Kevin Cheng Will Not Star in “Bu Bu Jing Xin 2”

After one year of preparation, Bu Bu Jing Xin 2 <步步惊心> is finally ready to begin principal photography in March 2013. Although Nicky Wu (吳奇隆) and Cecilia Liu (劉詩詩) confirmed that they will return, Kevin Cheng (鄭嘉穎) announced he will not be starring in the sequel.

“Director Li Guoli (李国立) contacted me earlier. However, the script will not be ready until March. I will have to film another drama in February. Due to schedule conflicts, I had to decline the project,” Kevin regretfully said. “Since Nicky and Cecilia will return, the drama should be very exciting. If there are any good parts, and if time allows, I may guest star in the series.”

Chinese Entertainment Shanghai announced earlier that the sequel will be titled Bu Bu Jing Qing <步步惊情>, a modern drama featuring an independent story line in which Nicky Wu and Cecilia Liu find romance and intrigue amidst corporate politics at the internet company they work at.

After Bu Bu Jing Xin aired in 2011, Kevin’s popularity in mainland China rose incredulously, allowing him to take on subsequent lucrative projects such as the television adaptation of Ip Man <葉問>. Depending on the viewers’ reaction to Ip Man when it is broadcast in March, investors may ask Kevin to film Ip Man 2.

This year marks the 20th year in which Kevin has been in the entertainment industry. In 1993, Kevin signed with Polygram and debuted as a singer. Kevin is a big fan of his former Polygram colleague, Jacky Cheung’s (張學友) music and often sings his love ballads at karaoke. Hoping to commemorate his two decades in the industry, Kevin will release a music album under his new music company, Emperor Entertainment Group (EEG) in 2013.

In addition, Kevin is currently busy developing the script of his first drama to be released under his own production studio.   Kevin oversees the creative production of the drama and will cast Hong Kong and mainland actors in the new project.


Note: This article was revised on January 23, 2013 at 9:21 PM to reflect that Ip Man will be aired in March; the filming of the sequel will depend upon the drama’s reception.

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  1. wow, what a shocker. thought he’ll definitely be in the sequel since it has propelled him to stardom in china

      1. Me three! I like the Nicky and Cecilia’s pairing more than him and Cecilia but I wished 14th prince was in it! I love his acting…
        sigh.. i wished they could postpone the filming =_=

    1. to be honest I’m pro 4th prince and like 14th prince a lot. 🙂

      it would have been a bigger issue if nicky isn’t in. and i would be more disappointed if lin gengxin isn’t in.

      but if kevin isn’t in, who will be paired with annie liu?

  2. It is sad that Kevin will not be in it, but I hope the rest of the cast will return. Lets hope that the plot is good since that should be the most important thing in any series.

    1. Unfortunately the plot doesn’t sound that good because it’s unoriginal, and it sounded like Kevin and Yuan Hong is out.

      1. Well we have not seen it yet so I don’t think we should judge so soon. It may turn out better than we think. But hey, it is good to have lower expectations rather than really high expectations and then get disappointed.

      2. The plot is like every plot of K-drama and I don’t see k-drama fans complaining K-drama is boring. Or like every taiwanese drama for that matter. The plot looks set for an idol drama except the actors are older, not idol drama types. If done well, I believe there will be another wave of BBJX type of devoted fans taking sides as to who leading lady should love.

        It is not original but such a storyline will make idols out of the actors.

      3. I mean the actors/actresses (Nicky and LSS)…could they be anymore Idol-ish then what they are right now? LOL…

      1. Oh yea, true since everything seems to be based on looks these days.

  3. please reconsider. I really hope you can make time and film Bu Bu Jing Qing.Please!!

  4. Since Kevin can’t make it, I wonder who they will cast to replace him?? That is IF they are going to have his character or one similar to it…

  5. Oh no… really disappointed he will not star in BBJX 2….I want my 8th prince back in sequel 🙁

    1. Totally agree. If I had to choose between Kevin or Nicky to return, 100% I choose Kevin.

    2. I have a feeling that was not the case and it is because he is busy. I am sure that Kevin would have loved to reunite with the rest of the cast again..

      1. I’m leaning toward this one lol. As his last drama greatly disappointed me in term of no originality whatsoever, I don’t think he is good at picking good script and know how to decline bad one.

  6. The sequel doesn’t sound intriguing at all… Sounds like a typical drama with a love triangle..
    I think 13th prince or 14th prince would not return either

    1. 13th prince is not returning. He is going to film a new series with Kevin soon. Heard that 14th prince is not with the prodoction company anymore. So, he is not in BBJX 2 too.

    2. Well honestly, the plot for the first installment was not really original either since how many series have we seen of the princes fighting for the throne and all?? There have been way too many of those. I think people should give this a chance even though Kevin can’t make it.

