Ali Lee Uses Acting and Art as Outlets for Expression

Focusing on giving her best performance in all her acting roles, Ali Lee (李佳芯) admits she is a “very emotional” person but most people cannot tell. Finding acting and creative arts to be effective ways to express her inner emotions, Ali has become happier and more confident.

Though she enjoys art as a hobby, acting is her true passion. “I started acting late in my life, but once I started, I was hooked.” Joining the entertainment industry when she was 30 years old, she describes her career as a way “to open the heart and to enjoy new experiences. The world won’t stop to accommodate you. You have to expand your own world.”

Growing up, Ali recalled feeling timid but she knew she had to find a way to break her shell. “I grew up hiding myself, because I didn’t know how to express myself with words. When people misunderstood me, I felt they wouldn’t understand me even if I explained myself. As a result, I decided to stop talking and block off myself.”

Over time, Ali wanted to step outside her comfort zone and change from “keeping everything inside.”

During the pandemic, Ali had more time to write and pick up new hobbies. “I wrote a book and I finally started making ceramics. I researched on the Internet and went to a studio close to home. I made my very first cup.”

When asked what she likes about ceramics, Ali shared, “I enjoy the process of making ceramics even if the final product is uneven, has a lot of cracks, or has discoloration.” She equates the creation process like a child having fun on a playground. “In the state of happiness, it doesn’t matter if the result is success or failure. You have to enjoy the process.”

Other activities she enjoys are drawing and calligraphy. “They help me destress, but they are also ways for me to express my inner world.  You can’t live in a loop of your own world. You need to connect with other people.”

Ali always wanted a career related to the arts, but did not pursue it. “My family felt it was not practical. They said I should study business, and I can become a secretary or an accountant. However, whenever I pass a ceramic studio, I would be amazed by how other people are able to create something out of nothing.”

Source: East Week

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  1. I finally finished Beauty and the Boss. Ali is so likeable, and showed Amelia’s growth well. I also liked Harriet’s character a lot and wasn’t to see more of her acting. The series was great at creating multiple colorful and interesting characters.

    But I didn’t like the end with the coffee shop. Why does Moses have coffee shops in his series now? Real life bleeding into drama? And I remember in the series, his character actually drank tea and didn’t like coffee, why the sudden shift?

    I hope AI Rhapsody will be available on other platforms soon.

      1. @potatochip Yay finally finished!!? Harriet’s performance is award worthy imo, but I think she has left tvb? Someone correct me if I’m wrong. If only half of tvb actors acted to her quality…. We’d get way better dramas alrdy. Kiki’s sass and love for her friends was the glue to the show. I liked the ending, but I see your point why the coffee shop is random. I just rmbr it was owned by his cycling buddy so maybe he decided to take over with a slower lifestyle. I want to imagine that after Amelia comes back there’s a happy ever after with Matt.

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