Joey Yung Disses Eason Chan: “Being Sick Doesn’t Make You the Boss!”

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In order to get ready for her concert in December, Joey Yung (容祖兒) attended a promotional event for her new album. In the interview, Joey openly put down Eason Chan (陳奕迅) for scolding fans at his own concert, and said the singer’s bipolar disorder is not an excuse for his rude behavior. With Joey’s outright criticism of Eason, did their friendship nosedive?

Illness Is Not An Excuse

During Eason’s Hong Kong concert in July, some overly hyperactive fans chanted and shouted out randomly while he was singing on stage. He voiced his displeasure in those who screamed during his songs and believe that it is disrespectful to him as well as other concertgoers.

Eason’s harsh outburst may be due to the fact that he was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Joey said every celebrity has an illness of some sort and only those who are not successful would speak out rudely to their fans. She then added, “Being sick doesn’t make you the boss!”

Joey states that since fans spend money and time in buying concert tickets; entertainers should appreciate their efforts and not lash out at them. As well, even though at times there would be overly active fans, Joey said that singers should maintain their professionalism. “I’ve been in the industry for so long but I’ve never heard of anyone yelling at fans before! People actually do that? It’s unbelievable.”

The paparazzi also asked about her boyfriend, Wilfred Lau’s (劉浩龍), birthday celebration, in which she said they already had dinner but she will make up for his gift when she has time.

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32 comments to Joey Yung Disses Eason Chan: “Being Sick Doesn’t Make You the Boss!”

  1. Misssy says:

    Didn’t he scold the audience a few years back for not having any reaction at all a few years back when he wanted them to sing along or something?

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  2. jenny says:

    What Joey said is quite true. I truely respect for this. Fans buy tickets to enjoy the concert and should get this type of treatment. Without fans, Eason is nothing.

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  3. Meini says:

    Why is Eason so fugly?

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    • Panzer replied:

      rofl, it’s his poor attempt at trying to look like Leslie Cheung I guess.

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    • sel_fi_wu replied:

      he thinks he’s looking good but the more he rhinks that the more fugly he is

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  4. tammy says:

    I agreed with Joey. I know a few Bipolar people and they are quite scary to be around sometimes. They lashed out on people but I’m not sure if they can control their anger or not.

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  5. Panzer says:

    I think they both have valid points.
    While its very unprofessional to scold fans, everyone else who paid a lot of money for a great concert is robbed of that by a few jerks who shout stuff at the performer or in between songs and ruin the atmosphere.

    I think Eason was just expressing what every other performer has thought in their minds when they got on stage and had to listen to rude fans doing stuff while they sing or heckling them on stage.

    He acted on it, while others just shut up and endured. Hopefully he can learn something from it and be more professional in the future.

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  6. Eric says:

    Well if his bipolar, then he can’t help it sometimes?

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  7. Joanne says:

    No wonder Joey got so many loyal fans, she knows how to properly treat her fans. I just don’t like how Eason scolded his fans at the concert.

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  8. Megamiaow says:

    When Eason came over to UK, he sold out 2 times whilst Joey’s was half empty 🙁 I went to Joey’s and she did seem like a genuine and nice person. I guess Eason is so famous he thinks he can get away with treating fans like crap too.

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  9. skinnymocha says:

    Is that little snippet at 0:35 of the video meant to be him “scolding” his fans? Or is there more to it? Because he does make a valid point and uh, you call that sounding harsh? He’s only telling them (in a calm manner) to refrain from shouting during SLOW songs. I’d be pissed if I paid all that money just to listen to a room of strangers shouting. Not that I’d even go to an Eason concert in the first place…

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    • Megamiaow replied:

      Yeah there’s more. When fans wouldn’t come up and dance with him, he said it must be because they’re all crippled (Bai).

      Also when he was shaking hands one fan had a mobile filming him and he snatched it and threatened to smash it on stage as well as ranting about how everyone is always filming his stuff and putting it online (well, he IS a celeb, duh).

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      • skinnymocha replied:

        I mean that scolding incident above where he told fans to quieten down.

        But yeah, I’ve gathered he can be a bit of an arse at times. Wasn’t aware that it’s as bad as you’ve mentioned though…

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      • llwy12 replied:

        I’ve actually seen people do worse things at Jacky Cheung’s concerts (believe me, I can go on and on for hours about the stupidities I’ve seen from some of the audiences at Jacky’s last concert alone), yet he doesn’t go around smashing people’s phones and being rude to fans. Like that whole filming stuff and putting it online situation (which pretty much happens at every concert) — that’s actually one of Jacky’s biggest pet peeves and he’s also talked about it onstage during his concert, but he does it in a way that’s respectful and professional. For me personally, how an artist behaves (including the way they treat people) is just as important as having the talent and skill to excel in their craft….sure, some fans can get crazy, but there is a place and time to deal with such fans…and no,the answer is not to publicly humiliate them, call them names, and threaten to break their personal equipment….to me, that’s what an immature bully does…I would expect a different reaction from a ‘professional artist’….

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      • unkown replied:

        I would like to see a video that shows that cuz that seems extreme

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      • skinnymocha replied:

        Jacky’s certainly a class act. 🙂
        Eason’s… well, erm…

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      • sel_fi_wu replied:

        jacky has class. eason don’t. People saying eason is jacky successor are insulting on jacky 😛

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  10. H says:

    I think Joey sounded a bit rude!

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    • joy replied:

      not as rude as eason chan, he is a bully

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  11. wen wen says:

    Joey has the point, the fans spend the money to watch their idol but received rude behaviour, really it is not nice experience. every fans want to watch their idol and sometimes will be too exciting so they can scream or act more than usual, but at the end of the day they are not deserve this from their idol.

