Sharon Chan’s Chest Touched by Sammy Leung 20 Times in “Justice Attack”

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Sharon Chan (陳敏之) and Sammy Leung (森美) filmed a daring scene for TVB drama, Justice Attack <法網追擊> recently. As  police officers on an undercover assignment, Sharon pretended to be a prostitute, while Sammy acted as a molester. The scene required Sammy to place his hand on Sharon’s chest. Due to outtakes, Sammy touched Sharon’s chest 20 times!

Male Onlookers Surround Filming Scene

While filming the scene where Sammy touched Sharon’s chest, she yelled at the top of her lungs, “Sexual assault! Sexual assault!” An elderly male pedestrian thought that it was a real cry for help. When he realized that Sharon and Sammy were only filming for a TVB drama, he shouted, “What are you crying sexual assault for! You’re too noisy!”

Dressed in a tight tank top and orange shorts showcasing her 33C bust and 42-inch-long legs, Sharon attracted a crowd of interested male pedestrians during the filming in Sham Shui Po. When Sharon bent down, a man recorded a clip of her cleavage and kept playing back the video for his viewing pleasure.

Sammy Touches Sharon’s Chest 20 Times

The producer of Justice Attack, Man Wai Hung (文偉鴻), had to decide where Sammy Leung should place his hands on Sharon Chan’s chest. Producer Man said, “We discussed the scene with Sammy last night. Where should his hand touch Sharon’s chest? Should he touch the top or bottom portion of her breast? Due to nervousness, will the appropriate spot be touched? We were not afraid that Sharon will mind, but rather how will Sammy explain to his wife!” Sammy was embarrassed that it was revealed that he was afraid of his wife’s reaction.

The scene of Sammy touching Sharon’s chest resulted in 20 outtakes! During one of the outtakes, Producer Man asked Sammy to be brave and touch Sharon’s chest as required by the scene. Sharon even took Sammy’s hand and placed it on her upper breast, to warm up when the cameras started rolling.

Afterward, Sammy said outrageously, “Without touching it, I never would have known that Sharon’s chest is a water bag! This scene is a great favor granted by the producer! Please add a bed scene too!”

Teased by Sammy, Sharon retorted, “My chest is real; I did not add anything extra! To accommodate the role of a prostitute, I wore a nude bra to boost the cup size to make it easier for you to grab!”

Sammy praised Sharon for her accommodating demeanor. He said, “I will not film such a scene with any actress! She has to be beautiful and cool! Realizing that my filming partner would be Sharon, I agreed to it!”

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Jayne: In past series, such a sexual assault scene would be fulfilled by the actor touching the actress’ butt. It is certainly more daring for Sammy to be touching Sharon’s upper chest, but still unrealistic. A real molester certainly would grab in the middle. Since the scene lacks realism anyway, what’s the point of adding it in?

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16 comments to Sharon Chan’s Chest Touched by Sammy Leung 20 Times in “Justice Attack”

  1. Funn Lim says:

    It is not chest or rather it is not directly chest. It is above her chest. and it is called acting. And if a scene demands for it, no camera angles can fake such a simple scene. If an actress can’t film such a simple scene, she should quit. And since she herself insisted, means that she gave consent so basically we won’t have gossip magazines screaming how she was touched. In acting world, that is work. I applaud her professionalism.

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    • crose replied:

      i know that does not seem to be a REAL BOOB TOUCH hahaha…. you can probably fake it from an angels w/that gesture. americans they REALLY TOUCH haha not that i think thats great but i mean in comparison.

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  2. Jason says:

    i want that part ill make sure i cant do it right so i can touch her chest 50 times .haha im such a perv naughty me.

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  3. Hannahh says:

    Sharon is so pro

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  4. G says:

    What part of her is 33C? I would say she is at most a A cup.

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    • tony replied:

      Aiyah, 33C cup? Really, nothing to be excited about.

      I’ll rather “chai min fen” (groping egg-based sticky floor) and keep fantasizing than seizing this opportunity to tough sharon’s breaast.

      It makes guys feel cheap dealing with this airport cup.

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  5. Daisy says:

    Sharon is a professional proud!

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  6. Veejay says:


    haha, yeah i agree with you that the scene is not realistic enough. Maybe tvb is scare of complaints later?

    the guy who captured the scene of Sharon bending down showing her cleavage is so cheap and h0rny.

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  7. Larry 3 says:

    I want his job.

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  8. fez says:

    maybe they’re not professional enough to grab the whole thing in the proper way. that’s just her chest, not her boobs his touching! and now there’s an article on it to express how ‘professional’ these actors are LOL LOL. such a big thing WOWWWW

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  9. hcfoo says:

    The scene is not convincing but what do we expect. This is not Hollywood movie. Kudos to Sharon on being so ‘professional’ but I think she still hasn’t achieve that sex symbol status like Irene Wan.

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    • tony replied:

      Wanna to achieve sex-symbol without working on any porn movies just make me laugh…..

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  10. elin says:

    hahahah he should just grab it lol.. i mean thts wht a real molester would do anyway

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  11. Critics says:

    I love to be in his role.

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  12. Terminator says:

    If I were him, I would NG more than 20 times.

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  13. Air Lin says:

    Whoever did the counting is the perverted one.

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