 5 comments to Yang Mi Will Not Lend Money to Friends

    1. hetieshou says:

      She does sound selfish but I can see where she is coming from as many like to borrow but never return it. Therefore, that can lead to a lot of problems. My late father told me not to lend money but if you can give money then just give it, but do not lend as problems can occur if they do not return the money.

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      • gnomageddon replied:

        @hetieshou agree with what ur dad said. Give if u can. But don’t lend. And if you lend, don’t expect to get it back.

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      • winnie replied:

        @hetieshou She does have a point not lending money to friends. Like she said, if she lends them the money, they may not feel obligated to pay her back, because it’s not like she needs that money. However, given her wealth, she can easily spare 20,000$HK, if her friend is in a financial woe, as in job loss or illness. Money can tear family apart, let alone lost friendship. i’ve seen in my own family and coutless other families. Siblings become estrange over money! Your father does have a point too, but when you have lazy, needy family, who won’t or can’t hold down a job and expect hand outs from you, it can get messy fast. I will loan or even give out money (rather not have that nice gucci bag I have my eyes on) to help out family, but only for good reasons … such as in illness. That is why I rather not be rich, just be able to live comfortably. To be rich, you need a heart of stone

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    2. gnomageddon says:

      I totally agree with never lending money. It’s not about being selfish, it’s more about not wanting to ruin the friendship. You would think it’s a given that if you borrowed money from someone, they would automatically know to pay you back. But in reality, they start dodging you for fear of you asking for money back, and when and if you ultimately do, they still won’t even if they can. There’s a lot of people out there like that. I lost a good friend over money. We were best of friends since high school. She had asked me to borrow like $400 in high school and that was my entire savings so I told her no, I couldn’t help out. But then in college, when I had more funds, I’ve lended her hundreds and thousands. She would pay me back eventually. But she would never treat me to a single meal or even lend me $1. No joke, I wanted to buy a bag of chips and it was cash only. I saw her with money and she said she didn’t. Not even $1. Anyway, long story short. She’s been treating me like crap all these years and I finally confronted her why and she said cuz I didnt let her borrow money in high school. Really. Never mind all the times I did afterwards. Anyway, money is a very iffy issue. Better to never get involved with friends with it or be prepared to say byebye to the friendship.

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    3. m0m0 says:

      i’ve lend money to a few friends and have been lucky to get it back but one time i lend it to a coworker and never got it back. after that time, i learn to not lend money to anyone b/c asking for money back was very difficult.

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