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Carat Cheung Defends Miss Hong Kong Victory; Tracy Chu Remains Netizens’ True Winner

By on August 28, 2012

Carat Cheung Defends Miss Hong Kong Victory; Tracy Chu Remains Netizens’ True Winner thumbnail

Caption: Carat Cheung versus Tracy Chu: who deserves crown title of 2012 Miss Hong Kong Pageant?

Carat Cheung’s (張名雅) crown victory in the 2012 Miss Hong Kong Pageant is currently hotly contested. Due to the failure of TVB servers on the evening of the 2012 Miss Hong Kong Pageant, audiences’ live votes became useless. Carat Cheung was selected as the winner based on judges’ votes, while second runner-up, Tracy Chu (朱千雪), remains as netizens’ favorite. Had TVB not experienced its technical failure, would Tracy Chu have won the crown instead?

Tracy Chu More Beautiful Than Carat Cheung?

Carat Cheung’s uncle, director Alfred Cheung (張堅庭), believes this may be the case. He acknowledged that Tracy Chu possessed a sweet look that made her a favorite among the masses. Regarding Carat’s controversial win, Alfred replied, “Most pageant results are not based on a one-person-one-vote system; the winners are determined from a group of professional judges instead. The audience and judges will evaluate the candidate based on different criteria.”

Alfred added, “Judges will be more comprehensive, evaluating a candidate’s communication and response skills, to assess whether she is a suitable artist. The audience will only care whether the candidate is pretty or not pretty. This is understandable. I think that the ‘one person, one vote’ is just for fun and gimmicks.”

Since his niece, Carat, had possessed a long desire to become an artist, Alfred was happy for her Miss Hong Kong victory.

Carat Cheung Defends Crown as Deserved Win

After Carat Cheung was announced as the 2012 Miss Hong Kong Pageant winner, online Hong Kong communities quickly held their own polls to determine the “true winner” among the masses. Since second runner-up, Tracy Chu, led online votes,  Carat’s victory has been marred by controversial disputes.

Although her own uncle, Alfred Cheung, did not believe that Carat had the qualities to sway the masses, Carat did not doubt her own win. Pointing out that past pageant winners were based on judges’ votes, Carat felt that the judges’ decisions should be trusted and respected. “The results have been determined and need to be accepted!”

Expressing her confidence, Carat believed that it was only the failure of the voting system which made the public disappointed. If the winner were selected based on the one-person-one-vote system, Carat believed that she would be able to sway votes in her favor as well.

Asked if Carat felt that her future path in the entertainment industry will be difficult due to her controversial pageant win, she indicated confidence in herself. Pointing out that each year’s pageant winners did not face an easy path, yet a difficult path must still be confronted. Carat vowed to do her best to gain the public’s acknowledgment instead.

Tracy Chu Believes Results Were Fair

Tracy Chu remained as the masses’ “true winner” in this year’s Miss Hong Kong Pageant. Although Tracy was happy for netizens’ support, she believed that the final pageant results were fair. She felt that there was no need to re-select the winner. Tracy will not file any complaints against the pageant outcome.

First runner-up, Jacqueline Wong (黃心穎), was also a favorite among netizens. She was confident in her performance in the pageant finals and would not mind if the results were re-determined.

Artists Bash TVB’s Technical Failure

Artists within the industry were quick to bash the unfairness of the pageant results.

Sukie Sek (石詠莉): “When there is universal voting, the server died. All the votes went down the drain; even the car prize is gone! It is disappointing to be cheated! I would like to vote for Tracy Chu!

Vinci Wong (王賢誌): “If I were Jacqueline Wong or Tracy Chu, I will immediately file a complaint to re-determine the pageant results! The one-person-one-vote system has been fooled; a massive street protest should occur!”

Bonnie Lai (黎淑賢): “It’s a big joke! It’s extremely retarded! How can this happen to such a large company (TVB)?”

Winners Will Not Be Re-Determined

TVB Deputy Director of External Affairs, Tsang Sing Ming (曾醒明), bowed his head and apologized for TVB’s technical failure in the live voting system. However, Mr. Tsang said that the results will not be redetermined, since the judges’ decisions will be final.

Serving as one of the 5 judges in this year’s Miss Hong Kong Pageant, Carina Lau (劉嘉玲) asked that the pageant results be determined. Asked if the winners will be re-determined, Carina said, “It’s not possible. Even if I were not one of the judges, I will respect the judges’ decisions. Also, the pageant results were not outrageous.”

Sources: Oriental Daily, Ming Pao, Oriental Daily, Oriental Daily

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  • Readers' Comments (172)

    1. Anon says:

      I like Alfred Cheung’s response.

      • jacq says:

        That’s ridiculous!

        Wow! Carat’s plastic surgery (tuning) on her nose is so very very very OBVIOUS!!!

        • Kaykay says:

          Agreed! Tracy looks natural

        • Raymond says:

          Frankly speaking, Carat’s nose is really ugly and badly hooked. Just wonder how on earth judging is done. The result is indeed an insult to HK to parade her at international level. I have nothing against Carat as a person. Maybe hooked nose is a new criteria for beautiful in HK!

        • wa says:

          Carat is the ugliest one out of all of the miss hong kong.
          I am very surprised she even made it to top 5.
          her face is round and her nose is so ugly.
          Tracy is 100 times prettier than that Carat girl.

      • ks says:

        i so agree with you. Even if the system was up and running, whoever the winner is, they’ll probably complain that the system was rigged. why not rely on the professionals.

        and i am quite happy with Carat being crowned the winner. When she speaks, she exudes confidence. In fact she seems to be calmest of the lot. Congratulations Carat.

        p/s: Jacqueline is pretty but i feel that there is a dark side of her. not a fan. sorry

    2. ping0 says:

      I never watch the pageant, but i hope that the candidate looks better than these photos. Carat looks like Yang Mi before she shaved her nose, she actually has Yang Mi old nose, reminds me of Andy Lau’s nose. Tracy face is so skinny.

