Coco Lee’s New Album, “Illuminate”

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It has been several years since Coco Lee’s (李玟) last released her music album. Released on May 31, Coco’s new Mandarin record, Illuminate (盛開), is her first album after marrying billionaire Bruce Rockiwitz.

The 38-year-old star was also back in the limelight after being a judge for a mainland reality talent show, Chinese Idol <中國夢之聲>. However, her main love is still singing. Coco said, “Standing on stage to perform has always been my happiest moments.”

The title of the album , Illuminate, precisely depicts the current status of Coco.  Enjoying happiness and blissfulness in her life, Coco is full of positive energy, just like a blooming flower. The theme of the new album revolves around love.

With abundant singing experiences and impeccable singing techniques, Coco experimented with a new presentation in her new album. “I have put aside all my singing techniques. I use instead the basic, straightforward approach and my most original voice to sing forth the sincere, honest and real me.”  

For more than one year, Coco was busy preparing and recording for her new album and thoroughly enjoyed the process.  Coco revealed, “I have been very strict with the selection of songs for this album, to the extent that I am picky. I have spent a lot of time listening and choosing the songs which allows for repetitive listening without being stressed or pressured.”

The album includes dance tracks “Kou Kou” <叩叩> and “One Plus One” <一加一>, ballad “Can” <能不能>, and English songs “Match in Heaven” and “I Just Wanna Marry You”.

Illuminate is produced by Eric Chen (陈子鸿), Ah Di Zai (阿弟仔) and Jim Lee. While Eric and Jim have many previous collaborations with Coco, hence they are very familiar with Coco’s voice and style. However, this is the first time Coco worked with Ah Di Zai and she hopes to see a breakthrough in their partnership and bring in a breath of freshness to fans.

Coco hopes that her new album will be appreciated and enjoyed by many. She also hopes that this new album will present an entirely new and different style from past works.

“Kou Kou” <叩叩> MV


“Can” <能不能> MV


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    1. RaySimpson says:

      Sigh… J-Lo wannabe…

      Why can’t she pick someone better to imitate?

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    2. roll says:

      watch on youtube, ‘the satanic cult behind the music industry’

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    3. Iris says:

      I think the “breath of freshness” became a typo of “a breadth of freshness”?

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    4. reader says:

      I just found her on weibo and on twitter.
      Apparently she is more active in twitter than in weibo.

      Until i write this comment,
      She posted 732 times on weibo and
      she tweeted 42,929 times on twitter

      That’s quite ironic because her twitter followers is only about 42k, while her weibo followers is more than 3,7m.


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