Zhang Heng’s Father Reveals Adoption Email for Surrogate Children

Since Zheng Shuang’s (鄭爽) surrogacy scandal erupted last week, both the actress and Zhang Heng’s (張恒) families have been trying to blame the other party. First in a Weibo post and then a video apology, Zheng Shuang’s father stated that the Zhengs’ initial reaction was “impulsive” but they had the intention of taking responsibility over the surrogate children since their births. However, Zhang Heng’s father has now revealed an email from the actress, indicating that it was her original idea to put up the two babies for adoption after the couple broke up.

Surrogacy was only one of the backlashes that Zheng Shuang faced last week. The harshest criticism was because of Zheng Shuang’s attempted abortion of the babies, wanting to put the babies up for adoption before they were even born.

“The truth is that we’ve had a very hard time getting in contact with her. Even when we managed to reach her, she never asked about the children,” Zhang Heng’s father said.

Offering more proof that Zheng Shuang and her father have been lying about their intentions over the two children, Zhang Heng’s father released a screenshot of an email showing that Zheng Shuang was the one who initiated contact with the adoption agency. However, the actress’ plans failed as the adoption agency required both parents’ authorization before proceeding.

“Just because Zheng Shuang didn’t want the children, she wouldn’t let Zhang Heng keep them either,” Zhang Heng’s father revealed.

According to Zhang Heng’s father, the actress also removed critical documents and related contracts from Zhang Heng’s safe and lock box without his knowledge.

Source: Ettoday

This article is written by Su for JayneStars.com.

Zheng Shuang’s Father Issues Apology

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  1. ??? Is her father dumb or what? Why would he reveal that email? Are children something you can get when you want and throw away when you dont want?
    And although I feel like the kids are better with parents who wants them, but this sentence “Just because Zheng Shuang didn’t want the children, she wouldn’t let Zhang Heng keep them either,” Zhang Heng’s father revealed” sounds very wrong. They never thought about the children, just about how to hurt the other party the most.
    ZS’s PR company is doing a very bad job. If she doesn’t have one, she should hire one asap and also ban her father from social media. Can’t believe what is coming from his mouth

  2. Both parties are trying to gain public sympathy and it’s not working. ZS & ZH are both not fit to be parents. I just feel so bad for the kids. I hope they can grow up normally but I feel like this saga is going to cast a shadow over them their entire lives.

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