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Rebecca Zhu Wins 2011 Miss Hong Kong Crown!

By on August 7, 2011

Rebecca Zhu Wins 2011 Miss Hong Kong Crown! thumbnail

From left to right: Hyman Chu, Rebecca Zhu, and Whitney Hui.

Twenty-three-year-old Rebecca Zhu (朱晨麗) was crowned as the 2011 Miss Hong Kong winner at the beauty pageant held on August 7, 2011.  Through her beauty and intelligence, Rebecca won the title and lived up to the public’s expectations. Hyman Chu (朱希敏) was the first runner-up, while Whitney Hui (許亦妮) was the second runner-up  at this year’s Miss Hong Kong pageant.

Known as “Mainland Niki Chow,” Rebecca studied ballet and graduated from a performing arts program. Rebecca loved dancing and music, while her desire was to do their best to help people in need. Prior to her coronation, Rebecca received the Most Popular Award from guest presenter, Myolie Wu (胡杏兒). When MC Eric Tsang introduced Myolie onstage, he referred to her as “Mrs. Wong” (Bosco Wong’s wife).

During the segment when the Miss Hong Kong contestants’ family members appeared onstage to cheer for their daughters, Hyman Chu and mother shared the experience of participating in the pageant. Hyman cried forcibly, even causing her to lose her false eyelashes. The scene was quite moving and Eric Tsang’s eyes also became wet with tears.

Second runner-up, Whitney Hui, also won the Most Photogenic Award. Hailing from London, Whitney was nicknamed as “D Cup Gi Gi” by the media due to her curvaceous figure. The 22-year-old enjoys reading and cooking. Whitney hoped to contribute to society and help people in need.

Contestant # 6, Nicole Leung (梁麗翹), received the Miss International Goodwill Award.  The 26-year-old was a senior marketing director and enjoyed playing the piano and traveling. Nicole was eager to become a successful manager. When the results were announced, Nicole was surprised and very excited upon receiving the award.

Source: On.cc

Jayne: Congratulations to the winners of the 2011 Miss Hong Kong Pageant! She was the hot favorite to win the crown! I like the qipaos, which looked very elegant in white. The swimsuits, influenced by recent trend in animal prints, was modern looking and sexy. The evening gowns looked atrocious though; too frilly!

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  • Readers' Comments (76)

    1. LeilaFan says:

      Rebecca Zhu, the one in the middle of the top pic of 3. She looks like Falla Chan, LOL! At first I thought it was Fala from far away. Glad she win, she the prettiest out of that 3 up there.

    2. Ah K says:

      Congrats to the winner! Rebecca Zhu does have a very sweet looking face and does show a subtle hint of resemblance to Fala Chen when she’s donned in that white qipao! Hope she would be able to stay in the entertainment circle for long and not fade away!

      As compared to recent past winners of Ms HK, I think Rebecca Zhu does look like she has a higher caliber in comparison. Hope TVB will promote her wisely!

      “During the segment when the Miss Hong Kong contestants’ family members appeared onstage to cheer for their daughters, Hyman Chu and mother shared the experience of participating in the pageant. Hyman cried forcibly, even causing her to lose her false eyelashes.”

      Oh dear, such a dreadful thing to happen (to lose one side of your fake eyelashes and probably look weird/ugly with only the other side remaining) on National TV but it does sound very touching indeed to be able to share one’s success with your mom. :’)

      • LeilaFan says:

        The only pic I find Rebecca look alike Fala is the one on the top with the long hair down.
        Others pictures she not look that much like Fala.

        • Ah K says:


          I also feel that she only has a subtle (little not very obvious) hint of resemblance to Fala Chen, it could probably be due to the high and deep cheekbones, pointed chin and long hair, which led to the resemblance (:

    3. Larry 3 says:

      This year show was ok.

      Winning numbers: 5 – 14 – 3
      Scratched: 12.
      15 drop to 14 contestants in the show.

      Any reason why #12 drop out?

