“Men With No Shadows” Trailer

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TVB series, Men With No Shadows stars Bobby Au Yeung, Raymond Lam, and Tavia Yeung. The series will air in Hong Kong on September 12, 2011.

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  1. Will Raymond Lam’s role in “Men With No Shadows” propel him to win this year’s Best Actor award? The trailer looks very exciting!

  2. good luck for ray, i am looking forward for this drama, cant wait to watch.

  3. I read the synopsis of this series, sounds interesting. Can’t wait to watch it..

  4. I want to watch Raymond’s evil character, but not really looking forward to the actual series. It just doesn’t seem that interesting to me.

    1. It sounds interesting to me since TVB always produce police, laywers, doctors etc series. I always like supernatural series like this even if this series has more comedy parts in it. And you rarely see Ray in other character besides being rich man’s son always etc.. it’s kinda refreshing imo.

      1. Veejay,
        I hope “Men With No Shadows” focus more on the psychology of Raymond’s devilish character, perhaps leading us to question mankind’s ethical valuation in life, rather than focus too much on the love triangle aspect.

      2. @Jayne,

        If you’re hoping for TVB would show more of Ray’s devilish side in the series in term of comedy gentre then me too is looking forward to watch it since I never hate Ray haha and I always like to see artists picking up different roles in acting to give out something refreshing.

        Or if you’re talking about hoping TVB would show more seriousness and logical valuation in mankind’s ethics, I’d say really slim chance since TVB is a family oreintal series and with artists like BOBBY around, its most likely another comedy ^^

      3. PS : here is another reason why i’m looking for this series… I like the relationship twist of Bobby, Tavia and Ray.. maybe I’m eager to how bobby would react to Tavia (a young wife) and would like to see how Ray using tricks etc to snatch Tav from Bobby (if there is any).

  5. Jaynestar’s new section, congrats :).

    Well, the apple. Death note.

    1. Fox,
      Raymond is more interesting in such controversial characters. I wonder if he will be eating a lot of red apples in “Men With No Shadows?”

      Bobby looks like a professor with his bow tie. 🙂

      1. I think so. In the trailer, there are 2 scenes of him and the apples.

        Do you see the short part of the ending MV for this one? Apple, too.

  6. looking forward to this drama, the red eyes just too excited, wishes all the best.

  7. I expect to like this series because of the premise, a devil living among the mortals. But, I was disappointed with the trailer. It does not look interesting to me. 🙁

    1. The trailer looks home made, really bad editing. But it’s like that for most of TVB promos and trailers. I really hate that last screen Thingy…like I could of done that…and I suck at picture editing….

      1. AHHAAHAH OMG that’s what I was thinking! & I’m just average with Photoshop but this is really bad.. and I don’t find the trailer interesting unfortunately..

  8. Summary for the series:

    故事主角药研医生江东健(欧阳震华饰),本是一个带点孤僻,不擅辞令,只是长期专注药理研究的诊所医生,直至遇上天生有化学敏感症的方小芳(杨怡饰) ,可惜医生守则有指三年内不许与病人发生感情,健只好希望三年过后再找芳表白。


    Credit to Astro

    Alright, it sounds less interesting to me.

  9. i am prefer this series for a long time,i want another fungyi series likes this,really feel fresh and excited.

  10. Looks like a very promising series with a great cast! Can’t wait to see Bobby’s return!

  11. Hey, this trailer came out like four months ago, right? I swear I saw this already. I really really want this series to start NOW!!! Guess TVB is finally catching on th the whole Dark side theme stuff. Raymond’s red eyes really creep me out tho…
    And what up with apples?

  12. Love Ray chok look in the trailer, cannot wait for the drama to air.

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