Wayne Lai Defends Anthony Wong From Bad Temper Rumors

Anthony Wong (黃秋生), Wayne Lai (黎耀祥), Kent Tong (湯鎮業), Kenneth Ma (馬國明), Myolie Wu (胡杏兒), and Ron Ng (吳卓羲) attended the blessing ceremony for their new TVB series, Lord of Shanghai <梟雄>. While tabloids claimed Anthony has a fiery temper and is hard to get along with, Wayne defended his costar and believes many people simply have misunderstandings about the veteran actor.

Known for having exchanged heated arguments with other artistes and being blunt with his words, Anthony was regarded by many as a difficult person. Earlier, tabloids stated he was dissatisfied with Kenneth’s portrayal of his character’s youth version in Lord of Shanghai, and claimed his acting is problematic. Furthermore, Anthony allegedly made several negative remarks towards the script, costumes, and outdoor scenes of the series.

Angered by the reports, Anthony retorted, “Ridiculous! I didn’t even share a scene with Kenneth. It’s not like I’m trying to teach my son. The costumes also look gorgeous, and I would gladly wear them back home. [Reporters] are so irresponsible for making up such things. They make up whatever they want. Why don’t they go and make up some more?” He added that if tabloids continue to falsely accuse him, he would take legal action. “I’ve tried suing someone before, and they had to pay me $600,000 HKD!”

When asked to comment on collaborating with Anthony, Wayne said they work well together. Wayne spoke up for his costar, “It was very comfortable to work with him. We are interested in similar topics, and we often chat while we ate. Everyone says he has a bad temper, but he is actually really easy to get along with. People have many misunderstandings of him.”

Myolie also admitted she was nervous and cautious when initially working with Anthony, due to the negative rumors. However, the experience turned out to be very different from what she expected. Speaking of offending mainland businesswoman, Laura Lee, with a Weibo post that supported Sire Ma (馬賽) in the lingerie video scandal, Myolie stated, “I’m only saying what I should be saying as a friend and as a woman. I don’t want to make any other comments.”

Sources: On.cc; On.cc

This article is written by Shirley for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Kent Tong looked fat, he reminded me of Barbara Yung. He betrayed her love and she ended dying by suicide.

    1. Barbara Yung’s passing have been ages. It’s unfair to blame Kent, he suffered much after her passings. It was a past, long past, I think ppl should just move on.

      1. Agreed. People should let bygones be bygones. Barbara was foolish to commit suicide at such a young age, but she took her own life, shouldn’t blame it all on Kent Tong.

      2. Hi Tess,

        I googled Barbara Yung out of curiosity how long she has gone…. She committed suicide in 1985, it’s like 29 yrs now. I know her fans out there still hold grudges over Kent Tong. But it was such a long long time and she committed suicide, no one killed her. Thanks for agreeing, it’s true, why still hold grudges over such a long incident?

      3. Same goes for Princess Diana. Some deaths are just too shocking to forget. His career died the day Barbara died.

      4. Totally agree with Tess and Bloom. It has been nearly 30 years and some people just cannot let bygones be bygones. Also,I think Barbara definately had many other major issues that led her to do what she did,so Kent should not be blamed for it. If she can get over the break up with her ex and start anew in HK then she most likely would not take her own life over Kent. However,none of us know for sure what happened and it is not like it matters anymore anyways so why not just let it all go? Life is short…

    2. Um… Kent and Barbara broke up before her suicide. She was apparently dating someone else by then. Not Kent’s fault. Even if it was, it was thirty years ago. Kent has a great relationship with Barbara’s mum even now. If he did cause her death, would her mum be so friendly to him?

      1. Oh yea,good points Charbydis. She was seeing someone else at the time of her death. I guess many people forget that. Barbara had major other issues which led her to her decision. Even her ex in England said that Barbara was the type that is afraid to certain things and would choose suicide as a way out. She even had a history of suicide attempts in England. Therefore, I am sure she had depression and other issues in her life that had nothing to do with Kent.

  2. Kent Tong seemed to have aged a lot. I actually thought it was Lau Dan sitting in the middle. LOL.

    1. Speaking of Lau Dan, I think he would be able to play any character very well too. Lau Kong also good. He is good as being nasty as well as in good characters. I’m sure there are many good veteran actors but too bad I don’t know all their names.

    2. that’s kent tong? was thinking, why is
      anthony wong’s elbow on lau dan’s shoulders?
      btw, can’t stand anthony wong’s ‘i know everything’ and ‘i am there’ attitude

  3. Wow did Anthony really sue someone for 600k for making up stuff about him. But reporters still don’t learn there lesson.