    4. HeTieShou says:

      I thought the winner looked sort of like Sonja Kwok in the above picture at first glance. Congrats to all of the winners!! I liked the Qi Pao’s and all, but the evening gowns were a bit weird looking. The cape for the winner is ok, however, could have been better…

    5. Jenny says:

      The quality this year was certainly much higher compared to the past 4 years.
      The winner is gorgeous. She does look like Fala especially in the white qipao. I also like the 1st runner up and 2nd runner up.

    6. pandamao says:

      this year had some great contestants that were not just beautiful on the outside.

      the show was kind of bland though, no artist performance or anything.

      congrats to all the lovely girls!

      • Larry 3 says:

        performance . . . CRYING w/ your mom or contestants?


        • cinsin says:

          The crying were so fake, I’m sorry but you see your mother everyday. They made it like they were never going to see their family ever again. Some girls even looked quite ugly crying. It seemed as though one girl started crying the rest followed incase they were missing out on something.

          Even the mothers were a bit lame bringing in teddies and birds nest? WTF! Worst segment of the whole show!

        • lara says:

          yeh thought there was more crying on stage than actual interviewing contestants!! looked more like a show to me!if you don’t cry, you lose out.

        • LOLCAT says:

          LOL yeah only one of them didn’t.

    7. Aly says:

      Congrats to all the winners! I’m quite pleased with the results that 2 of my favorites made the top 3. Hyman was a surprise winner, a dark horse, but she’s very tall and looks quite confident! I haven’t watched the pageant yet, but I think she must have had a good performance. My top five picks were 3, 5, 6, 7, and 13. I’m glad 3 and 5 placed, and happy that 6 won Miss International Goodwill. But how about 7 and 13? Did 13 not even make top 8? Why? Too petite? I think for the most part the audience should be happy with the results since Rebecca was the audience’s favorite all along. At least they won’t complain them looking like pork chops!

    8. Mika says:

      Congrats Rebecca. She was my pick to win this years Miss Hong Kong.!

    9. K-Asian says:

      With her look, she might become an TVB actress soon ^_^ hope her career will not end up like our Shirley Yeung (Miss “Can’t Act”) if she participates in acting path.

    10. Jayne says:

      Btw, thanks to everyone for participatingin the Sulwhasoo giveaway! Over 90% of contest participants chose Rebecca Zhu as their choice for the winner!

      As per contest rules, the first person with the correct winning prediction won! Congrats to Carol!

    11. lol says:

      This year’s quality of winners are much better than previous years! Congrats to them

    12. :( says:

      Although the Winner looks good and stuff, but i’m very disappointed that she’s from China, with a few more participants from China aswell. Making it feel more like a Miss China competition rather than a Miss HK… :(

      • Aly says:

        Actually, I think 6 of the 14 contestants are from overseas this year, and among the rest, a few are from mainland or at least has an accent that sounds like they are-like, 5,7,8,10. So I think a majority of the contestants are not born or grown up in Hong Kong. I also hope that the winner is truly a rep of HK, born and raised there so they are more familiar with the history and culture there, but if TVB does not open up for overseas contestants to apply and join, the pageant will have low standard contestants. In fact, there are some girls that even go back to HK to apply as a local contestant even if they are from overseas. Aimee Chan was one of them. It’s unfortunate, but most of the pretty Hong Kong girls go the lang mo modelling route or were scouted already. Or, they have no interest in entering Miss HK. China has a huge market and lots of girls that would love to develop in HK especially if they know Cantonese. Miss Asia does not get as much exposure.

        • Larry 3 says:

          TVB has their own less stellar pageants overseas markets then those winners compete MCI.

          I don’t know what is the future for Miss HK if they could ease restrictions and make a competitive competition to make attractive or do nothing.

      • Larry 3 says:

        Well, she only live in Hong Kong for 7 years…. is that count?

      • sure-lee says:

        Yeah, I a Miss HK should originate from HK, or at the very least, speak fluent and proper cantonese.

        • anon says:

          yeh, i think so too. she jus made it pass the 7 years i think, so that she can apply for miss hk…i think she might have wanted to apply for it earlier but she wasn’t yet qualified lol.

    13. FanWen says:

      I think she looks old for being only 23.

