Christine Kuo Bruises Edwin Siu’s Face with Her Slaps


The cast of A Great Way to Care 2 <仁心解碼II> attended a function event in Tsueng Kwan O yesterday to promote the series’ finale. The medical crime drama of 25 episodes has reached the final hours of its broadcast week, and the episode finale will air on Friday, April 19, 2013 on TVB Jade.

A Great Way to Care 2 may be suffering from mediocre viewership ratings for the past few weeks, but Episode 21, which aired on Monday night, received rave reviews and responses from netizens. Jackson’s (Edwin Siu 蕭正楠) two girlfriends, Jade (Aimee Chan 陳茵媺) and Scarlett (Christine Kuo 苟芸慧), discover that he has been cheating on them with each other, and the two team up to slap Jackson several times on the face.

At the promotional event, the host asked for Edwin and Christine to reenact the aforementioned scene. Edwin unexpectedly received a loud and hard slap in the face by Christine after the host yelled “action,” shocking their costars and everyone at the promotional venue. Christine then immediately apologized and explained, “I don’t know how to work out the angles and I get really into it after I hear the word, ‘action.’”

Asked if Edwin was angry with Christine, he smiled and said, “How can I? My heart melts every time she apologizes!” The “Enclosure” <圍牆> singer revealed that due to the scene’s outtakes, Christine had to slap him 11 times. “My face was burning afterwards,” said Edwin.

Coincidentally, Edwin also got a slap to the face by Sire Ma (馬賽) in yesterday’s episode of Bullet Brain <神探高倫布>.

Alex Fong Doesn’t Want to Donate Any More Sperm

The hilariously awkward interactions between Ko Lap Yan (Alex Fong 方中信) and Lois (Yoyo Mung 蒙嘉慧) in yesterday’s episode also received positive reviews from the audience. Wanting to have a baby, Lois convinces Yan to donate his sperm to her, which he reluctantly agrees.

Would Alex want to donate some more sperm to his wife, Hoyan Mok (莫可欣)? Alex exclaimed, “No! My daughter is smart. She knows that having an extra sibling would means resources have to be shared, so she never wished for a younger brother or sister. She only wished for toys!”


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    1. agreed.
      Christine is so annoying in this series.

      1. you’re more annoying than her.

        she’s great to watch. doesnt overact. its only her pronunciation ppl have issues with and whine constantly, yes we know already. will you all shut up and just stop beating a dead horse, you all sound overly OCD about it.

        she will be around for a long time so suck it up idiots!

      2. ilike:

        She doesn’t overact because she doesn’t act. All she does is read out her lines.

      3. The above message is very rude. No matter you are a lover of the goddess, Christine Kuo, or not, you can just praise her in your own way. Everyone has the right to praise or complain about his/her idols, but has no right to yell at others.

        Some readers just commented that “Christine is so annoying IN THIS SERIES”, and they did not say Christine is an annoying person. Mind your words, my dear.

      4. Agree …… ” She doesn’t overact because she doesn’t act. All she does is read out her lines.”

    1. edwin deserved the slaps.hhhiihi…don’t really like him

  1. I really enjoyed watching Christine for once; I can tell her acting has improved. Her accent does not bother me one bit since it isn’t my language anyway. Best of luck Christine!

    1. Finally a positive comment on her LOLOL. I don’t know acting wise but I do know her Cantonese improved soooo much!

    2. I agree with you I think that people mind and say her acting is not good is because she have the accent and when they watch it they watch it without dubbing

    3. Her Cantonese sounded so much more fluent in interviews but it sounded so awkward in series. Is her self-consciousness getting in her way?

  2. What sort of a relationship if you need to donate sperm to your wife instead of being natural in the court of injecting the sperm into her, to put it mildly? What an insane question.

    1. Course, not court! Sigh, EDIT BUTTON where art thou? Thy disappearance hurteth me soweth.

      1. HURTETH ME SOWETH??????!!!!! oh, i guess you mean hurt me so, hehe xD i think he meant ‘donating sperm to her’ as another, more subtle way of saying he has sex with her. the effect of using that echoes his latest storyline in the drama

  3. yesterday lynn xiong hinted that she and aaron kwok broke up. later christine’s name once again said by hk press as the third party.

  4. his two girlfriends are named Jade and Scarlett. Wow, creative.

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