“A Fist Within Four Walls” Averages 31 Points, Cast Celebrates

The cast and crew of TVB’s hit drama A Fist Within Four Walls <城寨英雄> gathered together on Tuesday to celebrate the drama’s ratings success, which has reached new heights after the broadcast of the Rio Olympics.

According to TVB’s official announcement, Monday’s episode, episode 22, averaged 31 points and peaked to 32.4 points, pulling in 2.1 million viewers. That puts A Fist Within Four Walls to have the highest-rated episode for a serial drama this year.

Friends Comment on Alleged Birth of Linda Chung’s Baby

Tuesday’s celebratory banquet for Four Walls coincided with the rumor that Linda Chung (鍾嘉欣) has already delivered her baby in Vancouver earlier this week. Four Walls lead stars Ruco Chan (陳展鵬), Philip Ng (伍允龍), and Grace Wong (王君馨), who are all close with Linda, have offered their congratulations.

Ruco said with a laugh, “You can’t still call her my rumored girlfriend! That was ages ago!” Ruco and Linda were rumored to have had good feelings for each other while they collaborated in Brother’s Keeper <巨輪> and All That is Bitter is Sweet <大藥坊> a few years ago.

In regards to Linda’s mysterious and low-profile approach with her pregnancy, Ruco said, “It’s good to be mysterious! It would be a surprise for everyone!” (Will you buy a present for her?) “That’s a good idea. I’ll have to see if it’s a boy or a girl first. Or maybe it’s twins?”

When speaking about rumored girlfriends, Ruco shared that a fortune teller told him that his future girlfriend has already showed up, and that she’s been around his life for the past two years. “She better appear soon!” he said.

Close friend Grace Wong said, “She’ll definitely want three more [children] because she wants to have all four heavenly kings. I’ve volunteered to be their godmother. I’ll be visiting her in September. I don’t know how to take care of babies, but I have no problem when it comes to cooking or grocery shopping!”

Former boyfriend Philip Ng, who dated Linda for a number of years, said, “We chatted on the phone not along ago.” (Will you call her again to ask about the baby?) “She needs her rest first.”

Philip admitted that he wants to start a family of his own, but hasn’t met the right one yet. Reporters pointed out his rumors with costar Moon Lau (劉佩玥), and said Moon was spotted bringing Philip to dinner with her friends. Philip said, “I have many female friends who bring me along to friend gatherings. We’re not dating.” (But will there be this possibility in the future?) “I don’t know, but right now we are only friends.”

Nancy Wu Tells Ex Kenneth Ma to Work Hard

Four Walls lead actress Nancy Wu (胡定欣) said she’s been looking forward to this celebratory banquet for three weeks, and hopes that the ratings for Four Walls will continue to increase throughout the week.

Nancy and Ruco will team up again for TVB’s upcoming grand production The Alliance <同盟>, which will also be an action drama. Rumors say that Nancy’s ex boyfriend, Kenneth Ma (馬國明), was meant to be the drama’s male lead, but he was replaced by Ruco last minute. Kenneth denied this in an interview, saying that he was never approached for the role.

Nancy does not mind collaborating with her ex-boyfriend, and said, “As long as [Kenneth] is still with TVB, we will have the opportunity to work together.” (Kenneth said you already won TV Queen so you don’t need to work so hard anymore! Find a boyfriend!) “Who’s going to take care of the family? My career has just started. I will work hard in both my career and in finding my other half. He needs to work hard too. I hope he’ll find a good girlfriend!”

Source: Oriental Daily

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Poor poor Nga Lo. But happy because for a moment I thought he was gonna die or Chiu Ha. At some point Chiu Ha will die.

    Poor poor Nancy. IS memory implanted? Is it real? Will TVB answer that? Why TVB wanna go kdrama on us with that plot twist or implanted plot twist?

    Why would pudding man do all that to control drug trade in small walled area when he previously stated he has controlled the rest of HK outside?

    So did pudding man did what he did with Nga Lo’s family as a “by the way”? Meaning someone hired him so he just collects fee for something he was gonna do anyway? Is this the other plot twist of having NGa Lo finally kill someone?

    Exciting series, great kung fu moments, beautifully shot but the story unravels, goes haywire and for all about moments, this series lacks coherence and consistency. In a way TVB reinvents itself then screws itself then tries to patch things up only to screw it some more to turn a potentially classic with such dedicated actors (even the ke le fes can fight so well) into mediocre mess, story wise.

