Lin Gengxin May Not Appear in “Bu Bu Jing Qing”

Not all stars will be returning for the Bu Bu Jing Xin <步步惊心> sequel after all.

Bu Bu Jing Qing <步步惊情>, an indirect sequel to the hit mainland Chinese television drama Bu Bu Jing Xin, is currently in production. As confirmed by Chinese Entertainment Shanghai, original stars Cecilia Liu (刘诗诗) and Nicky Wu (吳奇隆) will be returning to the sequel. However, Kevin Cheng (鄭嘉穎), who found fame in China through his portrayal as the eighth prince in Bu Bu Jing Xin, declined to star due to other filming obligations. Nonetheless, the Ip Man <葉問> television actor did not rule out a possibility for a cameo appearance.

Besides Kevin, Bu Bu Jing Xin’s other big breakout star, fourteenth prince Lin Gengxin (林更新), may also not appear in the sequel.

Conflicts with Management?

As reported by mainland Chinese sources, Gengxin was rumored to have been embroiled in a conflict with his management company Chinese Entertainment Shanghai, also the production company of Bu Bu Jing Xin. In a press conference and function for the GUESS brand in a Nanjing shopping mall yesterday afternoon, Gengxin immediately dispelled the rumor and said, “I’ve heard of the rumors, but aren’t I working now?”

As much of the original cast members were said to return in the sequel, many fans assumed that Gengxin would also be coming back. However, the 24-year-old actor expressed that he has not received a script of Bu Bu Jing Qing yet. “I never read the storyboards, nor did I receive the script. I really don’t know if I will be filming it. If I am cast, I am very happy to be able to work with my old friends again.”

But Gengxin does not seem too worried about the possibility of being benched from the sequel. The actor is currently starring as the second male lead in Ruby Lin’s (林心如) latest drama, Drama Go Go Go <姐姐立正向前走>, and will be playing a significant role in Tsui Hark’s (徐克) upcoming action film, Detective Dee the Prequel<狄仁傑前傳>.

“I’m very lucky. This road is not hard to walk on. My first few years [as an actor] had been very difficult, but now I have opportunities, and they helped me overcome some obstacles. In the past, I never had the chance to play first male lead roles, but now I have directors casting me as such!”


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  1. I really hope that Lin Geng Xin can make it since it would be great to see them all together again. Kevin already can’t make it so I hope the rest of them can..

    1. I think the question would be: IF LGX wants to be in BBJQ or big IF Tangren invited him to be in it. He’s not busy with other work since he’s been frozen by Tangren. Basically, he and his management company (aka Karen) are not in good terms.

      1. Yea, heard about that too and it is sad that he can’t be in it. Maybe they will work things out, who knows??

  2. However, the 24-year-old actor expressed that he has not received a script of Bu Bu Jing Qing yet. “I never read the storyboards, nor did I receive the script. I really don’t know if I will be filming it. If I am cast, I am very happy to be able to work with my old friends again.”

    LGX and Tangren’s conflict is now out in the open. Tangren has issued a public statement that as their managed artist, LGX’s outside jobs must go through them and be approved by them, no exception.

    Tangren’s owner,蔡艺侬, called LGX out as an outright liar about his not been invited to join BBJQ when in fact she had met with him last October to discuss his participation. She said LGX was not interested and requested to terminate his contract instead.


    1. Clamine,
      Thanks for the info. Perhaps those rumors that Lin Gengxin thought the company focused their promotion on Cecilia Liu may be true.

    2. Thanks for the info Clamine!! Hm.. so it may be true that LGX was unhappy with Tangren since they seemed to have frozen him…. I guess we may not see him in BBJQ then… I hope the rest of the cast will come back, but if not hopefully they will pick some nice new people instead…

    1. I think that Jaynestar just messed up by accident cause Liu Shi Shi’s english name is Cecelia. There are many Liu in the entertainment industry.

  3. Apparently since the offer had come too late Kevin had to decline taking a role in BBJQ which he really had yearned for and taken up another role in The City of Devastating Love which has Yuan Hong too. If Ling Geng Xin is out that means 3 main BBJX original characters are out and that will be a great disappointment to those who have been waiting to them all together. So sad!

  4. This is a mess! Someone needs to point out to Lin Gengxin that Liu Shi Shi wasn’t always as popular as she is now. I felt she was in Yang Mi’s shadow after CP3. She didn’t get many lead roles either. BBJX opened many doors for her. I don’t understand why artists feel once they sign with a talent agency that their popularity will quickly skyrocket over night. You have to build your presences in the industry. Sometimes popularity comes over night to some but others have to work to get there.

    Hopefully everything works out for him and Tangren because it would be really nice to see him in BBJQ.

    1. Shishi’s first lead role was Strange Hero, and even in that series her popularity didn’t skyrocketed. And to imagine, the role of Ruoxi in BBJX wasn’t even intended for her in the first place.

