Andy Lau: “I’m Tough”

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Andy Lau: “I’m Tough”

Andy Lau (劉德華), who is still recovering from his horse accident in January, has been communicating with fans through his official website.

A few nights ago, Andy updated his official website with a message titled “Tough”. He wrote, “Everyday, I sit a little while longer; every day, I stand a little while longer; there will be a day when I will take my first step! I [am], tough.”

Attached to his message is a 5-second clip of Andy carrying a rifle on his shoulder, walking to the distance.

Fans have left comments on Andy’s message, expressing their excitement for his recovery and comeback.

Andy injured his lower back when he fell out of his horse during a commercial shoot in January. He received treatment at the Hong Kong Sanatorium & Hospital, and was finally discharged last week, after being bed-ridden for two months. Andy is currently resting at home.

Source: Mingpao

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  1. happybi says:

    Hope he will take his time recovering. Not good to rush things. Glad he’s able to move more for sure! Fast recovery Andy!

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  2. megamiaow says:

    Im sure most would rather he get better fully before rushing into anything

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  3. rh200 says:

    someone could translate this to English,

    this is real reason why they divorced


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