Aimee and Moses Chan Celebrate 5 Years of Marriage

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Aimee and Moses Chan Celebrate 5 Years of Marriage

June 9th marked the fifth wedding anniversary for Aimee Chan (陳茵媺) and Moses Chan (陳豪), who tied the knot in Paris in 2013. Giving birth to three children since their marriage, Aimee is grateful for the happy family Moses has given her.

Flashing photos that were taken in Paris during their wedding, Aimee posted on social media, “Happy anniversary baby! Paris will always be my favorite place and your hand will always be my favorite to hold.”

What are the secrets to their happy marriage? Making time for each other despite busy careers and family life. They make sure to have couple time together to bond, by going on vacation together and leaving their children home. Aimee and Moses will take turns working, and make sure that one of them is home with their children. Although she has admitted to feeling exhausted with their busy family schedule, Aimee is grateful that Moses has been such a supportive partner.

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Aimee and Moses Chan Celebrate 5 Years of Marriage

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