Andy Hui Apologized to Big Four for His Affair

Since Andy Hui (許志安) and Jacqueline Wong‘s (黃心穎) affair with came to light, Andy’s friends and fellow band members of Big FourWilliam So (蘇永康), Edmond Leung (梁漢文), and Dicky Cheung (張衞健) were often asked for their opinions on the scandal.

Fans Divided over William’s Support

After the incident, William sent out emojis to support Andy’s wife Sammi Cheng (鄭秀文) , but he left few messages. Many fans are divided by William’s actions. Some wanted William to do more to scold Andy, while some are criticizing William for speaking up. Some fans felt that William is not qualified to speak and even spoke out on William’s troubled past, including using illicit drugs, driving under influence and divorce.

Andy Apologized to the Big Four

When asked about the scandal in a radio interview, William provided the following, “Sammi was quick to reply back. Andy is someone who needs to settle his emotions. Andy came up to the Big Four and apologized. I said, ‘Are you crazy?’ Back in 2002, I was at the lowest point in my life and every morning at 8, you would look for me to go surfing. That year our concert wasn’t selling well because of me and you didn’t abandon me. You can’t say these things right now.”

Having known the couple for over 30 years, William is confident that the couple will be able to get over this obstacle in their relationship, but he acknowledges that it will require work, “It’s hard for women to accept this incident, but they can overcome this because of their faith. Andy cancelled his concert in September and in fact, he needs to rest. Sammi is very brave and is a professional. Show must go on!”

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  1. Considering Jacqueline was going to all their meal gatherings, I’m not sure what the apology is about when the affair was already an open secret amongst his group of friends.

    1. @jimmyszeto the apology is for getting caught and possibly jeopardizing the band’s earning potential. I agree that those two were an open secret and she probably even flirted with all of them. Which man doesn’t like attention from a young woman when she jokes and laughs with them? Especially one who’s wife is an exercise fanatic, skin and bones, and busy workng away preparing for a concert and he doesnt get any womanly attention.

  2. This is like the third or fourth article with typos. Considering your name is Sammi, it shouldn’t be difficult to spell Sammi’s actual name correctly. Please edit/proof read your work before publishing it.

  3. “It’s hard for women to accept this incident, but they can overcome this because of their faith”
    I guess it’s easy for men to accept an incident like this??

  4. Whatever the future holds, it is for them both to sort out, out of the public eye. Whether it was an open secret or not, it no longer matter. They need to decide whether their love for one another is worth fighting for and totally ignore what the public or media think. Fans are only there for as long as your public want to hear or see you, but a marriage or a life partner is the one that is there for you and in the real world to battle through lives ups and downs. Come on who doesnt do the wrong thing, this happens everyday around the world, Andy was wrong, but its not for us to judge and forgive, it is for his wife and his family to work together to decide what road they take in the future whether it is together or apart, they have to decide if they want the same things. if not then to let them free to find the happiness they want.

  5. Sammy and Andy has an open marriage. Actually this scandal only smeared their faces in public, not their relationship. Celebrities are so fake.

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