Zanilia Zhao Talks About Getting Pregnant at the Peak of Her Career

Enjoying a slower pace of life after marriage, Zanilia calls husband William’s noodles “the best in the world”.

Revealing their pregnancy on the first day of 2019, newlyweds Zanilia Zhao (趙麗穎) and William Feng (馮紹峰) are set to join the celebrity parents welcoming a pig baby. Thirty-one-year-old Zanilia also earned admiration from netizens who praised her courage to enter motherhood at a time her career is blossoming.

Rest is for the Road Ahead

Responding candidly to discussions she sparked on the topic of entering motherhood while at the peak of her career, Zanilia shared that it was not too much of a struggle for her personally. She simply went along with the natural course of things; and since she had entered this new phase (of parenthood), she should fulfill her responsibilities to the best of her ability.

”This break that I give myself would also be a good time for making self-adjustments and to contemplate the future. Acting requires that we disappear into our roles. This might make us neglect our family, friends and the ever-changing world, and sometimes even ourselves. As actors, we need to step back and reflect, rather than stay stagnant at the same spot,” said Zanilia, who hopes that the time off from acting will help her get better at portraying the inner lives of her onscreen characters when she eventually makes her comeback.

Glowing in Happiness with William by Her Side

Addressing William as “uncle” in an interview (the two have a nine-year age gap), Zanilia shares that that the two of them complement each other in their character traits and she feels happy in his presence. With William’s gentle and understanding personality, she is also used to being well taken care of. The thoughtful William will bring back dishes she enjoys from potlucks on set, and also prepares noodles for her, which she calls “the most delicious in the world”.

Before marriage, Zanilia would be preoccupied with filming outdoors, and had forgotten the coziness and comforts of home. With William leading the way, she would now constantly ponder about adding little personal touches to spruce up their home. Husband and wife also feel committed about building a shared future together.

Finding joy in the little things, Zanilia revealed that she enjoys strolling at the park hand-in-hand with William. The combination of good weather, beautiful golden dusk and having William close by makes her feel that life is good.

Gentleness As a Soft Power

When filming The Story of Minglan <知否知否应是绿肥红瘦>, Zanilia picked up tips on communication with mother-in-laws from her onscreen persona, such as how to avoid hurting the latter’s feelings, resolve things in an amicable manner and ingenious ways to tackle potential tension between both parties. She feels that her character Minglan’s ways are worth referencing in real life as going head-to-head on issues will often worsen things. “Sometimes”, she adds, “gentleness is strength.”

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