  4. Anthony is someone i won’t want to mess around with. He looks like a thug and talks and behaves like one too.

  5. Anthony does seem like a difficult to person to deal with, especially when you don’t understand or appreciate his so called sense of humor. I remember watching him interviewing Cherry Ngan and I felt uncomfortable watching it because it seems like he kept trying to diss her and downplay her.

  6. I am not surprise if Anthony is tough when work is concern..he cares for the qualities of the film…

  7. Why defend that man?. Everyone knows knows knowns he is the Hong Kong version of Sean Penn or Alec Baldwin, in simple terms, he has a nasty uncontrollable temper.

  8. Depends how you look at it.. 2 sides of a coin.. u can accept it as constructive critism and improve.. this happen in office everywhere.. if ppl dun like it.. then fiicreed$eee$’vs this ppl will gossip behind the back..

  9. Bloom, I agree people should move on. But what Kent Tong done to Barbara Yung is totally unacceptable. A good lady like Barbara Yung that born with great talents died because of being betrayed by a man she trust and loved.

    As I say “We can forgive Kent Tong but never forget what he had done to her.”

    1. When it comes to matter of the heart, it’s hard to say who is right and who is wrong. We outsiders don’t know what actually happen.

      1. Well said Kidd! We as outsiders do not know what happened. Why can’t people just move on?

    2. Hi Lotus,
      It was her own decision to take her own life. Yes, he could be one of the reasons, no one knows why exactly she committed suicide, only God knows. It has been like 29 yrs, it’s a very long time, we should put unhappy things like this behind us. I’m sure Kent was greatly affected by her death and surely he suffered a lot, especially on his career. People shouldnt hold grudges on him anymore and to forgive someone is actually better for ourselves.

      1. Well said Bloom as always. I wish more people were open minded like you.

      2. don’t think kent tong learnt anything from brabara yung’s death, he went on to marry and divorce several women.. he’s irresponsible and a playboy, no impact whatsover, just bis as usual, except it did burn him quite a bit careerwise, he didn’t make it a point to make his marriages work out

      3. To calm.

        People get divorced for all sorts of reasons apart from infidelity. And so far, none of his exes have come out to say anything bad about him. He takes care of all his kids and works hard to pay alimony. Remarrying several times is not an indication that Kent is a playboy.

      4. @ calm,
        What you said is so unfair to Kent. What do you expect him to do? Be single his whole life? Are you saying when an ex passes away you should not move on and grieve for your life for them? Her other ex really loved her as well but moved on and is happily married with kids and all. Kent deserves happiness just like anyone else. Besides,it has been nearly 30 years so why can’t people just move on since life is truly short.

        Well said Charbydis! Kent works hard to care all his kids and does not seem like a bad person at all so why do people keep blaming him for everything?

    3. Lotus,
      None of us know what happened so you should not say that. If she did take her own life,then that was her choice. I am pretty sure he had many other major issues that led her to her decision.it is not like he murdered her. Anyways, as outsiders we truly do not know what happened.i even wonder if her own mom even knows what happened. Therefore everyone should just move on since life is short.

      1. Well said to both bloom and HTS!

        @lotus: Honestly, it’s ludicrous to still blame Kent for Barbara’s death now — the tragedy happened nearly 30 years ago, plus there were many factors involved (read stuff other than those trashy tabloids and you’ll probably better understand what actually happened back then)…sure, there’s nothing wrong with keeping Barbara’s memory alive and lamenting what could have been, but to continually bash her ex (Kent) as though he had deliberately murdered her or something is definitely uncalled for. Just my two cents….

  10. Anthony Wong is a person one shoud never mess with. No doubt he is a great actor and has been in the industry for a long time, and not forgetting a flaring temper too…therefore people are afraid of him.

    1. True,but it does not mean that has to be hard to get along with or is a bad person.

  11. Rumours are just rumours. I remember before I had a teacher,people were saying she was mean and a hard grader,etc,… However ,when I finally became her student,everything was completely the opposite of what I thought. Therefore,I you never truly know the whole story to,anyone or anything until you experience it yourself, it is sad if people just listen yo rumours or just assume a few things and then take them as facts.

    1. That’s a similar experience I can fathom. There were a lot of rumours about my Japanese teacher being very harsh and sarcastic. In the end, I decided to join her class and never regretted since then. She is very strict and cynical but I learnt a lot under her and enjoyed every single lesson. In fact, we joked a lot in class and the atmosphere was very vibrant.

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