Wayne Lai is Thankful for Sheren Tang’s High Expectations

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Wayne Lai is Thankful for Sheren Tang’s High Expectations

Wayne Lai (黎耀祥) and Sheren Tang (鄧萃雯) left behind a deep impression with their collaborations in Rosy Business <巾幗梟雄> and No Regrets <巾幗梟雄之義海豪情>. Despite establishing his position as a lead actor late in life, Wayne remains grateful to both Sheren and producer Lee Tim Shing (李添勝) for his unexpected success seven years ago.

Sheren is known to have high expectations of herself and of her work. While they were filming Rosy Business, Wayne would tell Sheren that he thought everything was fine when she had special requests. By the time they were filming No Regrets, they had already developed a strong compatibility with one another. “She knew I would respond with ‘I think it is fine’ [when she wanted to request for something different]. Slowly, we developed a very good understanding of each other.”

Wayne is especially grateful to Lee Tim Shing for boosting his career. “These two dramas are very important to me. They can even be considered my life’s turning point. It’s because of Sheren and Lee Tim Shing’s one phrase that made me who I am today, so I am very thankful.”

Despite Wayne’s unsuccessful start in the entertainment industry, he was surrounded by inspiring friends. Wayne had just entered the industry when he met Film King, Sean Lau (劉青雲). “At that time, I was only portraying extra characters, but Sean was already a male lead. Even so, he continued to pay attention to all the characters I portrayed. I remember one time, I was filming a scene for File of Justice <壹號皇庭> in which William So (蘇永康) kicked me. After Sean watched it, he said I filmed it well because I fell really hard on the floor and convincingly made William seem evil.”

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This article is written by Huynh for JayneStars.com.

15 comments to Wayne Lai is Thankful for Sheren Tang’s High Expectations

  1. Profile photo of tiffany tiffany says:

    It’s a matter of timing. Way too many siu sangs back in the 80s and 90s.

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  2. Profile photo of hayden hayden says:

    I wonder when was this pic taken? Sheren looks really good in this pic.

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    • Profile photo of yummiki24 yummiki24 replied:

      @hayden Just not long ago ! its from a new show at TVB airring today in HK at 10:30 on TVB. There will also be an interview with jessica and louis koo!

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    • Profile photo of linvin8 linvin8 replied:

      @hayden This was more than a month ago. They broadcasted their interview live on Big Big Channel.

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      • Profile photo of llwy12 llwy12 replied:

        @linvin8 This one is a little different. This is from Luisa Maria Leitao’s new interview show — it’s the newest season of her Telling Maria program. The first one several years ago she interviewed male leads, then female leads (though both seasons were mostly film industry veterans), now it’s famous onscreen partnerships. I’m actually really excited about this one as there have been so many great onscreen collaborations over the years — can’t wait to see what the rest of her lineup will be!

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      • Profile photo of linvin8 linvin8 replied:

        @llwy12 Yeah I know. Perhaps they didn’t broadcast the whole interview, but they did do some sort of Q&A on Big Big Channel on the day of this interview being recorded. Anyway, I’m just merely pointing out when this picture was taken haha

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      • Profile photo of llwy12 llwy12 replied:

        @linvin8 Sorry, I probably should’ve worded it better. Yes, this picture was taken the same day…the Big Big Channel segment was the same day as well, but a completely different interview. TVB probably seized the rare opportunity they had to get Sheren in their midst and so pushed to get as much done as possible, lol. Good to see TVB being efficient for once, haha…

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  3. Profile photo of llwy12 llwy12 says:

    Watched the interview earlier and loved it! Wayne and Sheren have great chemistry and it was great to see them together again after so long (also helps that both are favorites of mine in terms of actors/actresses). Also had a nice dose of nostalgia wih all the old TVB series clips that they aired plus the interview clips with Sean Lau, Roger Kwok, Lee Tim Sing, Michael Tao, etc. — all old friends sharing their memories of what it was like collaborating with Wayne and Sheren. I loved what Sheren said about why she wanted to collaborate with Wayne and how she came to appreciate non-lead artists after her one experience in a non-lead role. Also loved hearing Wayne describe his unique friendship with Sean Lau (and hearing Sean say the same thing in the video clip put a smile on my face, lol).

    As usual, Maria is a great interviewer and obviously does her homework when preparing for these interviews. Looks like this will pretty much be the only TVB show that I will be watching “religiously” this year!

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    • Profile photo of happybi happybi replied:

      @llwy12 Thanks for sharing!! Love the friendship he has with Sean Lau!

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  4. Profile photo of hannah hannah says:

    i want to see the interview now.

