Andy Lau Said Wife Got Fat, Not Pregnant

Since Andy Lau‘s (劉德華) daughter, Hanna Lau (劉向蕙), was born two years ago, it was expected that wife Carol Chu (朱麗倩) would soon follow up with a second pregnancy. Andy wishes to have a son and make the family complete. Since last year, the media has published frequent reports that Carol is expecting, often under the vaguest signs. Recently, Carol was photographed with a slight belly protrusion, which made many wonder if Andy will be a father again.

Wearing a face mask and loose white shirt, Carol was spotted heading to a Buddhist temple this week. She was accompanied by a bodyguard, who appeared to be carrying a bag of nutritional supplements, resembling pills that a pregnant woman would take to ensure healthy fetal development. Carol obviously gained weight in her mid-section, and reports claimed that she was at the temple to offer incense and express gratitude for becoming successfully pregnant again.

Andy has always cherished his family and became a doting father once Hanna was born. Asked when he would like to have a son to carry out the Lau family name, Andy had replied, “I really want to; I want it to happen soon too.”

However, Andy denied that Carol is currently pregnant. Regarding photo of Carol taken at the temple, Andy said simply, “She got fat, not pregnant.”

Carol reportedly had difficulty conceiving in her first pregnancy, and it may only grow harder for the 48-year-old Malaysian native as time goes by. At a concert performance in Taiwan, Andy admitted that he and Carol are trying for a second baby, but asked the public to not give them too much pressure. “If I’m successful, I’ll have an answer for you in three months.”


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  1. OMG, no man is allowed to call his wife ‘fat’ in public and in print. Even if he’s hiding the fact she’s pregnant, it’s within his rights, but not to say she’s fat hahaha, he should have said the angle of the camera isn’t right, or the photo was photoshopped, or that’s not her, it’s someone who looks like her, but she was no where in the area, simply a no comment is suffice, instead of she’s fat.

    1. Too much girls are overreacting like you clam yourself she’s fat.

    2. Maybe it’s one person’s opinion. Personally I don’t mind if my hubby calls me fat in public if I put on weight. I have friends who calls their husbands” fat guy” in public. It’s not derogatory.

      Over react?

      1. Agree it’s funny how a man can’t call his wife fat. But women are allowed to called there husband fat in public or to their friends in private. And women still still fight for equality and say there treated unfair when clearly they have the higher hand.

  2. ““She got fat, not pregnant.””

    Why not just say;

    “Her belly is full of wind, because she had to breath in my nonsense a lot”

  3. I agree with @Winnie.

    This man always says the most negative things about Carol if he ever choose to talk about her in public. The last time he said how he is not even a man in his own home, how she whines, glares at him, he can’t even watch tv or talk in his own home because of the baby. He could have added that Carol is also a good mother, but he did not. Poor Carol

    Well maybe, Carol is carrying the prosthetic while the surrogate is hidden away once more.

    Andy is not going to admit another baby is on the way unless he is forced to, just like before.

    Carol is at the age where women tend to gain abdominal weight easily. She also loves to eat, and putting up with Andy’s controlling cowcrap will make any woman turn to food.

    1. So sad that he hid her existence all these years, until he was forced to admit and come clean! I pity Carol for having to put up with his bs and now being called fat! Weight is always an issue with women, whether they like it or not, or pretend that they it doesn’t exist in this day and age! Give her the dignity she deserves as the wife and just say “no comment” or “bad photo” instead of demeaning her!

      1. @Princess

        Well said. What I do not understand is he never even refer to her as my wife, he never uses her name, he said, “she” got fat. He always says negative about Carol when he speaks of her in public, while all the other Hong Kong husbands and boyfriends rave about their significant other. Strange man, strange marriage.

  4. In Asia, they called people Fat like it’s nothing! They would even say it to your face! I am consider FAT. LOL

    1. I think it is also a part of the culture. I get called fat by my old relatives too. But Americans consider me small and skinny. But yea, he should have just said gained weight if he really sad fat. Maybe that is acceptable in the traditional society?

      1. Yes, it’s a cultural thing, like American don’t tell you you’re fat, they don’t ask for your age, or when you gonna get married, or have kids … but the Chinese have no qualm with getting in your face with personal issues.