    3. sandcherry says:

      Alfred added, “Judges will be more comprehensive, evaluating a candidate’s communication and response skills, to assess whether she is a suitable artist. The audience will only care whether the candidate is pretty or not pretty. This is understandable. I think that the ‘one person, one vote’ is just for fun fun and gimmicks.”
      Absolutely agree with the above comments, whether they were made by Alfred Cheung or someone else.

      I never agreed with the public voting system; people just voted based on the contestants’ performance at the finale. It was a stupid way to select Miss Hong Kong.

      • Critics says:

        I agreed with the above comments.

        The public are emotional lot.

        If based on capabilities, Andy Lau, Aaron Kwok & Loen Lai are nobody. Only Jacky Cheung stands out.

        What about actresses like Lin Chiling she is absolutely lousy. She should be sent for grazing.

    4. Lori says:

      I agree with what Alfred said :D

    5. Bubblez says:

      I somewhat prefer Carat over Tracy.

      • Lori says:

        I agree with youu :DD

      • sandcherry says:

        Me, too, though Carat Cheung was not the prettiest one. She was among the final 3.

      • Fox says:

        I prefer Carat over Tracy, too. The look I like Carat more, the intelligence I also like Carat more.

        • jacq says:

          You emphasized very strongly that you didnt like plastic surgery and now you seem to be quite contradictory to your wordings. Carat is so PlasTIC man!

        • Fox says:

          I never say I hate PS-ed girl, lolz. I only feel that someone make their faces look so funny after PSed. If you see I complained about some ppl with PSed face, it’s because these girls make their faces too funky with none part related to each other. In other word, I’m against the PSed girls that made themselves worse than before PS.

          You may read my posts wrongly. I protected PSed girls a lot.

        • Fox says:

          In short, I don’t hate PS, I hate bad PS, such as the prominent nose :P.

      • Veejay says:

        same here, prefer Carat over Tracy..I dont think Tracy is prettier at all. Her gum shows too much!

      • YSP says:

        To me, Carat’s smile seems fake and unnatural (Come on, smile coz I’m suppose to smile), whereas Tracy’s smile looks genuine and natural (I’m happy, therefore I smile).

    6. Funn Lim says:

      Probably. If netizens’ votes taken into account, perhaps it would be different. But I do find Carat (what a name!!) prettier in a Chinese sense.

      • Veejay says:

        Hkers have really unique names lol..I have a hk friend and he called himself “hawk” and i was like “what????”

        • salamander says:

          What about Kingdom Yuen, Fish Leong.

        • Veejay says:

          Fish Leong isn’t a hker and Fish use that name is because her chinese name has a “Yu” aka “fish” in it.

        • Funn Lim says:

          But no one actually goes around calling her FISH! OI FISH!!

        • Anon says:

          Recently poor Fish Leong got lashed out by an ignorant mainland netizen for supporting her home country. The netizen thought she’s an unpatriotic mainlander. Good for her that thousands of other netizens scolded the ignorant netizen back :D

        • Veejay says:


          haha, I laughed at the comment “OI Fish” haha.. Yeah no one in Msia or other country actually call her “fish” they still call her chinese name.

        • Fox says:

          I think differently. A nice English name is a name that with some relationship to the Chinese name or unique name or with some meaning related to family. Why everybody wanna name themselves David, Mary, Tom, Daisy like the names in English books for children?

          Hawk is an unique name btw :P.

        • Kidd says:

          Hawk sounds cool. :D

        • Funn Lim says:

          “Recently poor Fish Leong got lashed out by an ignorant mainland netizen for supporting her home country. The netizen thought she’s an unpatriotic mainlander. Good for her that thousands of other netizens scolded the ignorant netizen back”

          Stupid isn’t it? She is a Malaysian!! Does she look like she is from China?

    7. JDub says:

      There is controversy every single year. Alfred is right, the judges are MUCH more comprehensive. The judges did not chose someone they liked, they chose someone who was adequate. The audience chose someone they liked, but not the most adequate person.

    8. ping0 says:

      is it only me or tracy reminds me of charmaine Li??

    9. Fox says:

      If Carat can overcome this hard situation, she’ll have some good days. Now she only needs to do her best at Miss World to prove herself like what Kayi Cheung did.

    10. salamander says:

      Both of them look like ordinary citizens! bring back the quality of Michelle Reis and Sonija Kwok!

    11. AC says:

      I’m surprised people like Tracy so much. She’s not ugly, but if she had won, I can imagine a lot of people complaining because she’s a porkchop.

      • Samantha says:

        I agree with what u say but i notice there is 1 obvious Carat hater here, she bash her in almost all comments! .. Tracy looks more down to earth but lacks the oriental beauty which Carat has & i can c that Carat is very confident in carrying herself too. i am glad for this years winner as for the past 2 years the Miss Hk winner is a disappointment

        • nic says:

          carat = the 2nd of toby chan.

          If you say that Toby is a disappointment, Carat is even miserable.

          Becoz carat is an reincarnation of Toby. Both are lucky-born pork chops!

    12. Chriselle says:

      I’m surprised that Wingto Lam didn’t make it to top 3. Not even top 6. :o She was an early favorite and was well-rounded. I wonder why she dropped among the audience’s favor throughout the pageant.

      • sandcherry says:

        Hilary Tam was not bad, but she did not even make it to the top 10.

        Every judge has a different requirement. As I mentioned before, “prettiness is something very abstract and subjective”. Everyone has his/her opinion and decision.

        • Lol says:

          Hilary Tam is a huge party girl & she’s a Budwiser girl. I wonder if they do any background checks on these contestants?

      • Hannahh says:

        Wingto Lam has my vote too, to bad she didn’t make it :(

      • Fox says:

        Wingto is no doubt pretty, but she can’t shined in the night.

        Christy is the one who disappointed me the most. She has nice body, nice face, good pose but she lacks the knowledgable mind.

