Zheng Shuang Loses Her Temper at a Game Show

Popular Chinese actress Zheng Shuang (郑爽) was not in her best shape in a recent episode of the Chinese variety game show, This is Fighting Robots <这!就是铁甲>.

In the show, which also features Wu Chun (吴尊), Zhang Yishan (张一山), and Sa Beining (撒贝宁), engineers and amateur builders are given the task to build robots that could fight each other in the combat arena. Celebrity team leaders are tasked with the duty to choose robots for their team.

In an arena fight against Wu Chun, Zheng Shuang grew frustrated when the referee slowed down when counting to ten, resulting in Zheng Shuang’s robot to lose the fight. Zheng Shuang immediately blew up at the referee, asking why he slowed down and ignored her pleas. “I’ve always respected the game’s rules,” she said. “But have you guys ever respected me? What kind of counting is that? I’m really angry now!”

Check out the clip below:

Source: On.cc

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Jeez just a game chillllll girl! She was scary, must be on high drugs.

    1. This sort of gameshow has been around in England for decades. I can’t this show in China is involving celebrities. The whole point is for engineers are design,create and battle against each other….

    2. @davy
      hahaha lol….right?…Honestly, I am not familiar w/that kind of game show so I have no idea what they are doing. However, judging from her beyond angry facial expressions over a stupid game show she was way over. She did look a bit high on drugs as well. My goodness! The dudes were all very quiet too..haha

    3. @davy
      With China’s tough drug policy, she would be banned from the industry if she were on drugs. As for her temper, she’s being very outspoken and not the expected passive Chinese woman.

    1. @mangotango
      That’s what I thought too…by just reading the article. I thought it was just going to be something funny. But in the video, she was pretty scary and all the guys got scared, just stayed quiet and stare at the ground. Somebody had to calm her down too, I think she actually made it to the line of rudeness. It would’ve been fine if she would just laugh about it but instead took it too seriously. If the guy counting was wrong (IMO he was counting correctly), she could’ve point it out nicely or jokingly that he was unfair. Wuchun’s expression at 1:00 was priceless.

      1. @davy hahaha I know right, I’m like he counts how it should be, not trying to count to 10 in 3s! And yea, it’s only a game, but her face was seriously angry. Guess she’s competitive but this does not help her public image, and her hair is terrible :0

      2. @jimmyszeto lol! I’m a girl xD I don’t find her pretty 🙁 so not sexy for me xD Chinese lady that is sexy to me is sadly Shu Qi lol! In one scene she was so sultry that I’m like I can understand why men love her xD all about the look in the eyes :p

      3. @littlefish Uh where did you learn to count that counting 1 second takes 2-3 seconds? Seriously, you don’t see the issue with his counting? *Rolls eyes*.

        Btw, I’m not her fan so I’m not biased towards her. I’m just saying it how I see it.

      4. @ppanda0421 lol when my doctor told me to count 1001, 1002 instead of just 1, 2 so that possibly why I don’t find his counting that wrong. Should I roll eye back ;)?

      5. @littlefish Her outfit is equally off-putting (and what’s up with the sporadic eye-twitches?). I get that it’s just a game-show, but she appears rather sloppy. I do think she has pretty features, though.

        I admittedly got a kick out of watching Wu Chun’s (and the rest of the guys’) reaction to her outburst, lol.

  2. She is so scary with attitude problem, why take it so seriously over a game? Either she is high on drugs, just look at the way she sits.

    Wu Chun’s face looks so shock though 😀

  3. Losing temper = high on drugs?

    Come on!!! If you guys have dealt with Chinese women from China before, you should know they are known to have fiery temper. On one hand, it’s a good thing that they are not afraid of speaking up. On the other hand, their lack of tact and diplomacy can often make them nightmarish co-workers and clients because they would often blast things up before even understanding the root cause.

