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Joyce Cheng Turns Alfred Hui Straight?

By on January 24, 2013

Joyce Cheng Turns Alfred Hui Straight? thumbnail

Pop singer Alfred Hui (許廷鏗) has been rumored to be gay ever since the paparazzi published intimate photos of he and his close male friend, Kenny, kissing in the park last year. However, according to recent tabloid reports, miracle worker Joyce Cheng (鄭欣宜) may have already turned Alfred’s “broken” back into a straight one.

The latest Hong Kong entertainment news reported that 25-year-old Joyce and 24-year-old Alfred recently vacationed in Taiwan, where they spent five days and four nights together in a honeymoon spa suite. On their return flight to Hong Kong, tabloids claimed that Joyce and Alfred were seen acting intimately with each other. Joyce often laid her head on Alfred’s shoulder, and Alfred held her hand tightly throughout the entire plane ride. Joyce and Alfred also often uploaded pictures of them posing together on Weibo and Facebook.

Joyce, who lost over 100 pounds after joining the entertainment industry in 2005, was said to be a miracle worker. Maybe she also miraculously turned Alfred from gay to straight?

On January 23, Joyce posted a picture on Weibo of her and Alfred pointing at each other and looking quizzically at the camera. The photo seemed to be hinting that the pair are confused with their incredulous rumors, also indirectly expressing that they are just good friends.

Speaking with Ming Pao, Joyce admitted that she and Alfred had taken a vacation together to absorb the local music scene in Taiwan. Joyce said, “We slept in separate rooms. I’m a girl and will be shy!”

Adding that she normally considers Alfred as a younger brother and that there have not been any romantic sparks, Joyce stated, “The people that know us realize that we are truly not dating. If we were dating, it would not be so high profile. He is not my cup of tea; I like to drink coffee. A sister and brother dating is incestuous; it’s impossible!”

Joyce clarified that she is currently single and only laughed over the romantic rumors with Alfred.

Source: Sina.com; Ming Pao

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  • Readers' Comments (63)

    1. Lyle says:

      He’s gay? Really? I recently just became a huge fan of his, he’s a really good singer. I’m pretty sure he’s straight

      • hazel says:

        Lol my reaction is the same. He has a very pretty face. Like seriously there is a lot of handsome guy I seen but in the end they are homosexual. With those pretty face there could be whole gang of girls wanting his love. But either way you guys should still listen to his music even if he’s homosexual. Loving the same gender is still love. But I hope he is rather bisexual then homosexual

      • Anna says:

        Yep he’s gay. There were photos of him and his friend at a park last year and they were VERY intimate. The photos are way more incriminating than the ones of Leehom and his friend.

        • Selena says:

          I want to see the pictures.

        • simbalalala says:

          Yeah i would like to see the pictures too. Don’t just post a comment on here saying he’s gay with no proof (sorry jaynestars, you too)
          I even searched it up, NOTHING.

    2. Bubblez says:

      Regardless of he is gay or not, I will still listen to his music (:
      But I am pretty sure that he’s not and that he’s just really close with his male friend. Typical HK paparazzi

    3. Jayne says:

      Last year, the HK paparazzi took photos of Alfred laying on his friend’s lap on a park bench, while his friend bent his head over him. The reports claimed that the man was Alfred’s long time friend, and that they had an underground relationship.

      Below is one of the published photos:


    4. Mlove says:

      What is up with her pix? Photoshopped.

      I’m so happy for her for losing so much weight. Nr easy to do. Hope she will be in tvb series soon

    5. passerby says:

      Fag hag

    6. Michael says:

      But how can fatty Joyce Cheng manage to turn any guy straight? She probably can do the opposite and make guys gay. Look at her! (She does not look remotely close to that photo in the article, that woman LOVES her food…)

      • 939393 says:

        being chubby doesn’t mean that she hasn’t a slight attraction in her. If she manages to turn straight guys gay, well then good for her(and most of the female population) because there’ll be less superficial guys to deal with.

      • Cherry says:

        So because a girl is fat means she can’t be attractive? Glad there aren’t so many superficial guys like you in the world.

      • smileyy says:

        LOL does it mean you turned gay? after seeing her photo?

      • Mr. Lee says:

        Typical attitude that skeletons with pieces of dough masquerading as boobs look sexy.

    7. Applelim says:

      I have serious doubts about this piece of news. Even if he is gay how can a female turn someone straight in sexuality!! unless of course he is bisexual.

      • Little fishy says:

        Lol I remember back then, we have ppls pretend to be couple so he can be gay, save his image, and she can ride on his fame and get monetary benefit, now it’s miracle worker and most ppls believe it =_=
        Really, guy? There is no cure for gay, it’s your preference, it would be better off to say he’s bi =_=

    8. streetwise says:

      if only she got her looks from her dad instead

    9. Michael says:

      Someone post a recent photo of Joyce. She does NOT look ANYTHING like that right now. She is back to being a whale…

    10. mockinggenius says:

      Michael, since you call Joyce a fatty, a whale, then you yourself must be perfect in look, built, everything. Why not post a picture in youtube, facebook etc so we can admire you! Please let us know where/when it’ll be posted.

      • trini says:

        @mockinggenius, I too can’t wait to see this perfect specimen post his picture on You tube. I hope Micheal never gets fat, he or none of his loved ones. Heaven forbid such a sin befalling Mr Perfect.

      • Dilly says:

        Very well said. Can’t believe such obnoxious person.

      • Michael says:

        Sure, if one day I need to be in the public eye in order to make my living, of course you will see lots of pictures of me. Paparasi would be following me everywhere taking pictures too.