        • Nicole says:

          Wingto is my favourite contestant, however she was not really a front runner, and I don’t really think she had the winning personality to make it there, because there were so many “climbers” in this year’s competition. She just seems like such a cute and down to earth girl. They didn’t give her any good gowns or hairstyle.
          I liked Christy too, and she looked strikingly good on the final night, but fails at speech.
          I also like Cynthia due to her elegance, but she’s kinda old. And I like Amy, but her chance was messed up due to her conical hairstyle.

          I don’t like Tracy, and I don’t get why everyone likes her smile, it’s too gummy and her teeth are too big, and there’s a gap in between. If people are talking about how it’s rigged because Carat won due to technical errors. They rigged for Tracy to place in top 3, because she had the best dress and hairstyle! She wore a yellow dress while everyone else wore some dark or neutral color dress. Look at roxanne’s ugly concoction! And in the opening, was given a cleavage revealing dress in a striking color! Look at how many had to wear pink (3!), yellow (3)!! and white(3). She was the only one in a different color. And her hairstyle is much better than poor Amy or Jacqueline.

        • simplitee says:

          They didn’t get to pick their outfit?

    13. random G says:

      tracy is very OK. i don’t like her big mouth and gum. she also has a noticeable gap between her two front teeth during the pageant.
      i like amy’s face, very comfortable & sweet

    14. simplitee says:

      I find nothing special about Tracy and don’t find her that smart or pretty especially with her big mouth which just annoys me. I don’t find Carat pretty either.. Actually i find none of them appealing and like I always say every year, the contestants gets worse and worse each year.

    15. jul;ie says:

      i trust carat deserves to win . y not ? i will vote her .

    16. stranger says:

      Yeah, i find it weird how a voters determine a winner of a pageant. The judges scores should be a lot more accurate in terms of the night’s performance.

      It should’ve been something like 50% judges/50% public for the final results and not just have the judges choose the top 3.

    17. Lol says:

      Carat is pretty but not really…something about her face make her look old…She has a smaller version of a witch nose.

    18. Kidd says:

      I think Carat should stay the winner and the pageant result should not be redetermined.

      What done is done. It will be unfair and embarrassing to Carat to have her crown taken away when she has done nothing wrong.

      • Funn Lim says:

        But it isn’t fair to the voters. TVB said winner will be based on judge’s votes AND voters’ vote. For all we know she may not be the true winner. It is unfair to the voters.

        • stars says:

          Yeah you are right they kept going on about it for months and throughout the live show “remember it is you that decides so get voting in the last 10 minutes”.

      • stars says:

        I agree with you, what is done is done. It is all history now.
        This does not favour Carat (since she gets a lot of criticism from the public thanks to the “judges”)

    19. jul;ie says:

      Carat deserves to win . :)

    20. abalone says:

      i think the judges made the right choice but pity this cynthia girl got knock-out at earlier stage

    21. Gia says:

      I didn’t watch Ms H.K. but judging by these two photos,
      I think Tracy Chu is pretty, i don’t find Carat at all pretty.

      • jacq says:

        well, your uncertainty will be well answered and you can only start to laugh when it’s time for carat to compete in MCI!!

    22. vivien says:

      The MHK pageant this year is LOL

    23. TVBFanatic says:

      Alfred is correct in his assessment of judges when they are impartial (and when has impartiality ever been a hallmark of a TVB run event?). His assessment of the public though is somewhat incorrect. While a lot of the audience will vote for who they think is pretty (it is true) a good portion of the audience will vote based on who they KNOW.

      For example, how many of you here have voted multiple times in a Jayne poll for someone you liked regardless of the question? If contestant “a” was a college student with a lot of friends, who is to say that all those people, maybe the entire college, wouldn’t vote for contestant “a” simply because she was from their college? From their building/street/town? RATHER than because she was most deserving?

      Stupidest idea ever for a pageant imho.

    24. happybi says:

      They both don’t look good but if I have to pick a winner between the two above, it’ll the girl on the left as the one on the right doesn’t look anything special. just very typical. the other one at least have a different face structure.

    25. vivien says:

      Let’s watch who will win the bigger promotion to be a future fadan. Judges favourite Carat or 620 and audience favourite Tracy. Better climber wins! LOL

      Meanwhile, Jacqueline in the middle is forgotten by the media….

    26. easternbug says:

      Lately I got really irritating reading all the comments on Jaynestars. All those none stop bashing about plastic surgery…….it’s seem like some people can’t accept the fact the person become prettier with plastic surgery or they have no money to have one themselves… Just my two cents….been holding it long enough….

      • TVBFanatic says:

        And? Sorry… dislike plastic girls. And I’m a guy. The fact is even a MAN can be made to look pretty with plastic surgery, how is that something to be proud of?

      • sure-lee says:

        “I think TY looks very pretty with her new nose”

        I disagree with that. Although I don’t think she’s ugly, I would have to say that she looked best in previous years during MR, etc. Idk if she injected whatever, or did some surgery, but her nose does look different. I don’t think this affects her acting in any way though.

        • Rigged says:

          The reason why I think TY’s new nose is pretty is because I think it looks like Julia Roberts’ nose, whom I find exceptionally stunning. Most people would agree, and Julia Roberts consistently makes the Most Beautiful People in the World list.

        • Nicole says:

          ROFL. Julia Roberts is white, and Tavia is chinese. Stick some white long nose on a chinese, and she will look abnormal.

        • Fox says:

          Julia Roberts’s high nose goes well with her face because her face suits this nose, it is also another factor. Moreover, Julia’s nose is natural. She was born with it. That’s why ppl get used with this nose from the first glance to Julia.

        • Funn Lim says:

          “The reason why I think TY’s new nose is pretty is because I think it looks like Julia Roberts’ nose, ”

          But Julia Roberts’ nose does not look like it has a life of its own and about to poke someone to death. It is more elongated but button like? Tavia’s nose is scary to say the least. The bridge is much too high. And moreover, Julia Robert as someone pointed out is white and so has such a nose. So Tavia wants to be white? I like her small dainty nose better. Makes her look gentler, her face more feminine.