      2. On the other hand, the Chinese don’t talk about sex as openly and jokingly as the Americans do

      3. I disagree with your comment Winnie. In traditional Chinese culture it is considered very rude to ask those things. It is only in “modern” Chinese culture that it is considered “okay” to ask such questions. I have very traditional Chinese parents and they always raised me to not ask people prying questions.

        I think Americans don’t ask those things because they tend not to be nosy in other people’s business. But I have had Americans ask me my age and thought nothing of it. I agree with Americans and talk about sex, as a general topic. I think it’s a good thing, Chinese people are too uptight :-p

  5. LOL! “My wife got fat, not pregnant” – I sure hope she slapped him for that one!

    1. I got some free time, actually, a lot of free time on my hands so here I am, lol.

      If Carol had slapped him, she would be picking her teeth out of her throat, and I am not joking about that.

    2. Or kill him in his sleep by placing her fat body on him to crush him to death … also known as ‘sit on him’ lol

      1. sit on him”

        Don’t think Andy would have mind that. If Andy wants another child Carol would have to sit on him a few more times. Happy wife, happy home. LOL!

  6. Hope so? Pregnant at 48? Must be kidding..It is hard enough to carry baby when you are late 30’s not to say late 40’s. What a Zi Si Jing. A selfish man who always want to preserve his idol image. Only wanted to let go after he is so freaking old and can’t be considered idol. He should try to get pregnant himself..

  7. Dear Andy, don’t ever talk bad about your wife also gain some weight then you’ll understand

  8. I really wonder some hate Andy so much but yet comment on every single article of him? When he does a good thing,they turn it into a bad thing,strange… I guess some people just have you much time on their hands.

    1. Meant to say too much time on their hands.

    2. I don’t understand all this Andy hate either on this site. He can do whatever he wants in his private life, he owes you guys nothing.

      I don’t think what he says sounds bad. When you say gain weight in Cantonese that’s what it literally means “fei joi” getting fat. In Cantonese, they say it you are getting fat, but it’s not necessarily a put down.

      Calm down people.

      How about when Adam Cheng says his daughter, Joyce is fat & she needs to lose weight? I think that is way worse when a MIA father puts down his daughter on TV interviews instead of having a real relationship w/her.

    3. well said HTS,henry.there is nobody here that knows better than andy himself about his is not a crime what he said,it is what it is.and some ppl should stop blaming andy everytime if there is a news article about him,haters gonna

  9. Andy Lau must be new in the entertainment industry. Sleeping together will make a interesting situation

  10. Aaand the husband of the year award goes to…

  11. I support Andy! Hope his second child wish come true soon!!

  12. … ah some haters. Andy said “she got fat not” whats wrong? Its not insult to his beloved wife, its not like Andy said “she become fatty” …. hear the tone first… must know their long relationship, love can endure so much. Words become meaningless, act of care will be the prove the affinity. Wonder haters or of u have still loving someone same over 24 years if u working around attractive and seductive people. Mmm?

    1. No offense, but how do you know that they love each other the exact same way as they used to when they were younger? I honestly do not find it impossible, but we really have no idea. They could each keep a lover for all we know.

      1. yeah we dunno know. but do u saw lately how many artiste caught cheating ? and u know why actor like Sean Lau, Andy Lau, other old actors have noo bad rumors involving cheating ? cause they got so full shcedule to follow and work to do, if have any time to rest, the first thing came out is to be with beloved one. i believe they love stronger than yours @maria .. i am sure. maybe ur guy cheating behind u, whos know.. just keep ur eyes open.

    2. She got fat, and she became fatty are the SAME thing. What are you trying to say????.

  13. well even if she did there are nicer way to say it. dont just say straight out fat lol

    1. Just because we do not see the wind, or read rumors about the wind, it does not mean it is not there, nor does it mean it is not blowing. Some day soon. Men with more power have been exposed.

  14. hi there

    1. for goodness sake,just leave carol alone.
    2. whether she is fat or preggy.
    3. it does not concern anyone else except the father of the child.

  15. No woman would ever liked being called fat. Andy Lau, why hadn’t you learnt that?

    1. Agreed! Weight and age issues are sacred to a woman!

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