        If I’m a celebrity, I better hope people would scrutinize over my photos than no one caring at all…simple logic, isn’t it?

        • sophia says:

          you really want to piss people off huh lol

        • opium says:

          lol it’s Paparazzi. <<<<—— 1st sign of being perfect. Come on men, life is already complicated, don't make it sounds completely a jack***. Even though you are handsome, but if you have bad personalities, people will start to move away from you. (sry this is my opinion but take Oscar Leung for example, I love this guy so much since Tiger Cub but after read so many news of how he changes, i totally disappointed as this guy and never really take a look at him again.)

    11. pepe69 says:

      gay is not a disease & not contagiour & cant be cure… malaysia recently cause furore when the education authority deputy ask parents to spot children who have certain “tendencies” that is term as gay & how to “cure” the gay school children…example, if he likes wear V-tshirt, pinky color, carry the big posh lady-like bag, muscular tight Tshirt is term as gays… what so big deal ,,,straights also wear those too…

      joyce has a pretty face, sometimes its the gene factor that cause yoyo weight, oprah & mariah consider big but still earn respect due to the talents n not look

    12. K says:

      I don’t get why Hong Kong make such a big deal if someone is gay. i mean can’t you just accept it.

    13. trini says:

      I like how Joyce said, “he is not my cup of tea, we are just friends”. That is so true. It is interesting how these chinese gay idols always have a good “girlfriend” to travel with and share girl talk with.

    14. H says:

      There’s nothing wrong with Joyce being chubby or anything…it’s what’s on teh inside that counts!

      • Megamiaow says:

        Better she be at the weight that makes her happy. HK is full of enough of the slim girls anyway. Her mother also made it big even though she was probably the heaviest actress to grace HK screens.

        • Funn Lim says:

          Remember when she was little she was obese? She lost all those weight and still got people saying she’s fat issit? Crazy people.

          Anyway her mother was TVB’s most powerful artiste and person. Liza Wang or Dodo didn’t even come close. And she did by sheer talent in being good at everything. Yes she wasn’t the greatest actress but people like her. And everytime I watch a TVB anniversary show I can feel the void she left. I was always hoping Joyce will be a host like her mom. She had that talent, even if her cantonese is limited, she is well liked. We all watched her grow up. I remember her dance and song routine, Britney Spears if I remember correctly, she was huge but she danced and she even did a split. Unfortunately she wants to be a singer, a very tough competition.

      • Funn Lim says:

        P/S She was also classy. She demonstrated that at the memorial for her mother when feelings were emotional and her father became the scapegoat. She also reconciled her mom and dad and in a way gave her dad his career back (notice how adam cheng disappeared from TVB during the unofficial ban by Lydia?) and has such a good relationship with her little sister (?) that her mother spoke so proudly of her. Her mother taught her well. She was the pride and joy of Lydia. I always have this sentimental feeling for Joyce. Practically saw her grow up.

        Huge,slim,thin, fat – no other artistes I have seen had her classiness back then. So you are right. Why should her weight ever matter? Everyone is slim. But she should strive to be unique. Her mother was unique, not because she was fat but because she was talented and had the respect of even the seniors as well as the juniors because of her work ethic.

        • trini says:

          Fun Limm, beautifully said. I am slim and I have friends who are on the big side. I do not let it bother me and I am proud to be seen with them. They are wonderful people who are worth my time. Joyce is indeed a very classy lady. She inherited that class from her mother. I look at the talent of an artist, not the facial or body structure. Too many male and female artistes walking around looking like sticks and bones. I wish Joyce all the best and hopes she finds contentment and happiness in her life. She has been through so much.

        • sophia says:

          yeah people can be cruel sometimes. if someone overweight, people would call them names. if someone is underweight, they would be like eat a burger, if someone is nice looking, some people would jealous and say stuff too.

    15. sau says:

      doesnt matter if ppl are gay or not, the point is the singing ? right?

    16. ita says:

      I think she should be at the weight she comfortable with. I notice she try too hard to stay thin and look like the rest. Most HK actresses look like suffering from malnutrition or bobble head.

    17. AL says:

      I am not Joyce’s fans…but still support Joyce…feel that this poor lady…her mom passed away when she was still teen and father already has his own family…Joyce has a lot of pressure…from not singing too good to now…singing improve…her body was fat because of her DNA…now she has to keep it ….it is not easy…Joyce…add oil…

    18. Djojs says:

      I like joyce but she really needs a nose job. It’s way too big!

      It’s funny how people are in denial because he looks and acts straight. FYI, gays/les come in or shapes, sizes and how they behave. They are just like any other people except their sexual preference is of the same kind.

      They could be your next door neighbour, school friend, work colleague, friend of friends or even your brother or sister… the list is endless.

      • sandcherry says:

        Joyce Cheng looked very strange in the above photo …… distorted (her face looked too small and her shoulders looked crooked). I think she looks prettier in person, though not that slim, but more proportional.

    19. Pyro says:

      Gay or not it doesn’t matter we’re fans for that person’s talent not because of his sexuality. Unless he admits it then I don’t see why we have to label him as gay

    20. shu says:

      can accept he is gay/lesbien but can’t accept a pervert and play with girls like edison.1=good 2=not good, no fan
      1=good 2=good 3=not good, fan
      1=not good 2=good 3=good, fan

    21. ebbie says:

      She looks very cute in the pic, like a doll!

    22. minnieb says:

      That must be yourself ;)

    23. P. Tan says:

      Lost 100lbs? That’s really a lot. Could it be more likely 100kg? Anyway she is thin enough and if not careful may turn anorexic. Has traces of her father’s looks and if she has inherited both parents’ talents, wow! Wish her all the best.

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