        • Rigged says:


          I would agree if you just stuck a random high bridged elongated nose on an asian women’s face. However, usually when people get rhinoplasties, the space between their eyes get narrower as well and/or they may get other work to make their face more to proportion (e.g. face lifts, botox injections etc) (which may be what TY has done).


          Because of this, now that her other facial features are more proportionate (space between eyes narrower), I think that her face holds up her new nose well.

          Funn Lim,

          How is TY’s nose going to poke someone to death or how does it have a life of its own? I mean the last I saw of TY’s nose, it wasn’t Pinnochio yet.

          Also well, I can’t vouch for whether TY wants to look white or not, though presumably if you’re going to get a caucasian nose, you probably do. Perhaps she just wanted her nose to be more distinguished and less dainty. In fact, I am not ashamed of the fact that I prefer caucasian features and think they look more beautiful in general.

    27. Bridget says:

      Am I the only one who thinks Carat Cheung looks like Mag Lam?

    28. Ap Tan says:

      I tried to make myself to believe that Tracy is prettier than Carat to deserve the crown but unfortunately the more i look at her, the more I’m losing my appetite to eat. I really can’t find any beauty in Tracy, with her hanging out teeth. She just remind me of my house’s Indonesia maid. No matter what you all talked about Carat but she at least have the actress look, better than Tracy who have Indonesia maid look. To be frank, Tracy is considered lucky enough to be the 2nd runner. If I’m the judge, you won’t see her face among the 3 winners. I just trying to talk about the fact.

      • stars says:

        Did you watch the live show or just look at the photos? I think most people who commented didn’t watch the entire show and just saw the pictures and state that she is ugly.

        Her personality, charisma, intelligence, quick-wit, funny humour, elegance shown throughout the show which made her a beauty.

      • Carole says:

        Good for you. Your maid can eat your share of food. You can lose weight. Win win situation.

    29. Ap Tan says:

      It is true that by right, the result supposed to be based on the voters’ vote as well but how if the votes have conflict with the actual fact. I don’t trust final decision by voters. If tracy got the most vote, it could be that she get a lot of friends and relatives to vote for her. Please bear mind ugly people can have more friends than pretty one.

    30. Lol says:

      This reminds me of the Gore/Bush election Lolz…when Bush won & everyone demanded a recount. In that case they should of done a recount then at least most of the wars could of been prevented & for sure the us economy wouldnt of been so bad. Bush drove the economy to the ground during his years as President of US. Thank God, this is only Mhk…so hk will be ok…just get over it lolz

    31. Carmen says:

      As for me, if TVB had emphasized on the one-person-one-vote system and promoted this idea, they should maintain their stand. The fact that the servers were hacked was another issue. How to resolve this amicably should rely and depends on TVB. I believe the reason why this idea was first sought was to increase the ratings of TVB. Yes, agreed that the judges opinion are fair however the citizens in HK do have a right to select their own Ms HK. For the judges who had already selected 3 finalist that means they would have already done the selection on all areas. For me, both Tracy and Jac are better than the newly appointed Ms HK. Thus, it was really a dissapointing note that everyone sitting in front of the TV eagerly to vote at the end of the show and finally, a BIG LET DOWN for them.. Imagine a roller coaster ride..

    32. Aiya says:

      Some of you are too quick to agree with Alfred because it sounds right initially, but it’s flawed when thinking about it. The 5 judges may be the official appointed judges, but they’re not any more qualified than a regular audience of unofficial judges. I’d like to believe that a panel of thousands and millions of judges is more accurate than 5 judges. Hard to go wrong with a majority decision. And if you look at most online polls, the unofficial polls aren’t even close. Tracy has been winning by the majority.

      And if you don’t want to give any credit to regular joes voting, then please also remember that most of the celebrities on hand at the show also seemed to favor Tracy when they were asked to pick. Are they less comprehensive?

      Quite frankly, neither Tracy or Carat is prettier or uglier than the other, as neither stand out over the other. So to claim that people would just vote for the prettier one makes no sense here. There is no clear cut prettier contestant here.

      Also, the pageant shouldn’t be about picking an artist, because if that’s the case then the ones who didn’t place wouldn’t have a chance to enter the industry. But that’s never been the case. Plenty of unplaced pageant participants have gone on to have better artist careers than winners. Typical words from a director who has mistaken the pageant from casting.

      And a lot of people who watch the pageant don’t just watch the swimsuit segments, but actually pay attention to the interview and communication aspects of the show as well. We can also be as comprehensive as a small group of official judges and take everything into consideration.

      What Alfred said is quite insulting to the audience. The Pageant isn’t porn.

      • Rigged says:

        Very well said. It’s about democracy and the people have spoken – we want Tracy Chu as Miss Hong Kong 2012!

        • Fox says:

          You want Tracy Chu as MHK. I want Carat Cheung as MHK. Fair enough.

        • TVBFanatic says:

          And I want Penelope :P

        • Rigged says:

          Again Fox, you want Carat Cheung vs thousands of people want Tracy Chu as MHK, enough said.

        • Fox says:

          You say “we” which means everybody want Tracy to win. No, there are ppl who don’t want Tracy to win. So you can say “thousands want Tracy to win” instead of “we want Tracy to win”. It’s just a matter of word choice that I teased you.

          As you don’t understand, I explain my words for you.

          Nothing important. Carat is the winner and you can change it for watever reason. Let’s see wat they can do in the future to judge. Winning MHK still can’t get famous if dun have any true talents, you know that. Samantha Koo is far famous from Skye Chan, you can see this fact. If Tracy can do anything, she’ll have a future. If not, she’ll disappear soon. Same applies to Carat.

      • SDS says:


        I think the difference Alfred may be referring to is the difference in that the judges were able to actually see them perform live, and during segments and times when the TV audience do not.

        Also, I think the judges have conferred on what criteria they should be looking for and at, like a debrief. Plus they ‘should’ be scoring as the event goes on. So it’s not like they are picking against different criteria or by sheer memory, which would be how most home viewers would be voting.