    1. @rika
      I don’t understand mandarin and have never watched the show but I hope she had built every piece of that robot herself to warrant a tantrum of that proportion…..

      1. @jimmyszeto I hope so too. But then again, don’t you think that for an engineer who built something from scratch, he/she wouldn’t throw a tantrum like that? In fact, a real engineer would rather go through his/her design plans again and fine tune it to make it more resilient instead of “hoping” on a few seconds lapse of success.

      2. @jimmyszeto Yeah, if she was able to project herself maturely and inquire the staffs/referee/whoever properly why the counting was done that way and shouldn’t there be a better method implemented (e.g. digital timer) to ensure fairness, she would have commanded more respect. But here, she is just totally humiliating herself behaving like a small kid who didn’t get her toy.

      3. @jimmyszeto Also, think about it, if she has trust in her robot’s design to be good enough to take down its opponent, why does it matter even if the counting was not done fairly? An engineer should care more about the feasibility of the design to perform a task as expected.

    1. @jimmyszeto 🙁 you find her sexy in that clip? She seems so off to me. I’m not agree on the high on drug everyone is saying, it feels like she has a bit of mental/emotional problem. She almost broke down in tears after hugging the 2 westerners as if no one hears her (even though she was at wrong here). So it’s either attitude problem or something much deeper. The way she carried herself in that clip doesn’t seem normal either

      1. @jimmyszeto Based on my experience liaising with a number of China women during work, I seriously get a headache dealing with them sometimes. They would at times, just explode in meetings without even listening till the end and are so emotionally charged that they completely refuse to listen to logic. I practically have to drag them aside 1-to-1, make them cool down and slowly explain EVERYONE’s perspectives to them. It’s like dealing with spoilt 3 year olds. Ughhh.

      2. @rika
        It all comes down to getting spoilt as most are only child so parents give them what they want. Parents even take the tantrums even if aimed directly at them. Females will get emotional when they do not get their way and the spoilt males are the ones who sit at home spending money of parents…

      3. @jimmyszeto Oh man, that reminds me. My housemate has a 3 year old daughter….badly spoiled and she is a complete nightmare. I don’t even want to imagine what she would be like as an adult in future.

  4. I think in the future, the show should get an electronic counter to avoid this problem occurring again. Regardless of who was in wrong, Zheng Shuang needs to grow up and take better control of her emotions, especially in front of other people. Seh has terrible EQ which is not good for her public image.

  5. Really? Some of you can’t see that the referee takes 2-3 secs to count 1 sec? Count like that in real life for something really time critical and see what kind of reaction/results you’ll get. I’ll bet it’ll be similar to hers…frustration and anger.

    I don’t know Chinese so I don’t know what she saying but you could tell she was really upset. However I must admit that she should have toned it down a little bit considering she is a celebrity.

      1. @mimi8 you guys are right about it took twice as long to get to 10 based on the video. But how much of it is the manipulation of the show’s producer? Anyway, even if he’s wrong, she should just let it go? At one stage, you just have to bite the bullet. The way she stormed off like that is just a bit too immature, but that’s just me. I think if we flip the result and say the other celebrity lost, would they scream about how slow the referee’s counting is? Or they just go meh, it’s just a show and move on?

  6. Zheng Shuang was correct. The referee was counting the 10 seconds quite slowly. The show should learn from this and have an electric timer.

    Correct me if I’m wrong. Everything was recorded. If you look at the timer on the video, assuming that nothing was cut and edited and if the seconds on the video is the same seconds used on the game show, it took the referee almost a good 20 seconds to count 10 seconds. That’s double the amount.