    Oh I like Nga Lo but I don’t get why Benjamin Yuen speaks his line like how Gallen Lo did in Old Time Buddies.

    By the way, was truly sad when poor poor siu chi died. Is it siu chi? Whos the actor? Great performance, very convincing.

    One question left; what happened to the 2 kids? Did pudding man killed them too?

    And oh Jonathan Cheung is so unnecessary in this series. Even Nancy is unnecessary and so they forced a connection between her and Kuen Lo, childhood and all. Smacking my head wondering why, why, why…

    I am now looking forward to bigger boss. I hope theres one. However much I like the performance by pudding man, who is very very sinister, I look forward to someone with gravitas. Any guest star? All the talks of guest starring and all, this is the perfect series to bring one big star in a 10 min role.

      1. @janet72 i second that. Jonathan is horrible plus i just can’t stand his trying to act cool face. He shld stick to clown or bumbling fool roles.

  2. the pudding boss killed nga lo’s entire family…like what the killer threatened nga lo’s uncle 15 years ago. jonathan cheung’s stoned expressions are really boring…I thought nga lo was boring enough.

    tvb mentioned the killing of Philip ng’s character will be VERY SAD. don’t tell me that will happen in the last episode?

  3. Teeth guy role is actually meatier than Ruco’s. But Benjamin failed to give the role justice. How I wished it was swap role with Ruco as teeth guy!! And Ruco’s seems to have more chemistry to Grace than Nancy….. If only they are not brother and sister….

    And the way tvb write Ruco”s character is not so thought out. He is just like a child. He doesn’t seems like the person who is so superficial(eg: he actually blamed Nancy for his dad’s death, when even Grace can understand that she was still young, and was manipulated). And the way how he just wanna use his fist to settle issues. No brain in him is it….. TVB can only have this type of standard??

    1. @dramadrama
      I agree. I like Ruco but this series doesn’t do him justice at all. haha lol Perhaps he’s never really a big meaty guy to begin with. I just Philip Ng’s physique over any of them 🙂

    2. @dramadrama Precisely. !!seems that Benjamin role looks more promising than his. Couldn’t figure out what TVB is thinking. Despite clinching the TVB best actor twice in a row in Singapore, his character cast in this drama is disappointing. Hopefully, his next drama whom he co star with Roslina Lam will turn out to be a much better one.

      1. @rcel i really don’t get why some of you are saying ben’s role is more promising. Look at his screentime. Plus his character is boring as ditch water, so goody two shoes. i prefer kuen lo. He is not perfect but that’s what makes him a realistic character.

      2. @isay Ben’s role more promising because he is a good guy but not idealistic to a fault. Problem with Kuen Lo is he never gets his hands dirty and he won’t. And he never doubts, he goes thru life as if everything is rosy when he went through much more than Ben. He shld be the cynic. I like Nga Lo who is a realist. Yes Ben is boring but if the right actor was cast, Nga Lo could have been one sexy kung fu fighting machine.

        I find Nancy more irrelevant and now with that revelation, and the only thing these 2 were concerned with was oh we can’t love each other, i can’t forgive you, etc etc when the first question is who gave you the handkerchief? How did he looked like? Why wolf gang wants my dad dead?

        And I don’t get the inconsistency. Pudding man killed the uncle using the palm thing. Anyone doing any autopsy or just look will quickly tie to the murder of Nga Lo’s father’s death and that that palm thing guy has resurfaced, instead of talking about whether should they sell drugs or ban it totally. The story is all over the place, the only constant goodness is Grace and her Chiu Ha.

      3. PREDICTION!!

        And Chiu Ha will die first because she achieved happiness first. Nga Lo probably won’t die and live alone and probably open a soup stall. Nancy won’t die because anyone with heart disease and a back story like hers and having participated in the death of her beloved’s father will never die but will have an ending like either Grace before dying tells her bro to forgive her (which means maybe TVB will give a happy ending to Kuen Lo) or didn’t and Nancy will leave, few years later meet Kuen Lo again. Happy ending may be for Tai Po, son and Audrey.

      4. Wait! TVB gave spoiler that Philip will die? Ok then, so maybe the only pair left alive that either ends up together quickly or maybe a few years later or some drama about heart disease and fade to black and then suddenly super happy rainbow crazy couple as if all tragedy never happened will be Kuen Lo and Nancy.

