Zheng Shuang Opens Up About Her Deepest Thoughts: “I Must Be Crazy”

Not shy of hiding her true personality in front of the camera, Zheng Shuang (郑爽) confessed to fans that she is worried for her mental health.

On June 5, Zheng Shuang opened up about some of her deepest thoughts on a social media update. She wrote, “Tired. I need to release my hands so I can give myself happiness!”

Zheng Shuang went on to clarify the meaning of her original social media a few days later, sharing her inner feelings with the fans. “It gets tiring to be online all the time. It’s depressing to always be trying to reach out to your friends and parents to hang out. I want to date, but I lack the sense of security. I cry myself to sleep every day. I smile and smile, but then I start to cry again. I don’t feel normal. If I’m not mentally unstable then I must be crazy.”

The Cry Me a Sad River <悲伤逆流成河> actress then said that she “[wanted] to let go but can’t,” adding that she expected to receive more hateful messages after her controversial post.

“[I] want to be normal, but that would be boring. What are we? Why am I doing this to myself? Be real you guys. Don’t just criticize me, but tell me if you guys have felt the same way. I don’t want to hear good things. Say crazier things. Someone as crazy as me won’t be concerned with hate. My only concern is that the best thing you could come up with is to call me mentally unstable. We are all individuals so how can we not be abnormal. How about you help the alliance out so my software could be evolved (enlightened)… need everyone to understand.”

Zheng Shuang’s post led to other netizens and fans to also share their inner feelings to each other. One netizen commented that she has been too afraid to leave her house every day, and Zheng Shuang replied with, “Me too.”

Another netizen analyzed Zheng Shuang’s behavior, expressing that Zheng Shuang’s naive personality isn’t suitable for the entertainment industry. Zheng Shuang prefers a simple life, yet the stress of the entertainment industry is putting her on a tight leash. She needs to prioritize her own health first.

Source: QQ.com

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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  1. This explains her recent behavior at a game show. I was saying that she maybe having a mental breakdown or something.
    Yes, she definitely needs a break. If being so candid can make netizens open up about their own fears and insecurities, then that is fantastic. Zheng Shuang may not realize she is helping others by sharing her thought so candidly on social media. However, I believe she and those netizens who open up should seek professional help. It is a wise person who seeks to get help when that help is needed.

  2. Her problem is not isolated. She needs to deal with the social media rubbish. Maybe talk to fellow actors who have been through it all.

  3. If she needs to take care of her mental health care, I hope she gets it and her fans support her. I’ve always thought Zheng Shuang is more interesting as a person than she is as an actress (don’t kill me fans).

  4. I didn’t want to say this earlier because I didn’t want to seem judgey, but based on her appearance in the game show, she seems off, like mentally troubled. Sure, she’s a low profile celebrity but the way she dresses, considering it’s a publicized game show, is rather sloppy and depressing. That’s not how a low key person dresses comfortably. It’s how a person who is constantly tired, depressed, or down dresses. If she can’t even manage herself publicly, I can’t imagine behind closed doors, and definitely, she wouldn’t be able to manage a relationship.

    She seems like a sweet and simple girl. It’s no wonder why her fans adore her, but I think she has gotten more and more mentally unstable ever since she broke up with Zhang Hans. It may be due to work or perhaps issues within her that she’s afraid to confront. She needs to dig deeper as to what is making her cry herself to sleep every night. Is it because she’s overworked? She can always take a break. It’s not like her family is in debt, right? Or is it because she’s just lost? She doesn’t know what makes her happy anymore? She’s just existing and it makes her feel so depressed like she has no control over her life. She should take a break. She’s so emotionally burdened that she’s not improving in her acting AT ALL. She’s so out of it that she can’t get into character. How is she supposed to become that character and fully immerse herself when she doesn’t even know who she is, where she’s at, what’s making her cry? I’m glad she’s talking about this but she needs a more serious approach. Being afraid to leave your house is a huge flag.

    At this moment, she should take a break. People are calling her a bad actress even before they can get to the mentally unstable label. That just adds more pressure and hate to her, but I don’t blame them because she is a bad actress. She takes on drama after drama without breaks. She has no time to figure out who she is and what she truly wants in life. She’s just working and working and it’s not like those projects end up being hits. They flop and add more negativity to her life.