        Finally, one of the most obvious differences between the 5 judges and home voters is that, at least I’m inclined to say, Carina Lau and Andy Lau would probably be able to pick a better Ms HK than me, because they have seen a lot types of people in the entertainment circle to know what makes ‘talent’, ‘wannabe’, and ‘losers’ than I have. To be honest, Ms HK is an ‘entertainment’ show. It is a vote into the entertainment industry. Nobody really thinks this is a vote of beauty + intelligence + humility + wisdom + integrity right?

        Also, I do not think TVB’s voting system is ‘democratic’ or representative because it is selective of those who want to vote at best. As is the case for the supposedly high netizen backlash.

    33. cc says:

      I feel that people are just upset with the fact that they weren’t able to vote for the winners. If the judges selected Tracy as the winner…I bet the same thing will happen where they will make a big fuss that Caret should be the winner.

      I did not really follow the voting system story…but couldn’t TVB rely on other ways of voting in addition whatever they had? I know this sounds kinda old school…but couldn’t people directly call in a number and just vote? (like the way the do it for American Idol?)

      • stars says:

        I disagree with you. There will be a minor public (people who voted other) complaining about Tracy if she won Miss Hong Kong but the majority actually did prefer Tracy winning (from the live audience perspective) and so many comments on the results) that it does show the results were wrong.

        Since it is the public who chooses this year but unfortunately couldn’t, the judges should have used their “knowledge” and be able to see that this should be the order:

        Winner: Tracy
        1st runner-up: Carat
        2nd runner-up: Jacqueline

    34. stars says:

      What Carina said irritated me to be honest. Judges need to understand that they really need to pick the right and reasonable winner because if they picked really bad winner in the end it is the winner that suffers from being called “pork chop” and stuff that is really hurtful. So give the past and present winners a break cause they did not choose to win but it is the judges.

    35. ping0 says:

      EH who cares, they all got fame , lets see who out shine who in the future, Look at Ada Choi , Vivian Leung, Kenix kwok, and so many other got to shine as much as the first place winners, some are even more shiner kaka

      • stars says:

        your right there are plenty of miss hong kong winners that are more successful then the winner.

    36. Anna says:

      If TVB was going to rig the pageant results all along, they should have just taken the votes and still award the crown to Carat and not use the “server crashed” excuse.

      • Aiya says:

        Don’t think that would fly, since word of mouth would spread around about who voted for who, and eventually the HK people would be smart enough to figure out that the votes don’t match the results.

        On the other hand, if the server crash was legit, and TVB decided to hide the fact and still follow through by reporting falsely made up voting numbers instead, then the public will find out about it eventually as well. Not a single soul was able to access the server, so it would be obvious if TVB were to claim they have any sort of numbers.

    37. Rigged says:

      I think the real issue here is not whether Carat or Tracy won or rather a mouse off the street won. The issue here is the LACK OF INTEGRITY in this competition.

      TVB emphasized over and over again and harped throughout the show that the MHK would be elected by popular vote. For whatever reason (fixed or uncontrollable circumstances), this did not happen. This is a slap in the face of democracy.

      It’s only fair for the MHK to be redetermined because it’s the principle of the matter, viewers were unfairly DENIED the opportunity to select the winner.

      Honestly, I would have absolutely no objections if by popular vote, the viewers selected a mouse off the sreet as the MHK winner. Instead, the principle of democracy was denied to the viewers.

      THAT, is the issue here.

    38. sandcherry says:

      In the first place, I think it was a stupid idea to select Miss Hong Kong by public votes.

    39. Lori says:

      Hong Kong people complain way too much -_- it is just a competition , is not like you’re going to win a million dollars or something . && same goes for all the people who r complaining about it . Theres so many things you can do to the world and your life , but you guys are just ending up complaining who should win and who shouldn’t . Is a damn competition , is over . Respect the winner and the 1st and 2nd place . Just sayingg ~

      • nic says:

        Correct. MHK is after all just a “Monkey Show” to boost up TVB’s popularity rating and enhance its advertising revenue.

        Why are you being so obsessive and annoyed ?

      • Hazel says:

        It is normal for people to complain when they don’t feel justified. When it is a competition it should be fair and square, if they feel that something isn’t fair at all they would say something but if they didn’t do anything wrong they wouldn’t be complaining at all then. Just like a swimming competition if you started to swim before everyone else and won first place they wouldn’t feel fair because you got a head start. But either way they were both good.

        • Rigged says:

          +1, completely agree here. Many of us are not just complaining for the sake of complaining’s sake, we feel that an injustice has happened here. TVB kept on reiterating throughout that the MHK would be elected by popular vote. This did not happen, and people feel cheated, rightfully so. The way the competition results were determined was unfair and goes against the integrity and sportsmanship of a fair competition.

    40. sure-lee says:

      I totally agree that the system crash was retarded. They kept saying that it was a one person one vote opportunity, and it was so obvious the audience wanted Tracy to win. Then, BAM sorry, the server crashed. Carat wins. Okay, I agree that she did really well too, but all the lying and fooling with the audience’ mind is just terribly unfair. It’s just sad that Tracy does not have the fate to win. I hope TVB will never throw this kind of joke around to mess with the audience ever again. Just stick with the old rules.

    41. bored says:

      But it’s unfair to compare michelle reis and sonija kwok to the other miss hk’s since they are of mixed ancestry

    42. Kidd says:

      Just between the 2 of them, I find Carat to be more beautiful than Tracy.

      • sure-lee says:

        But Tracy has this sweet and nice look, while Carat does not.

        • Nicole says:

          Most pageants do not go for the “sweet and nice” looking girls, like Miss Universe, Miss World, etc. Why will MHK have a funny criteria to pick the sweet and nice looking one?

        • Kidd says:

          It is strange. In wide shot when I can see all 3 contestants together, I find Tracy more beautiful. But, when the camera do close up, I find Carat more beautiful.