      5. @funnlim i don’t like Ngar Lo whether played by Ben or even Ruco. So boring. I like Kuen Lo despite his faults and sometimes immaturity. Give him time to digest the sudden revelation that Diu Lan was the one who poisoned his dad. He will get around to it, that’s the way tvb dramas work lol. This role is different from what Ruco has been mostly doing. I like the sometimes child-like Kuen Lo. It’s a refreshing change from the always reliable, always smart, always cool, always level-headed heroes that TVB has been churning out. As long as he does the right things at the right time, I can accept an imperfect hero, it’s perfectly fine to me.

      6. @isay that’s the problem. He is not imperfect. He is perfect which makes it annoying because it’s so boring. One of the worst developed character.

      7. @funnlim who’s perfect? Kuen Lo? No he isn’t. He’s sometimes naive, hot-headed, a little bit idealistic, rather impulsive and sometimes sees things only on the surface. Ngar Lo is too perfect so he’s boring to me. But i think there’s going to be a twist in how Ngar Lo’s character turns out. I think he’s hatching a plot to weed out the killer of his family members.

    3. @dramadrama I can accept Kuen Lo’s immaturity. But I can’t accept that after that huge revelation, the next thing is… crying in the rain over lost love rather than ask important question.

      I hope at the end we are told her memories are implanted and she didn’t do what she thought she did. That would be a nice twist. And that will lift the guilt off Kuen Lo to run away with her.

      I also don’t get if she felt such guilt and so she says she will wait for him to forgive her but that means she will stay away from him… what a boring load of tosh of a storyline. Why not have her become more proactive; she won’t wait, she will pursue. She will spend the rest of her life treating him well, loving him for something if she did do, wasn’t her fault anyway since she was very young. That she visits Kuen Lo and care and cry and beg and love and stay by his side even if he kicks her away. Instead of saying I will wait. Wait what? Already entire series she has done so little; everytime fight, heart pain, stop fighting. Her story is like almost non existent.

      In fact I am very curious how Chiu Ha survived as a child. We know she did a lot of things to survive and instead of showing her childhood, the story spends wasted minutes showing Nancy’s childhood. In fact Nancy’s entire story can be deleted. Kuen Lo can fall in love out of the story. So many minutes, wasted on irrelevant stuff.

      I know they want to make a meaningful love story, but this love story is as touching as the fake rain that falls on their fake hair.

      1. @funnlim Yes. And I can’t accept the scene when teeth guy go and avenge the bad guys for the death of his whole family. Like obviously their kung-fu can’t kill his whole family. And Ruco and Grace happens to be there too. And NONE of them thinking about asking the beaten bad guy who and how he hired the killers? Doesn’t makes sense at all.

      2. @dramadrama and nga lo managed not to kill a single one of them. Not one. I mean hat better reason to kill someone who hired someone to kill everyone? Right?

    4. @dramadrama … totally agree with your views and opinions about “kuen lou” character … im a big fan of Ruco, originally i had high expectations for this show and was looking forward to watch this character … but to be honest, this “kuen lou” character is quite a dissapointment … in fact didn’t feel anything as an audience while watching “kuen lou” sad scenes, the character just don’t seem to be in connection … maybe underdeveloped for a big plot … or too simple minded, probably that is what it suppose to be.

    5. after watching the drama this far … i personally like “nga lou” character more… also feel Benjamin’s acting is okay, sometimes when a person is extremely sad, tears wouldn’t even flow and the face muscles would not even move at all no matter what emotions flow in, people who have gone through such situations would understand, perhaps that is what “nga lou” suppose to be

  4. Yo, Jazz Boon sucks. I’ve noticed that most of his dramas have pretty crappy endings. They all start well (Line Walker) and suspenseful pacing, but they all get messed up in the end. He tries too hard and doesn’t know how to rein in the storyline without adversely affecting his characters.

    1. @coralie
      TVB really need to sit down and think their series over before filming. This is another series after Highs and Lows, Line Walker and Over Run Over which could have been a hit for years yet again ruined by adding continuously adding stupid sub plots that either don’t make sense or totally unnecessary. Was there any need of an episode dedicated to God of Gamblers, or the ‘I’m the the father of your daughter script’ or the ‘I’m the killer of your father, please forgive me’ plots. It seems that the writers or directors were too eager to please and kept adding idea after idea. How about thinking the scenes out and focus on quality rather than quantity e.g. War and Beauty, or keeping story simple but effective e.g. King of yesterday and tomorrow. If TVB don’t change their ways, I can’t see them releasing a great series for years to come.