    14. Chriselle says:

      Congrats to Rebecca for winning! Halfway through the show, I predicted she will win although my support was still with Whitney!

      Wished Whitney was 1st runner-up instead. Hyman was a dark horse whom I didn’t expect to get placed. Nicole not getting into top 4 was a big surprise. Prior to the final show, I didn’t pay attention to Mayanne who made top 4. :o

      Absolutely loved the swimsuits, especially Whitney’s! :D I thought it was a bit weird for some to weird a brown piece with a green piece, however.

    15. exoidus says:

      i personally prefer whitney from the photos…

      • Masaharu says:

        Perhaps that’s why she won the Photogenic award :D. She also caught my attention the most *just* from the photos; but I didn’t watch the show

        • exoidus says:

          me either. well it also depends on personality, education etc and maybe backing?

          the winner is not bad and does look like a fala copy…

        • Masaharu says:

          I just skimmed over the news. Haha..one of the contestants(Lisa Lau) named “Mona Fong” as her “idol”..hmmmm

    16. Fox says:

      Rebecca looks like a mix of Fala and Nnadia.

    17. love_of_tvb says:

      Haha. Eric Tsang calling Myolie “黃太”! That was hilarious.

    18. bloom says:

      Good to see that this year’s contestants are of much better than last year’s ones phew!
      Some people commented that Rebecca looks like Fala, quite agree. But, I also feel she looks a bit like Loletta Chu.

    19. Summer says:

      I think this year TVB redeem themselves. I like this year’s theme and the choreography of the dancers. Was the show always this long (almost two hours) ??? Yet they didn’t even have any guest performers. Overall the show was pretty okay. I like the design of the qipaos as well. I was hoping # 6 Nicole in top 3, maybe as first runner-up. I think TVB should promote Rebecca in the future but first, I think she needs to improve her Cantonese more (she will gets more opportunity this way).

      • Lily says:

        My Top 3 were Rebecca, Nicole, and Whitney, so I thought the results would’ve been perfect if Nicole had been placed. I am, however, happy she got Miss International Goodwill. Hyman is definitely a dark horse of the night, but I can understand why she was placed.

        • Lily says:

          And although there were no performers, I thought the show was quite touching with the parents and the giving flower to bff part. I’m also glad TVB toned down on the korean songs. I love them, but it’s not very appropriate for MHK. Someone did something right this year. Hopefully next year will be even better as it is the 40th anniversary of MHK.

        • P says:

          I never like the parent part…I don’t want to see people crying at a Miss HK pageant.

      • Larry 3 says:

        This year was really better then the last two or three years past…. If they add a special guest performer and it maybe worth watchable and ratings may go up little more.

        Too bad the publicity of this years pageant was some what low key.

        Next year will be 40th anniversary of Miss HK. So I hope it wont be held in a small venue inside TVB studios.

    20. HKer says:

      The top pic doesn’t do justice for the winner.. I found her really pretty on TV. Not pretty as in better looking than the rest of them but very pretty in general. I think she may be the best looking winner in the last decade or more… Congrats.

    21. […] am very excited for her. I am especially excited about the swimsuit section of the pageant …. Rebecca Zhu Wins 2011 Miss Hong Kong Crown! Reply With Quote + [Reply] « Where to buy Grease / Pomade | […]

    22. cinsin says:

      I think Hyman should’ve changed her name before she entered the contest….

      I watched the second half of the show and this is the first time I’ve watched the show since 2003 lol It was a little more enjoyable than what I used to remember it to be. The girls seemed to show a lot more confidence and didn’t let Eric Tsang and his snide comments get to them.

      Even though Rebecca won, I wonder if they will give her an acting contract. I have a feeling Whitney has a higher chance of gaining popularity if she’s given a contract. She seems to have a more versatile look. TVB doesn’t always seem to like to promote the winner of Miss HK. They generally like the first and second runner-up.

      • SDS says:

        Well now she’s stuck with it if she enters showbiz through TVB. Ha! Clearly whoever chose her name has a English vocabulary impediment. They’re only slightly lucky they didn’t use ‘e’ instead of the ‘a’. High five to goddess luck and her 4 dwarves.

