“The Man with the Bird Tattoo” and Other Awkward Titles Featured in 2018 TVB Lineup

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“The Man with the Bird Tattoo” and Other Awkward Titles Featured in 2018 TVB Lineup

With the year almost coming to an end, a leaked list of upcoming 2018 TVB series was unofficially released to the public. Although some of the series on the list seemed familiar, some oddly named dramas drew questions.

TVB’s anniversary series, Oh My Grad! <老表畢業喇> and Line Walker: The Prelude <使徒行者2> are nearing the grand finale and although it’s been announced that The Exorcist’s Meter <降魔的> and Heart of Greed 3 <溏心風暴3> will take over their broadcasting slots, many viewers are curious as to what to expect in the new year.

Currently there have been no announcements for the highly anticipated Deep In the Realm of the Conscience <宮心計2之深宮計>, The Learning Curve of a Warlord <大帥哥> or The Forgotten Valley <平安谷之詭谷傳說> but it’s speculated that they will air in the beginning of 2018.

Twenty new series were leaked and while series such as Time of Tung Yang <棟仁的時光>, Kennedy vs. Kennedy <堅離地對堅離地>, Apple Colada <菓欄中的江湖大嫂 >, and Reverse of Fate <逆緣> were easily recognized as they are already in production, some names made fans laugh.

The Man With a Bird Tattoo <鳥紋身的男人>, Preserved Prune and Haw Flake <陳皮梅與山楂餅>, as well as The Strangest Familiar Person <最陌生的熟悉人> were series with odd titles. Despite its awkward title, Preserved Prune and Haw Flake is a spin-off of the hit series The Hippocratic Crush <On Call36小時> focusing on the theme of traditional Chinese medicine.

However, not much description was given for the other two series, and many fans poked fun at the terrible titles, and are anxious to see which artistes will be casted in the end.

Another series named Superhero in White <白色強人> is slated to be a sequel to Law Dis-Order <律政強人>.

One of the most highly talked about programs on the list was definitely Hacken Lee and Joey Leung Variety Show <李克勤,梁榮忠 Variety show>. Many recalled the duo’s hit 2005 talent show Minutes to Fame <殘酷一叮> and wanted to know whether or not this new variety program will be similar.

Next year will be Liza Wang‘s (汪明荃) 50th year in the entertainment industry. Hoping to celebrate this special occasion, TVB is featuring a special program called, The Queen’s Elegant 50 Years <女王華麗50年>.

Above: It’s not clear when “Succession War” and “Threesome” will be aired.

Source: HK01.com

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8 comments to “The Man with the Bird Tattoo” and Other Awkward Titles Featured in 2018 TVB Lineup

  1. Profile photo of tiffany tiffany says:

    TVB trying to stand out or what? lol

    Grace looks scary in that top poster. She can’t pull it off in ancient dramas. Maybe pre-modern too.

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    • Profile photo of anon anon replied:


      Grace can’t pull off acting. Period!

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  2. Profile photo of jimmyszeto jimmyszeto says:

    I’m not worried about ‘Heart of Greed 3’ because Ha Yu is in it. I can’t remember a single performance from him that I have ever been disappointed in. It will be good to see Michael Tong back. He’s not a great actor but he is TVB through and through.

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  3. Profile photo of krolxl krolxl says:

    They should bring back Beautiful Cooking. That show was funny.

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  4. Profile photo of llwy12 llwy12 says:

    This article actually came out several weeks ago…the original article in Chinese actually had a picture of the list in question and some of the series had the genre, brief description, and also artists’ names next to them (there were a few surprises in terms of artists, which led me to question how accurate this list is). I guess we won’t find out until the official announcements are made. In any case, if these series do end up panning out, I hope TVB cleans up the weird titles because honest to God, those titles are atrocious, lol!

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    • Profile photo of kirigiri kirigiri replied:

      @llwy12 Don’t expect much from them considering “My Sister of Eternal Flower” was an actual official title. -_-

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  5. Profile photo of diana80 diana80 says:

    Not many interesting series to look forward to for 2018 so far. Of the series mentioned for airing early next year, I’m only interested in Deep in the Realm of Conscience, Succession War and Reversal of Fate.

    For now, i’m waiting for the airing of anniversary series; My Ages Apart and Heart of Greed 3. As for The Learning Curve of a Warlord, it is the anniversary series that i’ve the least interest to watch because i’m not a fan of Dicky Cheung.

    Btw, isn’t there Threshold Again which is currently in production? I would like to watch this too because i like the prequels and Roger is the main lead for thi series.

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  6. Profile photo of aiya aiya says:

    I think this drama would be aptly named if it were intended for birds.

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