      1. @jimmyszeto Over Run Over was gewwd tho. The whole father is the killer arc in it could’ve been removed, I admit, but overall the story was tight!

        But I agree – someone really need to read over these scripts and think whether they really make sense. So many nonsensical plot devices get thrown in, in hopes that something will stick, when all it does is crowd the story. To be honest, I’ve stopped watching ever since Fung Chun Mei died. I know it’s nothing more than just devastation from there, people dying left & right. For what? Oh, just so they can be more memorable to viewers without fitting the plot at all.

      2. @coralie
        Yes, I like that series very much. One of the recent dramas from TVB I was actually able to finish from beginning to end. Lol….
        I haven’t watched one of my fav characters died yet. haha My favorite characters are without a doubt – Grace (don’t remember her last name right now lol & Philip Ng. When PN dies, I will probably be stop watching too as I didn’t care for any of the other characters even if I like Ruco. I would have still skipped it if not for side characters of Grace & P. The thai mom as some ppl says is VERY GOOD as well. Love those 3 the most

      3. @went Philip ng’s character will be killed off with a ‘big bang’. saw the trailer on TVB FB page…prepare a box of tissue. really didn’t expect Pudding boss to kill him and I just started to go gaga over him in last night’s episode when he softened. why did the producer kill him off????

      4. @coralie
        Over Run Over was good. With a little more thought, it could have been an absolute classic. TVB have been ambitious and the overall stories and plots they have come up with recently have been quite decent. Just adding too many ideas into each series has been the big downfall. Tbh the first episode was brilliant and after watching it, I had high hopes for this series but it has been disappointing since. Ruco can’t be happy with these type of roles when he is reaching a stage where he can pull off much more complicated characters to win awards. This is a step backwards for him I reckon and a poor decision from TVB. In contrast, Ben has been given many good roles to play recently.

    2. @coralie I went to watch episode 1 of line walker again. Au (Pudding boss) was a good guy but killed off. it’s nice to have some suspense and mystery…but when there are too many characters turning haywire, the plot loses its meaning.

  5. Wish they didn’t kill off the 3 villains so early in the drama. I actually looked forward to seeing how evil they were. Pudding man twist isn’t convincing. Ben’s acting is so terrible. After he gave a somewhat convincing performance in the last minutes of ep 23, he ruined it in ep 24 with his stiff fighting and stiffer (wooden) face.

    1. @isay ben’s face has been wooden since episode 1.
      Ruco is more natural…I know I am bias because i’m nuts over him.

      it was interesting how they killed off one villain after another, but like you, I thought it will drag a little longer towards the end. now with 3 all killed, pudding king turned from weakling to big baddie. 扮猪吃老虎…now his true colours have shown. the question now is, what will pudding boss’ ending be since his martial arts is so good?

    2. true, the story seems like going nowhere after the 3 villains ended … Fung Chun Mei is one of the best attraction of the drama

  6. Love this series and Ruco’s performance therein. Love Kuen Lo, the two songs….. and will continue to support Kuen Lo even though it so happens that his only supporter is Thai Po. I believe that everyone tells something before he dies, the uncle and later, Philip..

  7. I’m only on to ep22 , so sad to here Phillip died , one of my fav character. Cant he just have happy ending with Moon. Grace better stay alive and have a good ending.

      1. @janet72 All Killed?? Lmao. Might as well all dead in the end, except Nancy and her first love. Then when they grow old, Nancy realised he was the bad guy too. So she leaves him when their hair had turn all grey…..

      2. @janet72
        I am definitely NOT a sucker for happy endings but I would be happy to have one of my happy characters Philip Ng live with or w/o the girl? haha LOL….But I know you said he will die soon. :o( I will probably stop the series and perhaps come back for that last few mins of ending? hhaa cuz I literally do not like any other characters besides FA MAN, Philip NG & Thai mom. All else I couldn’t care less even if I did watch originally for Ruco. He character is just as BORING as Benjamins. I don’t feel the least bit moved by his romance w/Nancy either. Fa Ma and Benjamin is even slightly better than Ruco/Nancy romance.

