Yang Mi’s Appearance Compared to Angelababy’s

It’s no secret that Yang Mi‘s (楊冪) fame has been increasing day by day. Aside from starring in dramas, the 33-year-old has also appeared on many TV variety shows over the past two years, giving her optimal on-screen exposure. However, in a recent episode of Great Escape <密室大逃脫>, Yang Mi’s aging appearance shocked viewers.

In a screen-capped photo of Yang Mi on the show, her skin appeared to have lost its brightness and elasticity. Not only were her eyelids and jawline sagging, but wrinkles have begun to show around her eyes and forehead. Many netizens compared Yang Mi’s appearance to other celebrities who are close in age like Angelababy, 31, Zanilia Zhao (also known as Zhao Liying 趙麗穎), 32, and Cecilia Liu (劉詩詩), 33. The consensus is that Yang Mi aged the most among those celebrities.

Speculations of Yang Mi having undergone jawline surgery arose, as it can cause her skin to sag. A netizen shared, “I once had a plastic surgeon client who told me that I shouldn’t mind having a chubbier face because if I undergo a jawline surgery, my bone and skin will separate like Yang Mi, and it will not last for long.”

Another netizen commented, “The surgery caused the bones to become smaller, so there is no support for her face muscles. The easiest way to see her aging is through her eyes as she went from having double eyelids to single.”

However, out of the four A-list celebrities, she is the oldest and gave birth the earliest. She has also maintained her physique post-childbirth. Some believe that her aging face on the show could be due to her thin frame, lighting, and makeup.

Source: HK01

This article is written by Hailey for JayneStars.com

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  1. Aging is the biggest crime for Chinese actresses.

    If you want to compare Yang Mi with the others like Zhao Liying. Zhao looked like she was 30 year old when she was only around 18-20 year old. Just go watch The Amateur Imperial Bodyguard.


    How come a few years after that, her face aged backward into some teenagers 16 year old? What’s more is, it looks identical to Yang Mi’s face?


    In a year difference her face changed, if that was weight loss, with such a skinny waist like this already, can she still lose anymore weight?
    Have you ever use a face filtering app before? Of course anybody can still tell who you are after using the app. But the process to make yourself actually look like what’s in the app in reality, is not an easy process. Losing weight doesn’t change the shape of your face.

    Maybe, unlike other people, Yang Mi did not go do plastic surgery to look young enough that’s why she is aging naturally. If she does plastic surgery, so? Did she attack Zhao for doing plastic surgery like how Zhao attacked her? Did other actresses like Angela Baby not do plastic surgery either?

  2. some asian women still look like a teenage girl when they are in their 30s, yang mi is not one of them. they now have a show on tv call “sisters through the waves” as a rough translation. there is one girl just like that. dont’ know her english name but she won the singing competition in her teens and now she’s 31. she looks very much like a teenage girl more so than the ladies aforementioned. then again, looking like a teen in the 30s for some ladies isn’t like miracle for asian people. many ordinary people are just like that.

  3. I personally found that Yang Mi looks appears a bit older. There is something with her lips/mouth/possibly jawbone that makes her look older? I dunno…. The Pic here compared with AngelaBaby, AB is much prettier. AB glows. YM doesn’t glow. To me YM facial look is dull. I hate to say that or say anything negative but I just don’t see the fascination of YM. Maybe she needs to eat more? Eat Mor Chikin?

  4. PS is part of it but major factor is sleep deprivation. YM is working on tons of variety shows/dramas etc at once, try getting 4 hrs of sleep for years and anyone would age fast ><

  5. @ice006 Tbh I don’t get why she overcommits like that and not play the long game. Everyone knows in showbiz your face is your biggest asset yet celebs like Yang Mi will never take a break to ensure they have work life balance and not age so fast. Did she give up on her daughter? I recall she only saw her a handful of times after she gave birth. Crazyyy

  6. Yang Mi does seems to be aging faster than AB and Cecilia; probably due to overworking. But talking about aging, Ruby and Charlene ages so well!

  7. Damn, guess you cant win at all in this industry. Of course they’re going to look different. What do you expect when youre comparing apples and oranges?? They’re their own individuals with completely separate genetic informations.

    YM has facial features that are more mature than AB, and that is perfectly fine. Life happens, people age, life goes on. Why compare and contrast?

    I feel horrible for Asian celebrities because there’s an intense pressure of having to look half their age, or else their paycheck will be heavily affected.. then you’ve got the celebs who try to maintain their appearance but then get called out for it.. I sincerely hope there’ll be progress in the future

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