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  12. llwy12 says:

    The way I see it…sure, the fans were being too noisy and rowdy and such, but um, this is a concert after all, so it’s not unusual for fans to shout and yell out stuff…to get all pissed off about it and treat fans rudely like that truly is unprofessional and immature.

    I know I’ll probably incur some wrath when I say this, but I’m going to say it anyway…the Media keeps touting Eason as Jacky Cheung’s successor (which I have a serious problem with but won’t get into that here) — well, if that’s the case and Eason truly wants to ‘live up’ to that ‘honor’, then perhaps take a page from Jacky’s book and treat everyone — including his fans — with respect and professionalism. If the illness is causing Eason to be like this and the pressures of the entertainment industry only aggravates his illness, then maybe he should seriously consider whether this industry is right for him…

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    • lily replied:

      omg….you said it! right from the bottom of my heart… how could u read my mind? hahaha…. jokes aside, there is only ONE Jacky Cheung and Leslie Cheung. I dont understand why people compare those kings with a bipolar singer who shouts during concerts.

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  13. its me says:

    typical asian went for concert is expect to pay for an artist to entertain them. real music appreciator will pay for music and couldnt bother anything but really enjoy the performance. so, joey is actually working for the fans but not the music industry. what a shame.

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  14. unkown says:

    Each singer has a choice of how they want to behave on stage. Does Eason’s behavior really give Jpey the right to judge him? They are both professional singers and each have their own way of how they treat their fans so why does joey have to criticize how Eason is treating his fans? I mean wheather Eason’s behaviro was rude or not depends on the fans who went to the concert. No wonder why Joey does not get any respect outside of hong kong.

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    • megamiaow replied:

      She is not disrespected outside HK, she’s just not as popular. There’s a difference.

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      • unkown replied:

        Well she often overestimate her popularity. Even as a hong kong listener my self i do not think she deserves the diva status. Kinda funny how GEM who debuted long after her has more sucess in Taiwan and Mainland china

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      • unkown replied:

        Some of the Taiwan people laugh at how Joey uses hong kong diva status to promtoe her mandarin album last year but it still failed miserbaly. Karen Mok is the most respected and (popular) hk female singer in Taiwan. This is what i mean by not being respected. JOey is not respected even when she uses the diva status. Look at A mei- she has respect and popularity for Hong Kong people which is comparable to Joey. Tons of Cantonese music fans love A mei whos a Taiwanese singer, but not the other way around for Joey in Taiwan. Always thought that Joey is stealing the H k diva status from other signers like Karen and GiGi.

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      • unkown replied:

        Even in HK Karen and GiGi has a strong movie career compared to Joey who has none. Her diva movie was awful as shown by the box office ratings. How could this be considered diva? She can only sing, which again still not as good as the other female singers in HK, Taiwan, and CHina. If it was not for EEG, Joey has nothing. I use to like her back in 2003 when I feel that she does have the heart for singing. However, over the years she has shown to only sing for awards. Even when HK awards are so non credible, she still hogs thos awards. WHat is she hoping to gain? She is even starting to diss other singers. NOt just eason, past years she had made jokes on Janice, Jade, and some other female singers who are just as talented as her. SHe laughed at how news said that Jnaice should get Gold Song Gold back in 2009 and how Jade is not in the same league as her to get Best femlae singer. THe truth is that Jade, Jnaice, GEM, Fiona all have the talent in singing and has the diva quality. If you ask those very famous mandarin singers like Na Ying, Tanya, karne, faye wong-they all see Joey as a nobody.

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      • unkown replied:

        Heck some even compared her to Sammi once. Hell no-Sammi is a multi talented diva who became the first singer to hold a four stage concert at Taipei arnea in Taiwan. Joey i beleive never had a concert in Taiwan.

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  15. Elle says:

    I think it’s most important to determine if he was just being rude or if he was going through an episode. One of my family members is bipolar and the whole point is that it can’t be fully controlled. Even on medication it won’t just disappear. Sure, it doesn’t excuse all bad behaviour but that’s why is a mental illness. I’m sure Eason doesn’t going around planning on scolding his fans.

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    • llwy12 replied:

      Well, that’s why I said earlier that if Eason truly does have a mental illness and it’s causing him to lash out at fans / concert-goers like that, then maybe he should consider a different lifestyle and career path that is more beneficial/helpful to his illness (I’m sure the constant haggling and pressure from the ‘in-your-face’ Media and the hugely stressful life of showbiz isn’t helping his illness in any way whatsoever). Sure, Eason’s family is ‘obligated’ to stick by him and put up with his antics or whatever, but his fans and audiences shouldn’t have to…if his illness is getting to the point where it’s affecting other people (especially in a negative way), then he really should reconsider and think about whether he should make a better effort to do something about it.

      The point I’m trying to make is that having an illness is not an excuse to treat people badly. There are many examples of artists in the past who’ve had some type of mental / psychological illness or have gone through a particularly dark period in their lives and instead of taking things out on their fans or the general public, they choose to step out of the limelight for a certain period of time to deal with it and get themselves back together (and they came back stronger than ever). I’m not a Joey fan at all, but I sort of think that’s what she was trying to get at when she made the comments she did (that is, if she was serious with her comments….for all we know, she could have been joking).

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  16. sel_fi_wu says:

    this time i side with joey. without fans who enjoy and buy his songs eason is nothing! increasingly dislike eason and hilary more and more!

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