      3. @went I cried like crazy when the killers ended fa man’s life…I cried again when 刁兰 read 三姨婆 letter.
        what I adore is the relationship between moon, Philip and his mother. it’s very sweet.

      4. @janet72 Same here except that I cry with/for Kuen Lo. Also cry in that scene in 停屍間 and his fighting with teeth in the last session.

  8. “Wo kor”, sian!! How come so many ppl have to die in this drama especially Grace Wong , she was impressive. !!
    Typical TVB drama

  9. I wish i didn’t feel the chemistry between nancy and Ruco in their respective roles cos every time I hear the sub theme and especially when I watch the official MV, my heart breaks for them to see how much heartache they went through. So poignant and romantic. Definitely like this pair much better than his other pairings. Hope they can film a romantic drama together next time but not quite such a sad one.

  10. Why..?why.? Fa Man has to die..she is so understanding, smart and kind..why take her off…is not interesting anymore from now. Both sister and brother are very closed family ties..sad to be separated them in this episode.

  11. Oh Ben! Oh Ben! Such a terrible wooden actor! He had another chance for a great acting moment to redeem himself when Chiu Ha died but I didn’t feel one shred of sadness from or for him. He is definitely the worst actor in this drama. Even all the green leaves outclassed him. Philip turned out to be surprisingly good in his role as the guy who finds it difficult to express himself. Why do good guys have to die? Brace for more kleenex moments tonight.

    1. @isay
      I know, ppl were saying how bad Philip Ng was they must have skipped Benjamin Yuen’s scenes? haha…… Even his tears are not sad. I can’t believe they kill her Grace’s character off just like that, she was such badass. That’s not a cool way to die, in fact, she shouldn’t have died period. lol….
      N they will kill off Philip Ng too? WTH kind of series is this? They can kill Nancy or Ruco haha lol….I couldn’t care less but they are killing off my 2 favorite characters? Crapp* series and after sis died, i didn’t hear a single word on WHY and WHO WOULD DO THIS but continued fighting over the shady business territory? Seriously WTH is this? ahha lol…

      1. @went at this rate, everyone will either die or be left with some handicap. now I can’t wait for jonathan cheung character to be killed off as well.
        I started to like chiu ha and her pitiful childhood was soon going to be over…but that blockhead boyfriend of hers is hopeless. even Philip is better than him.

    2. @isay he is supposed to be Chiu Ha’s boyfriend and husband to be…but I don’t even feel any sadness from him. he is so blinded and totally being made a fool by the Pudding boss.

  12. Reading all these comments is so depressing! As like @janet72 I am a sucker for happy ending and it seem like there won’t be one.. Or at least one where a lot of people will die!!! Maybe I’ll stop watching it!

  13. Okay I’m really confused as to who the guy who told Nancy to poison Ruco’s dad is? The man in glasses?

  14. Turned into an absolute horrendously bad series!
    1. Philips character dies pointlessly although he wasn’t even linked to the main plot.
    2. Iron jacket martial arts that is more suited to ancient series. Can be used in modern series but immune to falling with full body weight onto sharp iron bars is unrealistic.
    3. The worst undercover story ever! Ben character basically comes to Ruco and says he’s undercover although he hasn’t made any progress of causing pudding man any trouble
    4. Revelation of final boss as pudding man- took the whole series for everyone to find the big boss. Secret is revealed in the worst possible way. Not discovered by Ruco or Ben or by anyone else.Just by Jonathan telling Nancy ‘Pudding Man is the assassin leader’
    5. You can’t kill me because I’m your real father. Enough said!!

    Terrible writing by TVB! Who actually gives the go ahead to these ideas and plots? Ridiculous!

    1. do agree that the story went a bit 無聊 (mou liu) ridiculous … Philip (Mao Zhai) and Grace (Fa Man) didn’t have a ‘worthwhile’ death =( … well its okay if the character is killed, but was just anticipating that it would have been a sacrifice of more value … but anyway, the two couples “Mao Zhai & Audrey” and “Nga Lou & Fa Man” became more interesting and lovable because of the script =P

      actually Ben already knew Pudding Man is the culprit at that point of time when he was burning prayer papers for Fa Man … but he already has his hands dirty with pudding man vice activities so he is rather trap … furthermore Nga Lou was doing good for the community but the residents just keep on misunderstanding him … Nga Lou’s method of controlled vice is quite a common method of governance and administration … while Kuen Lou’s method of fighting vice with the fist wouldn’t
      have gone well either, many residents were already injured because of that … dilemma!