    1 0:04
    2 0:06
    3 0:09
    4 0:12
    5 0:14
    6 0:16
    7 0:19
    8 0:20
    9 0:22
    10 0:24

    She’s usually sweet and low key. She has always been socially awkward, but I can understand her frustration this time around. I mean, the guys around her knew that the seconds were counted slower than usual but they didn’t do anything. I mean, before I counted the seconds on the video, I watched it and even I knew that the counting was off. I guess, there’s no gentleman when they’re trying to win, too. I sort of felt sorry for Zheng Shuang, though. They all just looked at her like she was crazy and she wasn’t. Just like here, the comments here are so insensitive towards her. What? She’s on drugs? She’s on her period? She’s spoiled? When she was correct. Her pleas did fall on deaf ears. I don’t think her temper would have elevated as the clip progressed if they actually listened to her concerns. They just sort of ignored her and made it seem like she was insignificant.

    1. @lynn90
      Not because I am trying to help “men” or “women” but when she was counting 8 9 10 that was totally too fast. Might be because she was already too frustrated by that point.

      But, I don’t think the referee is wrong with his counting. There “are” pauses when you count in seconds. For educational purposes, here’s how fast or slow seconds go:


      He was not using a timer, but he was already pretty darn close already. To Zheng Shuang and some people, yes it does sound a tiny bit slow. But to many people as well, it was alright too. So that’s why nobody said anything, not that they see her as insignificant or purposedly ignoring her.

      Not that the guys are not gentlemen, but she looked like she was being playful at the beginning. Not until at one point people realize she was angry, and then, people realized that she was angry before even understanding she was trying to convey something too. So the first thing is people were confused and shocked, and not sure of what to do. If she had asked nicely, “people, raise your hand if you think the counting was too slow?” then I’m sure there we will see many gentlemen but Zheng Shuang was a bit quick to be angry and be it men or women when seeing somebody angry, everyone would be scare and wait to understand the situation first.

      1. @davy Uh NO. Wrong buddy. I don’t know who taught you how to count but he was counting as slow as hell. There are pauses when counting but a pause DOES NOT LAST 1 to 2 seconds.

        Also ‘People, raise your hand if you think the counting was too slow?’ Are you SERIOUS? What is this kindergarten? These people are adults! Omg smh…

        Again Zheng Shuang was right to be upset. However, as I said earlier she should’ve toned it down a little.

      2. @davy I don’t think anyone would ask others to raise their hands unless they’re at school or something

    2. @lynn90 referee was real slow and if it was a competition and I lost because of a slow ass counting I would be damn pissed too but I wouldn’t scream like that tho

  7. I am neutral towards her. I read on weibo that she is pretty low key without weibo account. She appears indignant but certainly not high on drugs. LOL.

    It is obvious the host counted slowly. Maybe she took this competition too seriously.

  8. He really took forever to count but she shouldn’t have screamed because now everyone is saying she’s wrong or crazy

    1. @mimi8 Uhm at the heat of the battle, idm she’s screaming. But she should have stopped after that, instead she went on and on and then storm off when people tried to calm the situation. Anyway, it could be a long day, everyone has that, initial or one off prejudice can be wrong, it’s not that bad, just be better next show :)? Long road test the horse’s endurance 🙂

  9. What I believe is nobody answer her bc they see nothing wrong with the counting. Especially that nobody was looking at a timer, so by just listening to it without device, it doesn’t sound all that off. If you listen to how a traditional clock tick before it would sound quite slow in a way, like how he counted. Try counting without a device and compare it with the real thing later, most people would either be off by a bit fast or a bit slow. So all the listeners at that time would only say it might sounded a bit off by slow but not all that terrible and can’t complain,

    I like to make people response in whatever way or form to confirm things I need to ask from. What she wanted at that time was a reply…forgot is she asked or just commanded. But asking like a kid is better than being angry like a kid. Since nobody is replying, asking would be a mature thing to do. Can’t just assume others are purposely ignoring because they were supposed to jump in and say something for something small like this.

  10. Her outburst was kinda cringey to watch. It was shrilly and she kept yelling. I don’t think she has an attitude problem, but she’s definitely a feisty one. She’s one of those ppl who’ll cuss out someone while playing a video game lol.

    Y so serious?

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