          Tracy indeed has a sweet look and a kind of sunshine feel in her smile. Like Jennifer said, she has ‘chan wo lik’ which makes people like her.

          But, somehow, I find Carat looking better when close up.

        • Funn Lim says:

          You know, seeing Carat with the tiara and all, she does look like a proper Miss something something. Like those Miss World, Universe and Super Galatic whatever

        • Nicole says:

          I agree, maybe it’s the way she look, but she have the more regal bearing compared to tracy and Jacqueline. Tracy looks friendlier and Jacqueline looks cute, I think they all excel in different ways. But Carat does look more like Miss HK.

          If people watched the episodes of MHK leading up to the final show, Carat actually have confidence which I admire, like when they had to do the swimsuit challenge. Where most contestants seemed kinda uncertain of their figure, she demonstrated cool confidence in the way she replied.

          Anyways, whoever wins, it doesn’t matter, who will pull it off in the long run, we don’t know. It seems like TVB will sign Christy and Wingto, which I’m happy as they are my favourites, just not suitable for the crown.

    43. Carmen says:

      The below is an extraction from Asian Fanatics Forum:

      In regards to Netizens’ defamation, Carat was not upset at all, but laughed: “This proves audience pays attention to Miss HK. Netizens does not represent all of HK. (Are you afraid there will be a HK wide poll and you may get less votes?) I was satisfied with my performance that night.” As for Carat’s great uncle, he said she’s “not that pretty”, Cara calmly said: “That proves that I’m not relying on relationships.”

      My god do you believe it? She can’t even answer a simple question – see below:

      The question was:
      (Are you afraid there will be a HK wide poll and you may get less votes?)

      And her reply:
      I was satisfied with my performance that night.

      So where was the answer? As a true Ms HK, you should answer to the point with confidence. Surely, if there is another poll to be held – she will not be the Ms HK. Truly her statement make me appalled.

      • Fox says:

        Lolz, she answered the best way. She avoided the problems and the reporters can’t dig or twist her answer. The more smart I’ve seen in her. Good EQ, too.

        If you think she can’t answer by this, you don’t understand her purpose :P. Think more open and you will know that she knows how to answer. Carat will come far in the industry.

      • sure-lee says:

        Yep, saying that she thinks she did well that night is just a smart way of saying “No, I would have won anyways.”

      • Rigged says:

        I agree, she didn’t come right out and answer the question, but how could she? What is she supposed to say, damned if you do, damned if you don’t – in this case she’s screwed if she says 100% I would have won if the netizens voted and she’s also screwed if she says well I won because of pure luck. Unfortunately, most artists give these types of evasive round about answers to questions like this, it’s annoying but it’s how the industry goes.

        I personally would have respected her if she had said something like “I am grateful that I was crowned MHK but also believe that the MHK should be redetermined by popular vote and respect the opinions of the citizens of HK.” I mean the thing is she knows that TVB isn’t going to redetermine the votes anyways so it is a win for her and also show that she is gracious and humble.

        Plus really if I was her, deep down she probably realizes she wouldn’t have won, where is the glory in winning a competition when it was handed to you due to luck and circumstance.

        • Fox says:

          She doesn’t need to feel guilty for winning. She only has to do more to prove that she is well deserved.

          If she answers the way you suggest, you might say that she is fake or hypocrite because she knows there won’t be a redetermination but still say so. Or you don’t think so but other ppl will think so. Can’t satisfy the whole world. You don’t like her, can’t change your biased opinion from you. I can understand this because I also hate someone and it’s my opinions. Hard to change this.

        • Kidd says:

          I agree with Fox this time. No matter how Carat replies, haters will find fault with her answer.

        • Rigged says:

          Well I just think that Carat could handle her victory better by being gracious about it and actually acknowledging that she did get a little lucky, and respects that the citizens of HK thinks that her victory is unfair.

          I disagree Kidd, because the ability to let go of your ego and admit your shortcomings (in this case the failure of the popular vote system) shows a lot of character. I would respect her immensely if did that.

          Fox, you’re right, she shouldn’t feel guilty about winning, and I’m sure she did put in her best effort during the contest. What I don’t like is her recapitulation of her victory saying she would have won even in popular vote, when this is most likely not the case. I also don’t like her “tracy should be delighted she got 3rd place,” remarks.

          Well it may be fake and hypocritical to make remarks like that but isn’t the industry like that anyways? The issue is she desperately needs to say something along those lines to placate the anger of the netizens whether she means it or not. I mean at least give your well wishes to Tracy in her career, saying something like that would not detract from her victory at all!

          Think about it logically, if she doesn’t say something like this, 100% of her haters will still be haters, whereas if she does maybe only 60 or 70% will (even if it’s 99%, she’s still won) and helped her career along.

    44. Kidd says:

      Tracy reminds me of Miss Chinese International 2003 winner Rachel Tan (陳泳錦)

    45. Carmen says:

      Definitely agree she tried to avoid the question so that reporters cant dig her as she knows the hk citizen supported someone else and not her. All the candidates have gone through lessons on how to respond in different circumstance. No one claim she’s a bimbo. In order to survive in the entertainment industry this type of “avoid direct answering and beat around the bush” is common. In addition, iq and eq a must – this is part of the surviving skill.

      In her heart she well aware knows that if the one person one vote system really works she will not be crown.

      See below another extraction from Tvb news:
      When asked on the an allegation, 1st place Carat exclaimed: “I feel that the company need not console Tracy, she’s delighted to win 3rd place.” When asked who would she like to collaborate in a drama, she said: “Of course it’s Andy Lau! On the night of the final, he was so close as he called my name. (So you’re fighting with Tracy over Andy?) No need to fight, the company will do all the arrangements.”

      So what i’m trying to stress here is be humble and be blessed with what you have no need to make statement as above : “I feel that the company need not console Tracy, she’s delighted to win 3rd prize”. Who is she to make such remarks? When one participate in a contest you aim to win the 1st prize.