  15. although not popular in this website … i have to confess that i like watching Benjamin Yuen as “Nga Lou” and Grace Wong as “Fa Man” very much … love the “Nga Lou & Fa Man” couple pairing too … “Fa Man” is sophisticated, while “Nga Lou” and his expression-less-ness, well if someone were to be in his situation where the entire family and academy tragically pass away in a night, with such high responsibility that he needs to shoulder, with external evil pressure, how else would want react besides being as cold as him … if one were to go through “Nga Lou’s” sorrow and misery, one will understand that not even a single muscle on the face would be able to move no matter how hard you try … actually Nga Lou is a very misunderstood character by simple minded residents, what else can one do if the hands are tied, people who had been in a leadership position would understand this complication … Nga Lou actually knew that Pudding Man is the culprit from the time he was burning prayer papers for Fa Man.

    1. much as i love watching Ruco dramas … but i really don’t get this “Kuen Lou” character at all … for the entire drama he only did one great thing on the last episode, his spirit of combating vice is only by using the fist without using the brains, he always want to protect his sister but is always too late, he always want to protect Diu Lan but always not powerful enough … very good hearted, benevolent, full of integrity and justice character, but is 有心無力 (yau sam mo lik) most of the time, virtuous heart and will but unable in many ways and times, very weak hero … perhaps “Kuen Lou” is heroic in being Virtuous & Good Hearted … anyway, i still continue watching “Kuen Lou” until the end just because it is acted by Ruco

      1. @anneyen

        Ruco’s character is not deep or complicated enough. Not sure if the character was written poorly or if Ruco used the wrong method to portray it. Definitely a step backwards after some good performances in his past few series. No chance of TV King with this. Hopefully he can pull it off again in the few episodes he has in the Brothers Keeper sequel.

      2. true, not sure whether is the script or delivery method … but i really won’t be able to vote for “Kuen Lou” character this year =(

        fortunately Brother’s Keepers is broadcasted directly after this, hopefully it will revive his strong character image =D

      3. @anneyen I thought you had stopped watching after the Fung Chun Mei’s death, or Fa Mna’s death, or Philip’s death and disappeared from the forum since you have been saying that you … stop watching. I was surprised that you watched to the end of the series.

        I love the character of Kuen Lo played by Ruco, so I watch from the very beginning until the end.

        The highest rate of the drama comes to the last episode – average 32.9 and highest 35.2. Have heard that fans of other actors said they will stop watching after their idols’ death. So I could reasonably concluded that the high ratings of the last two episodes come to the surviving characters including Kuen Lo, those have died made no contribution to the ratings. Someone even say that if those other characters died earlier, then the ratings of the remaining episodes without them would be higher than now. I endorse their sayings.

        The series should win at least two prizes – the best drama and best actor. Let’s see.

        No interest in Brother Keeper II at all and would only see the Ruco/Sam-cut version.

      4. @anneyen Yeah. He is so empty headed until it’s irritating. And he is so powerful even without proper training. Why can’t he spent some time earlier to learn his dad kung-fu properly???? Since his aunt came to visit him, of course she will bring his dad’s kung-fu manual with her. And I can’t accept that as a lead, he have not solved a single puzzle or solution.

    2. @anneyen

      I’m not agreeing to all this anti-Benjamin talk that has been passed on and followed here. This has been a great performance from Ben in portraying a character that displays the inner calm well which shows its contrast to Ruco’s more reckless character. There has been an huge improvement in Ben’s acting recently. Looks like he is taking his acting career very seriously!

      1. @jimmyszeto He doesn’t seems to show inner calm. It’s just seems he is poker face because he really can’t act. I don’t feel his sadness at all, even when his whole family and faman killed. He is just very lucky because teeth guy is a extremely good character, that every viewers like. But not for his acting.

  16. SPOILERS and comments about last 5 episodes:

    Plot: Audrey being Pudding Guy’s daughter is most nonsensical plot ever except maybe explaining why he didn’t just kill her out right. They pulled off ALL of the martial arts tropes including the blind but can find the moving weak point.

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