    2. If you guys didn’t know this bit.

      Yuan Hong was the one that introduced Tong Hua/BBJX to Karen (CEO of Tangren) when he was with the company. The role of 4th prince was tailored for YH and supposed to be his, then they would find an A-list actress (to attract viewers) to be RuoXi. LSS was originally be a supporting character, Lu Wa. Remember, LSS was popular, but not that popular…like now.

      The rules of Tangren was to have their own artist lead the production, which would have been YH as 4th prince.

      YH had a fallout with Karen and ended his contract with the company. So Tangren have no choice but to find a popular actor, and since they needed their own artist to be one of the lead, LSS was the only female available under their management. Pretty much they took a gamble with her regardless if she’s ready or not. That’s why LSS was so stress out while filming because she felt the pressure to satisfy book fans and do justice to the role.

      1. Yuan Hong was perfect as 13th but wouldn’t have the same bada** impact as the 4th prince. So Kevin was the original choice all along? I heard he had a choice between 4th and 8th.

      2. Not sure if Kevin had the choice of being 4th, but Roy Chiu and Wallace Chung were invited to be 4th but had to turn it down. Roy Chiu already committed to filming another series, and Wallace Chung during that time wanted to concentrate on his concert/singing.

      3. Thanks for the info Jiayi. I never heard about all this but I guess in a way, it worked out since everyone loves Nicky in the role of the 4th prince. LSS was stressed but it worked out well for her too.

      4. Wallace and Roy would not have been bad choices but Kevin shined as the 8th prince too.

      5. Not that I necessarily doubt your info, but why did YH get/accept the role of 13th if he terminated his contract and subsequently lost the role of 4th?

      6. @Advo

        I found a video for ya. At the Shanghai TV Festival, when YH was still with the company. The artists signed a poster in which they would star/lead in for Tangren’s prodction.

        YH signed BBJX, HG signed the movie poster, and LSS signed Strange Hero.

        Here’s the video:

      7. I understand very little Mandarin, so I can’t tell if they are signing for starring or leading? Because it does make a difference. If they are just signing because they are going to star, then it makes still makes sense for YH to sign even if he was always meant for 13th.

        And another thing. I do find it curious that YH waited so long, and when he finally gets to lead – he terminates his contract? It would make more sense if he terminated it because they still wouldn’t let him lead, though then it doesn’t make sense why he would accept a supporting role even after terminating his contract.

      8. LOL…it’s been known awhile back before that conference that YH was to lead BBJX.
        YH was a Yongzheng fanatic, that’s why he introduced the novel to Karen and persuaded her to buy the rights to it.

        His conflict with Karen happened 1 month after that conference, because of another series “Clothing the World”.

        Anyways, the REAl truth will never be known what happened by us outside people. Just like any news/gossip in the entertainment industry…haha.

      9. Oh I see, ok. Yeah, I just found it baffling that he would accept the role of 13th after being attached as the lead. Also, because I heard he had to turn down Ruby’s QSHF to film BBJX?

        Anyway, maybe LGX learned from YH’s example and wanted to get out early instead of wasting more time with Tangren? LOL, Tangren basically = Hu Ge and LSS.

    3. The actresses that were mentioned if YH was 4th was Li Xiaoran, Ruby Lin, or Gao Yuan Yuan.

      1. Oh really?? Thanks for all of the info! I am glad that Ruby did not get it because her acting is not very good and would have not fit the role of Ruo Xi. I can imagine GYY in that role more…

    4. Pretty sure there are quite a few articles mentioned how Tangren was really concentrate on promoting LSS, and that means every jobs go to her. Idk y they couldn’t just promoting multiple actors and actress at the same time, I guess if one shine, they can’t have other share the limelight?
      Anyhoo, many actors seem to not happy with how Tangren works, and as much as I agree one need to be patient, however, the entertainment industry value youth, you need to strike when you are young. So I wouldn’t blame him for feeling for frustrated.
      You want to work for the company that seem to care for u, not a company that care for its interest

      1. It was only after the success of BBJX that Tangren started to heavily promote LSS.

        I remembered an interview before the searching for the role of RuoXi (considering YH was to be 4th), LSS mentioned she wouldn’t be in BBJX, so her fans gave up hope of her being in a highly anticipated series. And it was not until near the day, and up to the day of the conference that fans found out YH will not be 4th, and LSS got the role of Ruoxi to everybody’s shock because with her acting, she was not ready yet.

      2. To be honest. I thought LGX’s movies (Detective Dee Sequel) and series (Drama Go Go Go) with the BIG stars were way better than any of LSS’s movies/series post BBJX.

        So I thought LGX was considered pretty successful to be cast in those movies/series.

      3. @ Jiayi

        Correct me if I’m wrong, but weren’t those big projects outside projects? Whereas LSS’s projects have been Tangren projects?

