“Al Cappuccino” Opens With Strong Ratings

TVB released the ratings report for the week ending 16, and Al Cappuccino <反黑路人甲> was the top viewed series for the week. Starring Vincent Wong (王浩信) and Owen Cheung (張振朗), the light-hearted drama has been entertaining audiences during these stressful times.

Most of TVB’s ratings in 2020 have been inflated due to COVID-19 as more viewers stay home. While Al Cappuccino averaged 30.1 points in viewership in its first week of broadcast, it still lagged behind Forensic Heroes 4 <法證先鋒IV> and Airport Strikers <機場特警>, which aired during the peak of the virus and averaged 35.7 and 32.8 points respectively during their premiere weeks.

As expected, popular sitcom Love Come Home: Lo and Behold <愛•回家之開心速遞> held its steady ratings and averaged 30.8 points. In its final week of broadcast, On-Lie Game <迷網> averaged 29.1 points and 29.3 points in its final episode. Although the entire series only garnered 27.9 points, it is still the fifth most-watched drama this year.

Losing about 100,000 viewers, cooking show Lady Cook <女人必學100道菜> dropped from 23 points to 21.5 points. The reruns for Line Walker: The Prelude <使徒行者2> averaged 6.5 points and even peaked at 7.1 points on Monday.

Source: HK01

This article is written by Su for JayneStars.com.

“Al Cappuccino” is a Drama Full of Sincerity

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  1. Can someone tell me if it is worth my time to continue with the series? I stopped at ep 9. FYY is very uh… Visually and audibly unappealing… And the series’ editting just doesn’t sit well with me

    1. @bubbles23 it’s so on and off for me. I agree with you about the editing. There are parts of it that I’m like okay this is getting good, characters are developing but then it goes off to another direction. Like for example samantha’s character starts to develop and I really liked her performance and then in the episode that just aired, she goes right back to square one :/

      The pace is slooowww and I mean it’s 30 episodes so maybe that’s why? I think there is too many story lines I n one show, they should have just focused on a few. I also think Vincent’s character is terribly written which is such a waste of his talent. His character could have so much potential.

      I’m still watching it but if you’re not willing to wait to see how it turns out, I wouldn’t continue or maybe wait till all episodes have aired.

    2. @bubbles23 my comment cut off… I wanted to say that Owen is still a stand out for me in this show even if the rest of the show isokay.

      1. @tt23 I think if I could just get an Owen and Winki cut I would watch it but srsly this series tried so hard to be everything but just about failed everything. Death by Zero was way better in every way

    3. @bubbles23 Too bad..you stopped at episode 9 because episode 10 was so funny!! I binge-watched from episode 1 to episode 11 and the story is getting better. I love the chemistry between Vincent & Owen/ Owen & Winki Lai. I can see Owen being a contender for the Best Actor in Supporting Role. Meanwhile, I’m disappointed that Tvb once again giving Vincent a boring role. He could definitely do better than this silly triad boss role. On the other hand, I think the female cast for the drama is actually not that bad…maybe because I didn’t have any expectations for any of them…Btw, I also think FYY’s performance in the drama is ok which was surprising for me. As I thought she would be as annoying as Sisley Choi. Maybe because I prefer FYY’s voice over Sisley’s voice or maybe because FYY is very pretty to look at.

      1. @snoopy agree about episode 10! That was a good episode and one where I was like ok getting good now but these past two have been okay…

        Lol I also agree with you about FYY. I dislike her so much but In this show I don’t love her but don’t hate her.

        And 100000% agree with you about Vincent. Sigh. Idk if legal mavericks is airing this year but hopefully that will redeem him. I recently saw the DID trailer and THAT looks so good. If they did it correctly, I see Vincent being a contender for best actor again next year. Now I’m getting ahead of myself lol but I recently rewatched legal mavericks and compared to this current role, I can tell that he can perform so much better.

      2. @tt23 Haha, we have the same opinion!
        I don’t think Tvb will air Legal Mavericks 2 this year because Tvb wanted to air Line Walker 3 at the end of the year.
        Personally, I don’t have high expectation for LM2 because they kill off Ali & Tracys’ character in the drama. Both of them played a very important role in LM1 with Vincent and without them, I don’t think Vincent can perform as well as he did in LM1.
        I haven’t watched the Detective Investigation Diaries trailer yet and Detective Investigation Files is one of my all time favorite Tvb drama. So I’m very excited that Vincent is the main lead for DID!

      3. @snoopy I just watched the trailer of DID, I hope the drama is going to be as good as the trailer!

        Re LM2, I hope the new lead actress can carry the show, seems like they brought back the tram ride and the dance in the rain that Ali did with Vincent. It’s either going to make or break her by bringing back these scenes that had Ali In it.

      4. @snoopy I’m sorry lol but which part of FYY is very pretty?? Her upper lip is really wide and not pretty, especially for a beauty pageant winner. It’s even worse when her mouth starts moving. That aside, I will probably watch ep 10. Thanks.

      5. @bubbles23 It’s because she was able to pull off that stupid bowl cut look in Al Cappuccino that I don’t think other TVB actresses can. I didn’t watch Miss HK for the past few years but I think many people will agree that she is very pretty and attractive.
        And Yeah, go watch ep 10!!! Its a must watch episode for me :p

      6. @bubbles23 I agree about her mouth. She has a weird way of curling up her lips when she speaks, makes her really annoying to watch, especially when she’s hosting shows where she comes across as very loud and unrefined.

  2. I watched up to Episode 12. Losing hope that this will turn into a good series. Might watch out of inertia and boredom. Owen, Winki, Angel, and Samantha are good in their roles. Jack isn’t bad either, and this character is different than his others.

    Vincent’s character is too foolish and annoying in his idealism. Really a waste. The other female cast are bland.

  3. I was kinda on & off thru ep 10. Fast forward where I find it bored. Only watch it cuz I was kinda boring & have nothing else to do. But I have to admit it VW is weird in this drama. Hate hate FYY. OC definitely outshine VW. Stopped watching at ep 10 for good. Not worth wasting my time

  4. From what I can see, the pace is very slow and a little lacking, but the comedy and editing is on point. The chemistry between Vincent and Owen is good, while Winkie and Brian are doing quite well. Owen is definitely outperforming everyone so far.

    Crystal is terrible and annoying, literally the other supporting girls would have done better, such as Samantha or Kelly. I’m surprised she even got such a meaty role. Kathy is super cute but her character doesn’t have much development so far – hope she’s not just another love interest.

  5. Honestly I’m really tired of seeing Samantha 3 dramas in a row, give me a break man! And I’m sick of seeing Owen in another smart-alecky role and tvb’s crass attempts to attract viewers with cross dressing males and bedroom antics. The way Vincent switches from Canto to English is so annoying. Stopped watching it already, yawn…..zzzzz…

  6. I stopped at this point . I was literally fast forwarding every episode. It was funny at the beginning but it was so redundant and ridiculous everytime vincent wong cover was gon blow and miraculously it didn’t after all. It`s so childish and stupid .

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