  7. OH NO!!! I am sooo disappointd Kevin is not going to be in the sequal ! Without him its not going to be the same! There is no conflict in the love triangle. He is a great actor and he is soo hot !!! The storyline to the new series is not as heart-capturing and engaging as the first, so if they dont have the majority of the cast from #1, its gonna be hard !!! Lets wait and see !!
    I hope the new drama series that Kevin is directing under his own production company is something exciting!!! Does anyone know anything about it? Or is it still a hush hush secret?

  8. Agreed with Angela….without Kevin its not going to be the same.

  9. Lee said, “I think Kevin saw the script and didn’t like it.” and I tend to gree wih him. He was, from the start, most eager to have a part in the so called sequel to BBJX but now, I’m afraid, no longer. Hua Xu Yin, with Yuan Hong in it seems the better choice. However, he seems quite happy to make a guest appearance in BBJQ if they will have him then. This year seems to promise a busy one for Kevin, what with his song album which he hopes to finish by this autumn and a guest at Karen Mok’s concert in HK.

  10. kevin can be popular in his acting career…i dont think he can do well in singing ….raymond lam already taken the crown…

    1. Wallace Huo or Roy Chiu! Tangren have been asking Wallace and Roy for many of their series…but declined due to conflicting schedule, maybe this time they have time…LOL.

      1. I was thinking Wallace Huo as well but my feeling is he may be doing movie. Hu Ge perhaps?

      2. If Wallace Huo gets onboard, I won’t be watching because I ship him and Liu Shi Shi too much for him to be second lead.

      3. Is Wallace into movies now?

        No, not Hu Ge. Can’t imagine Tangren having them cooperate again so soon. He’s currently in 2 plays…probably won’t have time.

        @Lee: Heck! If Wallace gets to cooperate with LSS again, who cares if he’s 2nd lead. We may find it more exciting to watch the 2nd couple than the boring first couple…haha.

      4. He won’t be 2nd lead but equal male lead. Cecilia will be the lead. And what’s wrong with being 2nd lead anyway? He has been leads in crappier shows so I’d rather he be second lead in a quality production.

        No he is not into movies but he might just do a movie.

      5. Jiayi,
        Either Wallace Huo or Roy Chiu would be a great addition to “Bu Bu Jing Xin 2”. Fans can only hope at this point until further news arises….

        What movie project is Wallace linked with?

      6. Jayne,

        I guess that’s what will be the hype for the drama before filming then. The “who” will be the love rival…LOL

      7. Yea, it would be interesting to add a new actor/character to the mix since Kevin can’t make it.

  11. I really like Kevin in BBJX. I thought he would come back for BBJX2.

  12. Sigh, since it’s not a direct sequel of ‘Bu Bu Jing Xin’, I will forgive the drama for not having having Yuan Hong, Lin Geng Xin and Kevin. Hehe, maybe it’s even better if the entire ‘Bu Bu Jing Qin’ focus on Nicky Wu and Liu Shi Shi. 😛

  13. all the casts can be replaced beside NW and CL….we don’t watch the series b/c of other people..we watch b/c of NW and CL as a couple.

    1. I hope you know, it’s because ALL of the original BBJX cast were like families that’s why they wanted a reunion. They worked together and lived together during those days, that’s why they’re still friends til this day.

      And it’s because of that cast that made the original BBJX a great series, to follow and watch.

      1. I agree, however, if someone can’t make it they just can’t… Also, there is more to any series than just the cast…

    2. Sorry but there is way more to any series rather than just the cast or the main leading couple…

  14. We can just wish for the original cast but since it is not going to happen anymore then let’s just hope they choose handsome guys for replacement either newbies or oldies as long as they can put justice to their characters. When I have watched BBJX, I don’t know any of the casts but I have loved them and the series. They are all handsome and they have acted so naturally. Cecilia is a very good actress and she can portray her character so well even on her other film. And I have become a Nicky Wu fanatic. Love the 4th prince from the start. I will definitely watch BBJQ since NW and LSS are there. They are the main characters anyway.

  15. It’s sad that I cannot watch Kevin in BBJQ. However, I’ll be more dissapointed if I cannot watch Nicky and ShiShi in the series.
    I’m waiting for this couple ^^

  16. Kevin has stated that the original shoot for BBJX-2 was in December/2012 but push forward to March/2013 because there’s a change in script (but why take so long??). If they had stuck, KC would definitely be in it and he is already committed to another series by Feb. So it’s overlapping and you can’t blame him.

    However, it’s a pity if Yuan Hong is not in it cause he was Roxy’s bosom pal. I also read that Lin GengXin is upset cause Tangren is not promoting him as much as Cecilia. Is that why he left Tangren?? Or else he can also play the love rival to Nicky’s character (since the 14th Prince used Kangxi’s edict to marry Roxy).

    But whatever it is, I really hope there’s a happy ending (marriage) for Nicky and Cecilia’s characters.

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