      4. After BBJX, LSS only filmed Xuan Yuan Sword for Tangren, and I thought her character was great but didn’t do much for her.

        She then filmed Happiness of an Angel (series), Sad Fairytale (movie), Prime Detective (movie), Season of Love (movie.

        I guess I should rephrase. I think LGX’s outside projects looks more promising than LSS’s outside project, IMO.

      5. @ Jiayi

        But if LGX’s outside projects are better than LSS, then it’s probably because he’s gotten better project offers. So I wouldn’t take it as proof of Tangren not neglecting him.

      6. Yes, I agree that LGX’s outside project offers were probably better than LSSs’. I’m just stating I prefer his projects over hers.

        And in no way am I disagreeing that Tangren was neglecting him. Just that, like most companies, they’re trying to milk in her popularity just like any other companies would do…LOL.

        Anyways, if he wants to leave. I think Karen should let him go.

      7. Oh of course they are milking her popularity – as they should. But it seems like the conflict between LGX and Tangren arose because they are not milking his.

        If he wants to leave, I definitely think they should let him. But they are obviously not, hence the freezing and even in the other article they clearly state that his contract will last until 2020. It seems to me like the ladyboss is a pretty vindictive lady, and will be holding him to his contract.

      8. So, the lady boss is going to freeze him until 2020? That’s really vindictive.

    5. Well, we do not know the extend of LGX’s discontent. Obviously, you still need to earn your dues. However, I don’t understand why a company can’t promote more artistes at a time. I also read that YH left the company because they wouldn’t really promote him.

      1. That’s pretty much the truth. He was basically a step-son of the company and always in Hu Ge’s shadow. Even the roles he’s got from Tangren he had to convince/fought for it.

    6. That was a question fans all wondered too.

      Why did he accept the role and why was it important for him to be in BBJX if he and Karen was in conflict? I remembered reading an interview, not sure if it’s from YH or Karen. In the interview it was stated that Karen was chasing YH down for 6 months but he wouldn’t call her back and such.

      I guess if you have time, you can visit the spcnet forum in the BBJX/Liu Shi Shi thread for all the details from beginning til end of the production.

      1. Haha, I know of the thread, but it’s like 300+ pages long so I don’t think I can’t be bothered.

  5. Awe, I wish he could film this drama!
    I really liked his acting!
    Hopefully things will work out:(

  6. What’s the point? It’s not going to be that great without him and Kevin.

    1. I agree. I like Nicky Wu but BBJX was watchable because of Kevin and Lin Gengxin.

    2. I don’t think so since there is way more to a series than just the cast…

      1. ok it’s a pity for not having LGX in BBJX 2. But indeed there is more to a serie. You can’t deny that it’s a combination of everything of course.

        Hope the storyline and the hardwork of all involved will catches the audiences, despite not having all the original cast.

    3. I would love for LGX to be in this series but if not, it would nice to see a new face too.

  7. I really like LGX in BBJX. That was the first time I got to know him. He was part of the reason why I continued to watch the series. I hope he can make it in the sequel.

  8. “The actor is currently starring as the second male lead in Ruby Lin’s (林心如) latest drama, Drama Go Go Go “

    This series is still running? Wow, that’s long.

    1. You should always see a series for more than just your favorite actor or the cast only…

      1. I think that is absolutely true, but if they are casting a sequel, or a modern day adaptation with the same title, it isn’t unreasonable to want to see the same cast members.
        It doesn’t mean it won’t be good, but I do wonder why they would call it BBJX2 rather than something else.
        Reminds me of Full House 2, which was not even close to a sequel.

  9. It wouldn’t be the same without maybe 80% of the main cast back SIGH.

  10. I’m not really familiar with any of the actors so BBJX was my first time seeing the cast (with the exception of Kevin Cheng). To be honest, acting-wise LGX didn’t do anything for me. Neither did Yuan Hong. I don’t think I’d exactly miss them… However, I fell in love with this drama partly because of the chemistry between Nicky Wu’s 4th Prince and Liu Shi Shi’s Rouxi, so I’d definitely still watch the sequel even if it were only to let me get a glimpse of this pair onscreen again. Also, I feel that I wouldn’t mind a fresh cast. The story isn’t a direct sequel, so I don’t see the big deal in them casting different people (although it would be another big incentive to watch if the entire cast make a return.)

    1. I agree that the OTP’s chemistry was off the charts in the show.
      Still, the relationships and rivalries between the brothers provided layers and layers of motivation, fear, conflict,jealousy, desire, and all that good stuff that made the show outstanding. Without that backdrop and background, their story would have been nonexistent.

  11. Noooo Lin Geng Xin won’t be in the sequel?!! When I saw the plot for Bu Bu Jing Qing and that Kevin won’t be playing, the only thing that was going to make me want to watch the sequel was that LGX would be in it (and out of the whole cast, LSS aside, I was so certain that he would be in it).
    I’m so depressed now TT

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