      To conclude, the above are merely my opinion as i just dont like her and the way she responded. She is a FAKE and first ever Ms hk i detest! Anyway to think again i have nothing to gain from the above statement but perhaps just wish to splur my feelings.
      Sorry if the above will upset any of her supporters (if there is any).

      • Rigged says:

        That is kind of snarky that she said that about Tracy, what a sore winner! Those words were probably the true Carat speaking, she caved under pressure and couldn’t think of a round about bs answer to give.

        She could have easily said, “I’m very grateful for my MHK win but applaud the efforts of all MHK contestants, we are all winners, the competition was fierce and I was fortunate to win over Tracy and wish her the best in her career.”

      • Fox says:

        Lolz, you want her to say that Txb consolated Tracy to give her 3rd place? Well, she said good to Tracy and you still don’t want. Hard to comfort, har?

        Now if asking Tracy and she says something like: “No, I’m the winner, Carat is just a camel”, do you still like Tracy?

        Or if Tracy answers something like: “Carat is deserved to win, she performs good that night” you will say “she is who to make such remarks” or “she is humble”?

        Tell me which answer you want to see.

        • Rigged says:

          I’m sorry, I really don’t comprehend what you’re trying to say, though I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt that english is not your first language.

          WHEN did Carat say good job Tracy, that is the complete opposite of what she said. What I inferred from Carat’s statement was basically HAHA Tracy, you lost – TVB shouldn’t console you because you should be grateful you barely managed to scrape out third place. Now perhaps Carat didn’t intend for her statement to be construed this way, but it sure sounded like it.
          In fact, why did she even make that statement at all, she won and she doesn’t have to rub it in Tracy’s face. She could have just said nothing at all.

          I have no idea why Tracy would call Carat a camel, but it if she threw a hissy fit or made snarky comments like Carat, I wouldn’t have any respect for her either.

        • Carmen says:

          Agree with Rigg’s statement.

    46. Kayna says:

      I don’t think that Carat had plastic surgery on her nose. If you saw her father’s nose, it’s exactly the same as hers. It’s called genetics guys..

      • Kidd says:

        Her least pretty feature is her nose. If she has done plastic surgery to it, I would expect the surgeon to do a better job than that. Lol.

    47. JDub says:

      I just re-watched the show again. Let’s make this the last post about this topic. Please. Here is truth: Tracy is really NOT champion material. First of all, take into account that even Jacqueline is ahead of Tracy. Tracy had a good performance, but like she said it really was just the “dress and make up.” Her answers are no where near as elaborate nor as intelligent as Jacqueline’s nor Carat’s. I admit towards the end, Tracy’s answers actually had meat to support the backbone, but it was too late, because Andy said she was just “playing catch up.” Carat was on her guard all night. She answered every single question very thoroughly and strategically. Jacqueline is a Master’s student, so yes, her answers were full of wisdom and intelligence. Tracy was mostly looks that night. Her answers were pretty light, she just smiled a lot. This pageant is meant to crown beautiful and smart women. By no terms is Carat ugly. Also, Tracy is not the only one who lost all that weight during the last three months. Carat did too. Carat really put in the effort physically and mentally. There are a lot of contestants every single year that the public likes but does not get crowned champion. The judges have trained vision. Here are SOME of the judges that chose Carat: Wayne Lai, Ruco Chan, Ben Wong, Andy Lau, and Carina Lau. I understand Virginia Lok chose Tracy along with the younger artists and guests present, but maybe because Virginia is going to save Tracy for series. The best actress might not be the champion everyone. Also the champion might not be a bad actress either. I think everyone deserved their placing. The only odd case here is: Jennifer Shum photogenic? I guess. She is just too mature looking personally speaking. And Roxanne, I know you didn’t get placed, but the question Kay Tse asked you could have been answered so differently. You pulled a Melaine because she did the same thing! You both gave such a firm answer, but could not provide examples? That is call bluffing in the poker world and the judges called your bluff. Yikes. Christy and Cynthia were a little plain. You guys either said the wrong things or choked on performance night. Wingto, just another pretty face huh? I don’t blame the judges because you are the only contestant without a university degree. Once again people, intelligence and beauty = Miss Hong Kong. And yes, they judges are harsh, intelligence means a degree. If all the Netizens (which is such a bad made-up word) just can’t get over their egos because they couldn’t have the choice they wanted to win actually win, all I have to say is get over it. I understand y’all feel jipped because the “one person, one vote” was a lie, but I really think that if you would compare these three candidates objectively, Carat does have the highest marks.

        • sehseh says:

          Like x 2

          My personal fav was Jacqueline, but Carat did well, she was cool and composed.

          Tracy was friendly and warm, but that alone is not enough to win the crown. No doubt she is pretty, but I feel Carat is more prettier than her.

          Roxanne has the look and height befitting the champion, but she lacked substance.

    48. Rigged says:

      I also re-watched the pageant and would like to point out who I think did the best in each segment.

      1.) Initial Q and A
      Best: Carat
      2nd/3rd: Jacqueline, Tracy or Jennifer (no particular order)
      Worst: Cynthia and Christy
      ** Also I disagree that Tracy’s was the only dress to stand out. Cynthia had a very crisp royal blue which I thought was the sharpest and Amy also had a very pure white which is always classy and elegant.

      2.) Hip Hop Dancing
      Best: Jacqueline(had the best rhythm/moves were on cue)
      2nd: Amy
      3rd: Roxanne/Cynthia
      4th: Wingto, Carat etc.
      Worst: Melanie (looked incredibly awkward)

      3.) Dinner with Siu Sangs
      Best: Roxanne by far (most natural conversation flow, and answers had the most substance)
      2nd: Jacqueline/Carat/Tracy (tied for a distant 2nd because their responses seemed very rehearsed and scripted. They all spoke very well about the topic but could not give the best answers when their conversation partners asked them questions back
      worst: Christy/Melanie

      4.) Swimsuit Q and A with Fadans
      Best: Jacqueline by far (her answer was thoughtful and her presentation was eloquent)
      2nd: Roxanne (distant second but answer also clear and with substance)
      3rd: Christy (I gave her third over Carat because she was the first up (added pressure) yet she had a clear and well thought out answer (Carat just basically copied what she said).
      worst: Melanie

      5.) Hidden Camera Q and A
      Best: Jacqueline(very well versed and to the point, actually answer the question instead of beating around the bush).
      2nd: Tracy (close second) also a very thoughtful and substantive answer
      3rd: Carat (distant third) did not provide clear and thought out answers despite the fact that her and amy had the most time for dialogue. The “cold” answer about Amy seemed contrived and silly.

