Wu Chun Exposes Life with Daughter in New Reality Show

Wu Chun (吳尊) once guarded his family’s privacy intensely, keeping his marriage a secret for years. In October 2013 while promoting his new book Ignite Courage <決定勇敢>, Wu Chun finally admitted that he had married his teenage sweetheart, Lin Li Ying (林麗瑩), in 2009 and had a three-year-old daughter together. Two weeks later, Wu Chun announced his son’s birth. A far cry from his days as an idol in Taiwanese band, Fahrenheit, Wu Chun is now more generous in sharing his loved ones with the public. He proudly showcases his daughter, Nei Nei, in upcoming reality show, Dad is Home <爸爸回來了> for a 12 million RMB price tag.

Last December, Wu Chun expressed that he would consider participating in a parenting reality show if the themes were positive. He will treat it as play time spent with his daughter.

Hunan TV’s reality show, Dad, Where Are We Going? <爸爸去哪兒>, depicted the relationships between celebrity fathers and their children. The program was a raging success and re-ignited Jimmy Lin‘s (林志穎) career. The children have also become commercial darlings, with Jimmy’s son, Kimi allegedly being offered 150,000 RMB for a day of advertising work.  Hoping to produce similar ratings success, Zhejiang Satellite TV asked Wu Chun to star in reality show, Dad is Home <爸爸回來了>, which will be aired in late April, ahead of Hunan TV’s intended release of the second season of Dad, Where are We Going.

Since the public only got to know about Wu Chun’s family life in October, viewers are curious to see him interact with his daughter. Zhejiang TV reportedly offered Wu Chun 12 million RMB for his participation in Dad is Home. Claiming to be the perfect father, Wu Chun will meet the challenge of being filmed in a 48-hour period with his daughter. Wu Chun said, “Since I have announced getting married and having children, I already have nothing to hide. I really would like to share with everyone our relationship so I am really confident about our interaction this time.”

At an earlier press conference promoting Dad is Home, Wu Chun wore a T-shirt that said, “Rules for Dating My Daughter”. He said, “I want my daughter’s future boyfriend to watch this program. He must be considerate like I am with my daughter. That’s the most important requirement.”

Besides Wu Chun, other male celebrities who will appear on the show include Mainland actor Jia Nailiang (賈乃亮) with his daughter, gold medalist athlete Li Xiaopeng (李小鵬) with his daughter, and acclaimed producer Wang Zhonglei (王中磊) with his son.

It was reported that Hunan TV had offered Hong Kong actor/singer Chilam Cheung (張智霖) 20 million RMB to appear on Dad, Where Are We Going? with his son. However, Chilam rejected the offer due to schedule conflicts.

Wu Chun Shares Nei Nei’s Photos

Wu Chun's daughter 2  Wu Chun's daughter  Wu Chun's daughter 3

Wu Chun's daughter 4  Wu Chun's daughter 6

Source: Ming Pao

This article is written by Karen for JayneStars.com.

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  1. It is funny how Wu Chun was willing to keep his family away from the public, the media and everyone in between to protect their privacy. Now all of a sudden, he is willing to expose a vulnerable toddler to the unrelenting glare of the media spotlight, all for a big paycheque. What a hypocrite.

    1. It is not just him, but Jimmy Lin and some other celebs are the same. People always yell and criticize Andy but at least Andy is consistent and is now more open about his own family but not over exposing them just for money.

      Wu chun is from a well off family so I am not sure it is for money, but hey who ever complained that money is too much?

      1. I don’t see Andy being more open about his family. He still is very evasive . I do know that he will never expose Hanna to the public for publicity or a paycheque, that will never happen. No amount of money will get him to do that.

      2. No, Andy is a bit more open but honestly even if he was not, it would make sense and he is not being a hypocrite. He has always been secretive and has stayed that way, but is more relaxed now. Hey at least he is consistent and is not exposing his child just for a big paycheck.

  2. Wu Chun is one thick faced person. When he apologized about hiding his wife and kids, he justified it as protecting their privacy. Then when people expressed their disappointment in him, he through a sissy fit and said he already apologized and he didn’t hurt or harm anyone so leave him alone. Really?! Then here comes the Daddy who publically denied his daughter to now embracing her for a hefty check. People are greedy. Once you taste the spotlight, it’s hard to get out and stay out without selling your soul, your kids’ soul to reach a peak again.

    1. Maybe he saw a different light to privacy. Nothing to hide anymore so why bother trying so hard to shy away from the media. Perhaps he saw negative repercussions of being so secretive with his personal life, always denying his daughter’s existence and all… maybe he decided t join the reality show to be able to spend even more time with his daughter freely. Haha, perhaps I’m trying too hard to give him the benefit of the doubt and that he’s in it for the money, but regardless.. there can be many reasons that it’s not up to us to justify his actions.

      1. Okay, so Wu chun wants to spend more time with his daughter, that is okay. Do not forget we are talking about a man who threatened lawsuits when others said he had a wife and child. This is the same man who was paranoid about the privacy and safety of his family that he even repeatedly lied to his loyal fans. He sure did a 360 degree turn.

        He is not spending time with his daughter freely. It comes with a huge paycheque and the constant and intrusive presence of cameras and countless others around. What is so “freely” about that. The man is a two faced hypocrite.

        Like I said, I may not be Andy’s biggest fan but he will never subject his daughter to this. I think children should not be exposed to the glare of the camera for public entertainment until they are perhaps older and can say this is what they want to do.

        There are other ways a celebrity father can spend time with his toddler daughter more freely without exposing her to the glare of the such an overwhelming public life, especially at such a very, very young age.

  3. I just don’t know how can one hide his wife AND child from others… for such a long time too…

  4. She looks adorable. I wonder at what age she will turn into a materialistic teenager.
    Hope he enjoys it while it lasts.

  5. Wonder if Hunan TV approach Gary Cao Ge to appear in the reality tv show too…..Gary’s son is super cute (as seen on one of the episodes of I am a singer)

  6. wu chun’s daughter is so cute & sweet!!!!!! so wu chun
    will spend some time with his daughter okay>>>>>
    i quite like the photos of his daughter and himself
    on those photos

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