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    • Profile photo of llwy12 llwy12 replied:

      I actually think all of TVB’s newbies should watch the interview as they can learn alot from it. Wayne and Sheren shared some great insight into how they built their careers over the years and the various experiences they went through, both good and bad, that helped shape who they are today. They also gave some valuable acting advice that I think any actor who wants to be successful at their craft can benefit from. There were also alot of funny moments — the easy banter and chemistry between these two is unique…it’s no surprise that fans want them to collaborate again because there is a certain type of “magic” that the two of them have when they work together (which both talk alot about in the interview as well).

      The interview was definitely alot of fun — highly recommended!

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  5. Profile photo of jjwong jjwong says:

    @llwy12 Absolutely agree the interview was a joy to wartch. Both seemed very genuine. Honestly, the first Rosy Business was a rare treat because it was one rare series where a female was an actual lead. She changed the male “lead.” Wayne was right, he wasn’t a lead anything. Then the second series took a little focus away from Sheren and more screentimes to Wayne because he was so popular then. It wasn’t perfect script but so much better than 90% of current series.

    The interviewer was great too. She’s not in your face and obnoxious or about me me me like Dodo as host.

    It really showed how humblr and real Wayne is. Sheren is a headstrong amd serious actress. I questioned her “loyal-ness” when she blamed on script for that unsuccessful second series with Moses. Now a whole new light on here. It was truly crappy script, lol.

    I really like Wayne explanation on screen chemistry. Yes, newbies need to take notes! I doubt majority would though. It’s rare to have newbies who really struggle or passionate or really into and serious about acting. Shame. Shame. Wayne IS probably the only actor to date have started from scratch to frame over such long period. His time is true due! Good on him

    Ibagree with Sheren that oje needs to go outside to see the world to improve. That’s something TVB manavement should take up on, lol

    The one part I dislike is how it ended. It came from nowhere loke jist a bad edit. Sheren was talking then bam, okay done. Is there suppose to be an “extended” version?

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    • Profile photo of llwy12 llwy12 replied:

      @jjwong Wayne has always come across as very real (genuine)and very humble. I loved how he described his reaction to being cast as lead in Rosy Business – hilarious, especially when he keeps a straight face the entire time (while Sheren is cracking up beside him). I agree about the strong woman part – it’s so rare to have a strong female character in a TVB series – both Rosy Business and No Regrets did a great job with this actually. I thought the part about why Sheren told Tim Gor that she wanted to collaborate with Wayne was awesome – I kind of knew it had something to do with her role in The Intangible Truth, but having her describe it firsthand was powerful…to me, it was an homage to supporting actors everywhere!

      Yes, Sheren is headstrong, but there’s also a playful side to her, which she only reveals to those she’s most comfortable with. Like that instance with Roger Kwok when they were filming A Vixen’s Tale together back in 1989, how she told him to imitate Leslie Cheung (her idol) for her enjoyment, haha….now that’s a playful side of Sheren that we rarely get to see! Also, I thought it was nice of Sheren to bring up Alex Man (her ex-boyfriend) and how much he shaped her attitude toward acting – she still remembers what he taught her and has kept it with her all these years.

      I think another big thing that came through in the interview is Wayne’s work ethic and attitude, which is rare in the industry nowadays…that’s one of the things I love about Wayne! The other thing that I’ve always liked about Wayne is how articulate he is – he has the rare skill to be able to “tell it like it is” but in a way that is rational, logical, and doesn’t offend. Another highlight for me, in addition to the video clip from Sean Lau, was Michael Tao’s insight about Wayne buying that “mansion” on Broadcast Drive because he loved TVB so much, lol….it was also heartwarming to hear how Michael tried to help Wayne by giving up part of his own performance fees. Oftentimes, the entertainment industry gets painted in a bad light and the assumption is that genuine friendships are rare, but that’s really not the case – there are a lot of very genuine, sincere friendships and heartwarming moments between artists, it’s just that the mainstream media usually doesn’t highlight this.

      As far as the interview getting cut off, that didn’t happen with the version I watched….but then again, I watched it from TVB USA’s own website (encoreTVB) – full original version, nothing cut. Definitely recommend watching TVB stuff on encoreTVB if you can access – that’s probably one of the few “smart” things that TVB has done in recent years: putting their series and variety shows on their own online platform so audiences in the U.S. can watch for free and legally too (definitely more effective method of combatting those illegal websites than cease and desist letters!).

      P.S.: This interview combined with all those clips from older series make me want to re-watch Sheren and Wayne’s older series now, lol!

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  6. Profile photo of anon anon says:

    Is this interview available on Youtube?

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  7. Profile photo of orchid123 orchid123 says:

    Could someone tell me the proper name of the Show? When was it aired in Hong Kong please?

    Thanks in advance.

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