      6.) Final pitches
      Best: Tied Tracy and Carat
      Although I thought that Carat answered her questions well (especially the only about Jim sir being as good looking as Andy Lau), Tracy caught up when she responded to Jacqueline’s answer about no winner ever having the surname Wong. Tracy’s answer was witty and honestly one of the highlight’s of the night – Carat basically just copied her answer entirely so I deducted points for that or else I would have said she was best instead of tied.

      In terms of external beauty, I thought that Jacqueline, Cynthia and Tracy had the best body shapes in their bikinis, followed by Carat and Roxanne.

      Jennifer I thought had the most elegance.

      So actually according to my re-assessment, Jacqueline should be the winner based on overall performance, I actually did like her before, but maybe it’s because she was last that it was easy to overlook her (sucks with the alphabetical order). Carat Cheung should only be 1st runner up. Tracy is still my favorite because I think she is the most genuine, but my vote goes to Jacqueline for best performance overall.

      Of course these are just my opinions, feel free to agree or disagree.

      • Rigged says:

        Also left out one more thing which was if you’re going to judge based on level of education, Carat might be far down the list as I was under the impression she stil hadn’t even graduated with her Bachelor’s yet, while other had their Bachelor’s and were Master’s students (Jennifer and Jacqueline).

        • JDub says:

          True, Tracy’s gown was not the only one that stood out that night. I said it was the gown that garnered her most of the attention. I think what is being stated by Rigged is incorrect reversal. Again, that fault is committed with the education comment. The comment I made about education is that HELPS the candidates A LOT. If you don’t have a university degree , it can definitely hurt you. Also, TVB lists someone in the process of acquiring their Bachelor’s degree as someone who “has Bachelor’s degree. My point is that Wingto NEVER enrolled at a university. The Master’s students got the recognition they deserved. Jennifer got photogenic and another award. Jacqueline, despite her height, got 1st runner up. Carat ACTUALLY does have a Bachelor’s (completed too). Carat was very cool and calm. That is what Jacqueline lacked. She even said it herself when she was being questioned against Jennifer Shum “that level of maturity.” Unfortunately, Jennifer looked a tad bit too mature and Jacqueline looked a tad bit too youthful. She was a tad bit jumpy (and I don’t mean that in a negative way), it is her maturity level that determines that. I applaud Carat for being so strategic: she was extremely calm and cool. It probably DOES help that she already bagged two awards too. I think that is what Wayne Lai, Ruco Chan, Ben Wong, Andy Lau, and Carina Lau saw too. These are heavyweight actors and I truly believe they have trained vision. And that is what is important in this pageant/industry. Linda Chung got a huge boost after Kelly Chen complimented her voice at the MCI competition of the respective year. So yes, even if there is recount…..Jacqueline would still top Tracy, but Jacqueline will have to be extremely calm to garner champion. She is jumpy, so the trophy goes to Carat. Also, when Jim Sir asked a question and he asked the three contestants who wanted to answer (towards the end to stall for the app to work), nobody really wanted to raise their hands at first. I saw Jacqueline half-raise her hand, but she kinda retracted. Then Tracy’s kinda went up. Finally, Carat raised her hand firmly and said via the mic “I will answer.” And Jim Sir said: “Okay, Carat, because you added your voice.” Cool, calm, and a climber. Here is the nail on the coffin: Carat keeps the crown.

      • sure-lee says:

        I agree with most of your opinions :)

        For me, Tracy’s bright yellow goen really really stood out! I loved that one sooo much, fave gown of the night, LOL.

    49. Rigged says:


      You can attack my syntax all you want but you made the most apparent error of syntax when you said your statement was “the truth.” The truth according to who? Maybe the truth according to you, which is frankly your own opinion. In fact according to your claim you’re just a lowly viewer in comparison to Wayne, Carina and Andy, so what makes your perspective the truth?

      Also you’ll note that I systematically broke down each category of the pageant and agreed with you that Carat was level headed and performed well in the categories you suggested. I also threw in education as a final category. According to my assessment Jacqueline was the winner- also you should note that a huge part of the competition was luck of the pairings and which questions you got . Jacqueline just happened to get the “name one flaw” one which Carat didn’t. So instead of crucifying her for that answer you should applaud her candor. I can easily say that Carat’s answer about being cold is terrible- uh Amy is from NY where you can get tons of snow and harsh winters, vancouver weather is very mild in comparison.

      One last thing and I hate to beat the dead horse is that the results should have been determined by “one person one vote,” it doesn’t matter if you’reTV king like Wayne Lai, your vote doesn’t have more weighting and your perspective is not any more accurate. TVB claimed a MHK elected by a popularity contest, from the audience trend and “netizen” outcry it would likely be Tracy or Jacqueline. I don’t think this can be argued. Therefore you can say it’s unfair that Carat the best and most deserving wouldn’t have won because it was actually a competition of who is the most popular (in the eyes of the public) not necessarily who it the best. Hope that makes sense.

    50. aptos says:

      TVB screwed up royally…they should have done a pre-test voting using some singing contest or best food two months, shows that they have regularly. Any security flaws can be work out…using a “hacking” excuse to justify their momentous failure is a cop-out! Isn’t the “Scoop” program which they frequently ask viewers to vote on topic of the day part of TVB? Seems like no problems there. Hmmm…

    Readers are no longer able to comment on this old article.

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