Andy Lau Discusses Recovery from Accident in Thailand

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Andy Lau Discusses Recovery from Accident in Thailand

When Andy Lau (劉德華) was shooting a commercial last year in Thailand, he fell down from a horse and was hospitalized. After more than half a year of recovery, Andy returned back to the limelight and shared his thought of the experience.

Andy guested on talk show Vanilla Sky <雲妮鍾情> and explained that he accepted the accident and the changes to his life. Previously Andy would only focus on having a good diet, but now he would have to pay more attention to his lifestyle habits and choices.

When asked about his recovery, he responded, “When something big impacts your life, everything you planned has to stop. I thought I could walk again after resting on the bed for three months, but it wasn’t possible. I ended up being in the wheelchair for an additional four months.”

It took eight months for Andy to recover and it was not easy. At night, whenever Andy was alone, he had to learn to use his hands to push himself off the bed to get to his wheelchair and go to the washroom. “During that stage, I accepted that I need to use an urinal provided by the nurses. It was awkward in the first few days, but I had to change my perspective. I don’t have to be ‘Andy Lau’ when I am sick. Being handsome is a state of the mind.”

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