Chen Xiao, Michelle Chen Finish Filming “The Condor Heroes” with a Kiss

After becoming one of mainland China’s most popular young actors last year, Chen Xiao (陳曉) is poised to continue his reign with The Condor Heroes <神鵰俠侶>, the latest television adaptation of wuxia classic, Return of the Condor Heroes. Starring Chen Xiao, Michelle Chen (陳妍希), and Viann Zhang (張馨予), The Condor Heroes officially wrapped up filming on January 2.

In 2013, Chen Xiao began known as a “god of period dramas” after appearing in two Hunan Satellite TV series, Swordman <笑傲江湖> and Legend of Lu Zhen <陸貞傳奇>, as well as a period film titled The Palace <宮鎖沉香>. Thanks to his good looks and earnest performances, Chen Xiao easily caught the attention of viewers and won many year-end popularity awards. Fans and casual viewers alike are eager to see his take on Yang Guo, the male lead in The Condor Heroes, who begins the story as an unruly youth but develops into a mature man after being separated from his love for sixteen years.

Throughout the filming process of The Condor Heroes, screenwriter/producer Yu Zheng (于正) has continually updated his Sina Weibo with stills from the drama. Recently, he unveiled his latest batch of photographs, which included shots of Chen Xiao as the older Yang Guo and the star-studded supporting cast, which includes Zhao Liying (趙麗穎) and Sean Chen (陳翔).

One photograph, which depicted a kiss between Yang Guo and Michelle Chen’s Little Dragon Girl after their 16-year separation, particularly caught the attention of the audience. Since Little Dragon Girl is more reserved and aloof in the original novel, some netizens felt it was out of character for her to engage in a passionate kiss. However, many agreed that the scene was very aesthetically pleasing.

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  1. I dislike ancient series where the characters french kiss..oh gawd!

    Plus, wassup with all of the remakes?

    1. so true

      besides, how many of these Condor Heroes are they milking … i mean making.

    2. To remake a classic, it has to be better than the original. Since I don’t see these two doing better than Andy Lau and Idy Chan’s, there are only two reasons I can think of for the remake: 1-money and 2-people are running out of ideas. Shame.

      1. Another reason for remakes is to use the name of the wuxia characters to boost the popularity of the newcomers. I am so tired of remakes… Each remake seems to be getting worse and worse. I think they are out of ideas.

  2. I just don’t see any little-dragon-girl materials in Michelle Chen. I don’t know why I just feel that she was a miscast.

    1. That’s because she is way too plain to be portraying such a classic beautiful character. The best remake character i feel is that Crystal girl. A little too young but she is cute and pretty enough at least.

    2. Michele does not look that bad but she does not have the Xiao long nu type of look. At least she is natural.

      1. But natural isn’t the criteria for XLN. On the other hand, the plastic beauty Viann is getting praises.

      2. I think it is because XLN the character is a natural born beauty. Viann is getting praises now but I really wonder how she will look a few years down the line?

      3. Viann is getting praises for her acting and acting can’t be plastic.

  3. Michelle looks much better with all her hair down than that Chun Li hairstyle with ribbons. And Chen Xiao looks better as the mature Yang Guo.

  4. good luck to the editing team. they will bleed their eyes because they will need to photoshop every Michelle’s screen time from every angle. otherwise her dreamy fairy look will only appear in promotional posters.

  5. They should make the “The Legend of Condar Heroes” (射鵰英雄傳) instead “The Return of Condar Heroes” (神鵰俠侶) series.

  6. After her high profile relationship with Ron Ng, I really dislike Viann. However, I would have gladly taken her as Little Dragon Girl over Michelle.

  7. those two are better than the Taiwan’s version of Richie Ren and Jacklyn Wu as the return of condor heroes. my god! w/e gave the green light for that series must be smoking something good.

  8. Not only Michelle but Chen Xiao is also a miscast. He looks perfectly for Lin Pingzhi but Yang Guo, no.

  9. Which characters do Zhao li ying and Sean Chen play?

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