    She doesn’t need a boyfriend because the pressure of worrying if he’s cheating on her, if he truly loves her, if he’s going to change and so forth is very nerve wrecking. She doesn’t even love herself or know herself well enough so how is she supposed to be in a healthy relationship? How is she going to fall for a good guy? Worse yet, she may fall for a bad guy who just mentally messes her up even more.

    She needs to pull herself together.

    1. @lynn90
      OMG, you were so detailed and I was like RIGHT ON when I saw you mentioning ex BF Zhang Han’s name. lol…haha So true and that was exactly what I was thinking. I never watch any of her series besides glimpses of the first series w/the ex bf but I thought they were cute but not sure if her acting is bad/good/average or whatever…. But looking at the clip of her alone in that game show you can tell she is a bit unstable period. Yes, she can be angry but it was a weird vibe thru and thru. I remember she mentioned she had plastic surgery b/c she didn’t think she was good enough or something like that and the things she said after they broke up was also very weird. Yes, we all being thru first b/f break ups but most people bounces back eventually I guess? Lol….Perhaps she never did and probably mainly b/c she does seem like a naive and innocent girl and it was just too much for her either if she broke up w/him or vise versa. Same situation w/Britney Spears…lol….I remember when Lance was on some show and he did also say he knew JT was totally going crush that girls heart and he did. haha lol…. I also thought at that time Britney was also a bit crazy after that until first hubby and all those exes that came along. hahaa lol…Some women probably never get over the fact of breaking up w/first loves.

  5. @wm2017

    She completely rebounded after she broke up with Zhang Hans and dated Anson/Tiger Hu, which is a huge no no. I mean, I have nothing against the guy’s appearance, but he seemed like a jerk. Who said unattractive guys can’t be jerks to pretty girls? Lol

    She was already mentally unstable while dating Zhang Hans. Her projects were nothing compared to her dramas now. While dating Zhang Hans, don’t know if it was him or just her, but she was a hermit. She barely took on any huge roles or work and she mentioned something along the lines of just staying home and waiting for him. It’s like an obsession once she enters a relationship or she must have really loved him, so he became her world and she lost herself. Yeah, she said she had plastic surgery done because she didn’t think she was good enough and that was right before they broke up, so I’m assuming she did it for him, but they still broke up. After they broke up, she rebounded onto Tiger and she’s been working and filming non-stop. She is so thin, it’s scary. Her eyes definitely tell a story. I don’t know if it was a good idea for her to be part of a game show when she doesn’t do well under pressure already. Poor girl. She needs to stop everything and find herself.

    1. @lynn90 Yes, I do remember that guy. I remember one song of his saw his face on utube definitely not the pretty boy type. haha lol…He was a jerk? Again, I know nothing about that guy except one song which I now do not even remember what it was. lol…I assume they broke up soon after since we heard nothing about them. I know, whenever women who are too depending on a BF or husband, they do tend to lose themselves. They just don’t see themselves other than the person that they are with. She stayed at home and waited for the ex? My goodness! No wonder she’s so broken. I find it weird when they broke up was when she said she will never believe in marriage or life partner or something. ????? First BF, you don’t want to believe in marriage already? That does not sound normal already. ahha or that’s just me. Girl, find the next Mr. Right.. Life goes on, you can’t live in the past. All we can do is move forward. Ohhhh I also thought she was a cute looking girl I didn’t know which part of her she did plastic surgery actually. Sigh….

      1. @wm2017 traditional Chinese thinking lol! They must have had sex, and she thinks she’s married to him. And when he broke up with her, her dream was gone, too. If you are so sheltered, and most Chinese are due to the one child policy, then losing your first love could be detrimental.

        I agree that she needs to take a break and stay away from the industry like Choa from AOA if she thinks it’s the industry that cause her unstable state of mind.

      2. @littlefish LOL….You might be right! So innocent and sheltered and thinks she’s found Mr. Right and can not accept it when they didn’t get their happily ever after. Fairy tales doesn’t always have a happy ending in real life especially for first love relationships. Sigh…..Live and Learn.

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