Andy Hui Runs Away at the Mention of Jacqueline Wong

Since caught cheating in April last year, Andy Hui (許志安) and Jacqueline Wong’s (黃心穎) careers never really recovered. Andy chose to hold a tearful press conference claiming he was a “broken person” and has since stopped work, though rumor has it that he wants to make a comeback later this year.

Immediately following the scandal, Jacqueline flew to the United States for eight months and broke up with Kenneth Ma (馬國明). She made a very public return to Hong Kong right before Christmas. During that time TVB aired two of her dramas Finding Her Voice <牛下女高音> and Handmaidens United <丫鬟大聯盟>. The station appeared to be testing the waters to see whether Jacqueline’s comeback would be accepted, but unfortunately many viewers are still very angry over the actress’ behavior and do not want to see her on screen.

During this time, Andy successfully patched up his relationship with his wife Sammi Cheng (鄭秀文), who though hurt by his actions, chose forgiveness instead. They were seen going on vacation together and going on dates to the gym and grocery store.

It is also rumored that Andy has renewed his contract with his management company and plans to make a comeback in the latter half of this year. Recently seen having afternoon tea with his personal trainer and a friend, Andy was in a good mood and talked a bit about his daily life and the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.

When reporters asked if he knew whether Jacqueline is currently dating Rubberband‘s drummer Lai Man Wang (黎萬宏), Andy immediately turned and walked away.

Source: Yahoo HK

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  1. Wow! Finally stop hiding in his house. They should chase after him for a comment no? lol haha…..

  2. Emmmmm…. hopefully he becomes a better person. Should give people a chance and don’t disappointing your fans again.

  3. Its is not us the public to judge a person for their indiscretions. He only has to answer to his wife and their family for his actions. Who is pure white and never made a mistake before? Come on most of the dislike is from his wife’s fans and the fact that she has stuck by him and defended him, if her fans really cared for her, then they would do the right thing and not make it hard for them to move forward as a couple in private and as artists in public. He is a talented artist and it would be total shame if he continues to hide because others and the media are so negative towards him. He publicly apologise … which i never really understand why he had to do that, as the only person he needs to apologise to is his wife and their families. I am not surprised he walked away when the media once again brought up the question of Jacqueline Wong, he already addressed the matter and its totally the media that is making all parties not being able to move on … yes even JW. Think people should just move on and let it be now.

    1. @shorts totally agree we shouldn’t mix professional career and personal life. There was a judge in Canada inside the bedroom she would let her husband take naked pics of her. She did it because her husband requested it so similar to Edison scandal. Anyways she can’t be a judge anymore because of that. The worst she needed to go through court to determine if she should be removed from the bench. Her pics were looked at by her colleagues because removing judge requires bunch of jury made up of judges.

      1. @vortex123 and the judge ate some strawberries so the sky is raining and fire out of ground that the ant went home so the clock and tv is showing good show but wind is small… ur reasoning is clear as mud like mine lol

    2. @shorts I agree that the media is so negative. People like to spread hate instead of love. I dont know if the public apology did more harm than good because people continued to throw negative comments at him.

  4. Be a better person and walk away. Nothing he says will change public perception of him, and it only raises curiosity and more negative publicity. The tabloids will continue to hound him and tried to link him and J together for their headlines.

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