    23. Lucia says:

      Rebecca Zhu looks like a Mainland actress Rebecca Wang.

      Whitney Hiu looks like Sonija Kwok. The results are alright but it would be better if Whitney is Miss Hong Kong. Her smile is sweeter than Rebecca, but Rebecca has a smaller waist/tummy than Whitney (based on the pictures).

      Why did the judges usually pick a tall girl for the 1st runner up in Miss Hong Kong contest?

    24. Pineapple says:

      Rebecca definitely looks a lot prettier than some of the previous years Miss Hong Kong. Incidentally I can’t see the resemblance at all between her and Fala Chen. Must admit that Fala’s nicer but Rebecca’s not too bad either.

    25. mulder says:

      at last a decent winner….been like 10 years since we have worthy Miss HK

    26. Judy says:

      wow… this girl actually looks like a woman rather than a teenager. I can see her participating in something miss universe or something.

    27. Jadio says:

      What happened to Eidelwiess (however you spell it) the MHK from a few years ago?

      • Jayne says:

        Eidelwiess allegedly ticked off TVB management because she pretended to be sick and did not appear at PR events within one year of her being crowned Miss Hong Kong.

        • Fox says:

          I think she went back home and became a siu ye again.

        • Jadio says:

          Ic, don’t know why they crowned her the winner. All she had was the height, I didn’t think she answered their questions well at all. So much much for judging their “inside beauty” as well as “outside beauty” >.<

    28. Masaharu says:

      She’s decently pretty :). Congratulations.

    29. Larry 3 says:

      Ratings for Miss HK 2011:
      24 points average, peak at 28 points

      down 1 point on average from last years’ 25 points.

      up 1 point on peak points from last years 27 points.

    30. Larry 3 says:

      TV complaints from Miss HK 2011 pageant :

      2 reported from Hong Kong Broadcast Authority:

      They were complaining because there were too many crying scenes, leading to an unhappy feeling.

      Compare to last years, which got a total of 18.


    31. Darren says:

      OMG Whitney Hui is hella hot!! She has the face and her body is banging!!! She should have won!!! Things i’d do to her =]

      • Larry 3 says:

        I agree, I would date her and Rebecca. Hope they are still single.

        • Veejay says:

          LOL Larry, I guess this year’s ms hk are something right? They are definitely hotter than last year “pork chop” which was labelled by most hk citizens.

        • Larry 3 says:

          This year was really a surprise. Clearly better then last year; no doubt. Wish there was more publicity on this year pageant and just miss the chance to watch it live

    32. Larry 3 says:

      There’s some news report on Rebecca Zhu did apply to ATV’s Miss Asia pageant back in 06; but she wasnt accepted.

      What she said to the reporters, she forgot about it. She just sent the application on that time just for fun.

      Boy, that was a very close call, must be luck for now with TVB.

    33. Jessica says:

      I think Whitney Hui is prettier based on pictures!

    34. Shane says:

      The crying part when their mothers showed up is so lame. I felt the girls crying were so fake and so pretentious and only one girl did not cry.

    35. Lilly says:

      Rebecca is pretty indeed! But Sandy Lau won Miss Hong Kong 2009(?) and I thought she was very pretty! Miss Hong Kong 2010 was ehh

      • Veejay says:


        According to reliable source, Ms Hk 2010 was labelled by the citizens as “pork chop” which mean Ugly XD

    36. SDS says:

      Hmmm personally Whitney comes off more as lively and sweet, while Rebecca is more demure and elegant. Both gave really average, bordering inane, answers in their question parts. Between the two I would have thought Whitney to be better since she presented a more affable attitude; Rebecca seemed a bit too wooden.

    37. Kate says:

      Hyman Chu competed in Miss Chinese Toronto 2009 so she has some pageant experience and I’m not surprised she placed. Rebecca was alright…at least she’s a drastic improvement from the past years but for heaven’s sake can they do something about the format of the show? The crying bits were over the top and so affected, it was embarrassing. The pageant producers should watch Miss Universe or Miss World or something to find out how to run a pageant properly.

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