Andy Lau Shares His Secrets for Good Health

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Andy Lau Shares His Secrets for Good Health

At the age of 57, Andy Lau (劉德華) shows no signs slowing down. After recovering from a serious injury, Andy continues to push through in his career by producing and starring in his movie The White Storm 2: Drug Lords <掃毒2:天地對決>. While Andy’s good health is enviable, it is also attributable to some unusual diet and exercise habits and it might surprise his fans.

Caffeine Addiction

Andy reveals that he is addicted to his caffeine so would feel like something is missing if he doesn’t drink coffee. Although he used to only drink milk tea and milk, he now only drinks coffee.

In terms of his diet, Andy rarely eats carbohydrates and sugar so Andy’s diet consists mostly of vegetables and beans. Because of his strict diet, Andy has been able to maintain good health while having radiant skin.

Limited Extraneous Exercise

Although Andy has a great figure, he confesses that he doesn’t do a lot of extraneous exercise in his spare time. Instead, Andy would do light exercises daily for 20 minutes. His exercise routine would involve doing simple stretches. Even without running or going to the gym, Andy feels he could still be healthy.

Despite his masculine impression, Andy is extremely scared of all types of mice, even Mickey Mouse. Sharing a humorous incident, Andy was once eating with his friends and a mouse once jumped onto his friend’s lap. Andy was so horrified that he ran away without saying goodbye to his friends.

Family Life

While he enjoys children, Andy admits that it is tiring to raise them. “[Having children] is addicting and you will quickly want to have a second child!” It may appear that Andy may want to have another child.

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